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Dr Cathy Lee

Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Wahroonga, NSW
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Reviews of Dr Cathy Lee

  • Dr Cathy Lee has been our No 1 choice of obstetrician when my wife needs professional care for the delivery of our boy and girl three years apart. From our pervious experience, we feel Dr Cathy Lee has high standard work ethic not only for her reachable 24/7, also for her practical advices to would-be Mums & Dads during their daunting pre & postnatal care for their new borns.
    Dr Lee is not only popular among the asian community, she also has wide variety of professions
    coming to seek her expertise. It is quite evident from her wall panels which are full of lovable babies photos sent from their proud parents to express their gratitude and appreciations.
    From our two lovable memories through the important stages of our family life, we would not hesitate to recommended to any would-be parents for Dr Cathy Lee's practice
  • How time flies, my baby has been four months. He is cute and lovely, bringing the family endless happiness. Also, I am enjoying being a new mother full of gratitude and joy. Every day is busy and full. Thanks to the god for bring my healthy and beautiful boy to us, Thanks for all the people who cares about us, but for the most, I would like to thank DR CATHY LEE, a kind, professional and reliable obstetricians. This is my first baby, nervous, excitement and full of worries. Every prenatal examination, Cathy would do a detailed check for me and give us the professional advice. Moreover, no matter when and where as long as we have any concern, Cathy can always reply to us at the first time, 24/7. She is very nice, as far as we know, many people kindly called her Cathy mommy, who cares and be nice to us. Remember the day when we checked in to give birth, my mind was full of tension, anxiety and painful, I never expect the first day in hospital I would see Cathy mommy. It was very late; she came only for giving me the strength and comfort. After a little chat, all kinds of negative emotions went away but instead of excitement and happiness. Everything went well, the next day, probably only 30 min since my first push, and then the baby was born, healthy and beautiful. When I looked back, cant remember any pain, everything was done during a lovely talk between Cathy, midwife and us. I recovered very quickly, Cathy came and checked me every day. at the beginning, when choosing the obstetrician, I googled and asked for many advice from my friends and colleagues, CATHY is the mostly recommended, one of my colleague said her surgery was very good, safe, precision and small wound. Now even she put on a bikini the scar still cant be seen. Fortunately, I am a natural birth, My experience is choosing a doctor you believe in to relieve your mental stress is very important, as long as following to the doctors instructions, everything will be smooth, even more smoothly than we think. Finally, best wishes to Cathy for every success in the future!
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  • I have had the privilege knowing Dr Cathy Lee for several years. She provided exceptional care for my recent high risk pregnancy. If not for her prompt intervention, brilliance, expertise, and diligent ongoing care, the successful and safe delivery of my healthy baby girl would have had an otherwise devastating outcome.The antenatal and postnatal care I received from Dr Lee was phenomenal.
    Dr Lee is an outstanding doctor, highly skilled and extremely experienced, who treats every patient with the utmost respect and professionalism. Each patient she manages like a member of her own family, with kindness and sensitivity. Her consultations are never rushed, in spite of her notably busy practice. Dr Lee always makes herself readily available for her patients. She gives out her mobile number for patients to contact her directly with any concerns or questions.
    I highly recommend Dr Lee's service. She is truly an asset to her profession and overall an inspiring and admirable individual.I am eternally grateful to her, beyond measure.

  • Dr Cathy Lee was simply fantastic as my obstetrician. From the very beginning of my pregnancy I felt cared for. She was genuinely available around the clock, which for my first baby, was such a bonus. At times the appointments would run late, but simply because Cathy ensured each mum-to-be (and other patients I'm sure) had all of their questions answered and lots of time to look at the scans. In talking to friends and comparing service, availability and inclusions she is just incredible. I never felt rushed, never felt silly asking (1000) questions and always felt confident my baby and I were in the best hands. Which of course we were! I would highly recommend her and have already referred my sister and several friends to have her as an OB.
  • Cathy is clearly experienced, well trained and knowledgeable. But the thing that amazed me the most about her, was how committed and genuinely interested she was in the whole process. (At times I was feeling guilty that she was even more excited than I was at the scans of our first baby). You could be forgiven for forgetting that this is actually a job for her.
    My wife and I felt like we could ask Cathy anything and contact her if we felt unsure about anything. I doubt that many Doctors at her level would give a direct communication line 24/7 like she did for us. This really helped ease our minds throughout the entire pregnancy.
    She never rushed any of our appointments (even if she was running late because of a delivery beforehand), explained everything competently, and always gave us a chance to ask any questions. When it was showtime, Cathy certainly earned her keep. Fantastic guidance for my wife as to when to push/how hard to push etc. If I had to use one word to describe her work during the birth it would be "masterful".
  • Being an 'older lady' I was delighted to find that Cathy also deals with other gynaecological matters as well as those lovely babies whose photos adorn the wall. She is highly professional, caring, friendly, obviously loves her work and makes you comfortable as well.
  • Cathy Lee is a professional and caring obstetrician who is available 24 hours a day. She cares about her clients and has their best interest at all times. My husband and I have been extremely happy and grateful for her wonderful service, we highly recommend her.
  • Cathy is very professional and caring. She is always available whenever we get any concerns. Both mum and baby are very well.
  • Dr Cathy lee was great! She delivered my baby healthy and well. She was attentive to our needs and taught us a lot of knowledge throughout my pregnancy. She was also available anytime on her mobile if you needed to ask questions. After the birth she even visited me everyday even on a public holiday! Highly recommended.
  • We found Dr Cathy Lee to be professional and caring, We didnt feel rushed during any of our appointments and her service was available 24 hours a day if we had any questions or concerns.

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