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Reviews of Dr Bernard St George

  • Found to be caring and genuinely wanting to help, easy to talk to, however not great at diagnosing and effectively treating illness. If you have depression/anxiety fine, but anything more complex see a specialist in that area.
  • Patient and effective. In for the long haul. Successfully treated my son's anxiety & depression. Took him from not being able to leave the house to where he has an apprenticeship and can work in the centre of Sydney by himself. Lots of medication and consults along the way, but my son is now medication free and over his problems.
    • Am looking for a good psychiatrist for servere anxiety. Saw dr B in the past and found him good to talk too...currently have app for 2wks with another dr. Wish I could get help sooner though.
    • What medication was effective for anxiety for your son?
  • Can not help, will not help!!
    If your looking to waste time and be strung along, go see him!!
    • I agree with you. The offered no help at all. No cognitive behaviour therapy, nothing constructive, just medication after medication. I found a psychiatrist who actually helped me.
  • One of the best doctors around. By far.

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