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Dr Du Coaching Centre

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Dr Du Coaching Centre

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(02) 9586 3969
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Dr Du
5 months AGO

This is the best coaching centre for methametics if you are a pleb pls go to B class. Come here get that 99.95 and git gud. Best place i have been for meth i went from c in maths to 21 cause im so good its off the alphabet.

OVER 3 years AGO

I give dr du best 5/5 as he help math and english very good!!!!!! he help math good a lot and i do 4 unit last year!!!!!! only got 12% but good and i no blame dr du!!! english is good a lot too!!! he help annnd i talk englsih him every day now last year!! i do 3 unit english and no very good tho hsc :( dr du is teach good and i recommend to every people need tutor!!

OVER 4 years AGO

Dr Du is good for maths and chemistry. Never tried physics or english though. I'd recommend going there for maths and chemistry.

OVER 4 years AGO

Dr Du has such good maths, it is not hard to follow at all!!!! and his English is like the best in this world, and his circle drawing skills are unmatched by anyone this age. Definitely recommend to go for ultra maths geniuses and maths professors

OVER 4 years AGO

4 lessons worth of material into 2 hrs. It's so packed that no one can keep up. They teach Yr10-11 stuff when you're in Yr 9, from experience I've learnt that this is absolutely useless as tutoring is meant to help you with your school work and such so learning something so advanced isn't going to help in any way.