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Reviews of Dr Du Coaching Centre

  • I give dr du best 5/5 as he help math and english very good!!!!!! he help math good a lot and i do 4 unit last year!!!!!! only got 12% but good and i no blame dr du!!! english is good a lot too!!! he help annnd i talk englsih him every day now last year!! i do 3 unit english and no very good tho hsc :( dr du is teach good and i recommend to every people need tutor!!
  • Dr Du is good for maths and chemistry. Never tried physics or english though. I'd recommend going there for maths and chemistry.
  • Dr Du has such good maths, it is not hard to follow at all!!!! and his English is like the best in this world, and his circle drawing skills are unmatched by anyone this age. Definitely recommend to go for ultra maths geniuses and maths professors
  • 4 lessons worth of material into 2 hrs. It's so packed that no one can keep up. They teach Yr10-11 stuff when you're in Yr 9, from experience I've learnt that this is absolutely useless as tutoring is meant to help you with your school work and such so learning something so advanced isn't going to help in any way.
  • Overpriced, Education is brushed through so quick and you are expected to know the topics they are teaching you. As someone stated below, its either fail or pass that's it. The criticism is not constructive and the environment is built to be tense and overtly competitive. Overall - don't send your children here - way too extreme, you can learn more in other tutorings.
  • Firstly I need to say that although it does not seem like it, I gave it my best attempt to make this review as unbiased as possible. Another time is I am only reviewing from experience from a maths A class. For all I know the Maths B, english and science could be completely different.

    As mentioned by other reviewer, Dr Du is not a place for anybody that isn't a genius. The lessons are designed for people who are pretty much geniuses. This means being able to learn year 11 maths while in year 9 all under 2 hours.

    As soon as you walk through the doors of Dr Du, the whole policy has changed. The lesson which are thought (A maths classes) seem to lack quality and especially efficiency. Lessons are 2 hours long however 40 minutes is used up for weekly quizzes leaving only 1hour and 20 minutes left to learn a topic that requires at least 5 lessons of attention. Every now and then maths class turns into a podcast of their expectations of their students. Time management is horrible. From personal experience, the earliest I've seen dismissing class is around 7 minutes overtime. The average however is usually 15 minutes overtime.

    Another problem with coaching is the whole idea is based on success or failure. Every week a quiz is taken. This can often be super difficult and sometimes requires a scaling factor of 13% just to ensure a majority of students pass. Those who didn't will often be noted. Quite often you hear "today we have 2 fails". Apart from the painful thought, failing is huge. Failing 3 quizzes in 1 term means you are kicked out of A class into B. This doesn't work the other way around. You need a near perfect record of around 95%+ average on your REPORT to be promoted into A. It is a rule that blinds are not allowed to be opened. Although the tutors (students hired) are nice and helpful, some staffs are rude and unreasonable.

    Lastly the homework received actually hinders everything else in life. The system come up to help dealing with the 16 page homework (assuming you are in A class) really does not work. Homework help on Thursdays and Fridays starting from 2012 requires $30 a term and if you do not complete 50% of the homework, you are not allowed in regardless of the fact that you've paid for it.

    I would definitely not recommend unless you are an absolute genius.

    Tl;dr: Overprice, unfriendly, painful homework. eventually (and I'm serious, affects every part of your life).
    • I understand you, As an A class Maths student, the lessons = gibberish. i didn't understand anything for any topic.

      But I suggest trying Dr Du because it is quite helpful and it definitely doesn't matter if you get demoted to B class because A class is really stressful and quite horrible, the same people get top 5 on the Weekly Quiz result list and you may get picked on to answer questions.

      The lessons are entertaining the way they teach but there is no time at all in the 1 1/2 hrs for even drinking water because you are constantly copying down notes.

      So for people who just want to improve in Maths and not aiming to get 99.9+ for HSC or wanting to be a doctor, don't go there ( A class) unless you want a hard time or a challenge.
  • Depending on how skillfully you can keep up, the place can be either good or bad.

    Although, some people do well... but probably not the best thing to go and be taught by them unless you can keep up.
  • advise to go in yr9 and quit when can't keep up. crazy speed in maths.
  • Dr Du makes so many butiful maths is good. Not only maths is good has good english too. because is true i speak to him and he make the butiful english for me and i can learning everyday. I am born is white family, and i cna is learn the maths better from him, I am do HSC today this year and because he will hep me 4 units ALL OF THEM!

    And can draw perfect circle at time always now and can draw it WIHTOUT ONE RULER OR ONE ANGLE DRAW OR CIRCLE DRAW!!!! he make good math 11/10 !
    • Agreed that Dr Du is quite good at maths, and very good at drawing circles (this is especially significant for anyone who has seen him)
  • First and foremost, I recommend you not to attend/discourage this tutoring centre in Hurstville. I do not believe it provides an education for a modern nation looking to develop. I strong believe that it does not have any moral principles. That is, basis of the foundation (and perhaps their life too) on the monetary value of its educational institution. Any educator should know that something as important as education should not be all money, but rather to provide the future generation with enough skills and knowledge to succeed in the path they wish to pursue. Theirs is the opposite. The monetary value of the business (as I do not wish to call it an educational institution as it is not) is possibly exceedingly high. However, they lacks certain skills. An attribute which has led them to open such a college where they are fundamentally focused on money and opposes the psychological and physical wellbeing of the students. In short, they make them miserable. Most if not all the students are mentally affected and possibly physically lacking as well.

    On another note, I question his qualifications, not only as a Ph.D, but as an educator in Australia, let alone a citizen. The reasons for this is that he lacks the spirit of being an Australian, perhaps he too came on a floating dingee (or a shaceship as he lacks what it morale principles of what it means to be a human being). He creates a very miserable atmosphere for those who attend his business and robs them of their much needed and perhaps wanted childhood/teenage years. I question the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions action of allowing him to continue to practice his uneducated and 3rd rate tutoring. He does not even deserve to be human. He too may, perhaps, be subhuman. In the light of all this, Dr Du Coaaching in Hurstville should be discouraged. To conclude this, I wish he be burned alone and alive. For the miserable he has inflicted on his students must too be placed back on him.

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