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Reviews of Dr Elvin Cheng

  • Been to the clinic a couple times and will never go back again. 2-3 hours of waiting in the waiting and the consultation rooms and not focusing on my illness really annoyed me. Even when he starts seeing me, he goes in and out of the consultation room numerous times to attend for other patients in the neighbouring rooms. The ultimate aim of this clinic is to churn through as many patients as it can as they seem to be multitasking and seeing multiple patients at once and perhaps there's been some misdiagnosis which is bound to happen in that sort of environment. I guess if you don't mind waiting and trade your 5 seconds of thinking time to answer his question for 15 minutes of his time popping next door to see another patient then I'll recommend Dr Cheng to you.
  • Dr Cheng is the best doctor I have ever met. I have been trying to get my medical problem treated for two years, but no doctor knows what it is and they don't seem to be interested. When I see Dr Cheng, he did a very thorough check and he was spot on in making the judgement. The staff are very friendly and helpful, they organized the tests for me. I don't mind waiting a bit, it is worthwhile.
    Thank you Dr Cheng.
  • one of the worst GP I ever came across. Managment is so bad ....I always need to wait atleast for 2-3 hours so the appointment time doesnt make any sense.
    They have 4 rooms and patient keep patient in every room at the same time and keeps on going from one room to other in the middle of conversation and comes back in 10-15 mins again and ask ' where we we?' ..
    The reception staff needs to be changed. Their attitude towards patients isnt good as its supposed to be.
  • I've been to many doctors. However doctor Cheng is the most caring of all. He takes the time to help me get better. I don't feel rushed and get all my queries answered. Yes, the wait can be long. I've waited 2 hours while having a fever and it was worth it.

    My dad had a slight medical concern, but he took all the measures to make sure my dad was ok, even though it wasn't big of a deal. He even helped us look for a specialist and followed us up on the situation.

    My mum was really sick and he actually took her in next since she was throwing up and couldn't wait around long. There are situations like this that causes appointments to get pushed back or the wait being long.

    I rather have a doctor that has a long wait and takes the time to help me. Rather than doctors that quickly sees you to rush you out because they have a long queue of patients waiting.

    I completely agree with espcheng.
  • The previous lady has made a point yet missed the whole picture.
    My family has been seeing Dr Cheng and everyone reckons he is a caring
    doctor who is willing to spend time and listen to patients problems. So
    we dont mind waiting because we know for sure that our problems will
    be fixed after seeing him. He also does acupuncture which has helped my
    back and the service is bulk-billing too.
    I rather wait and see a doctor who will fix my problem than seeing a
    doctor straight away but then being rushed out of the room when time is
    up. Perhaps this is why we are being called patients we just have to
    be patient in order to get cure.

    • It seems like this medical centre assumes that people have nothing to do.
  • I went here two times. The first time I had to wait 3 hours to finally talk to Dr. Cheng! He didn't seem that rushed and actually took a lot of time to talk to me, and I was thinking he should just hurry up because he was being rather slow and there were other patients out there also waiting. I could tell he has about 4-5 rooms where he consults patients, so he goes from room to room in the middle of your consultation. The second time I went, I saw Dr. Cheng two hours later than my appointment. I made the appointment at 10am thinking that it wouldn't be pushed back too late, but when I called them at 9.30am the receptionist told me that they hadn't even started with the 9am appointment! And at 10.15am I called again and the receptionist had the guts to tell me to go as soon as possible so other patients wouldn't have to wait! At 11.30am, my name got called out and I went into the room. Dr. Cheng just told me to wait, he will be there soon. It was only at 12pm when he finally came into the room, and I fear he only did because I was standing impatiently at the door. He didn't even say anything about making me wait, he just took my CT scans and said "Let's look at this". I was so frustrated. I was very hungry and annoyed at this service. He asked me a question, and I needed to quickly call someone just to check about it. The phone call literally took less than a minute, but the second I told him I was going to call to check, he left and disappeared for another 20 or so minutes to serve another patient. I do not appreciate when someone has a business just to churn out every drop of money they can get. It is very bad service and I will not be going back to him. I am sure there are other acupuncturists out there that are even better than him because they would take the time and effort, and genuinely care for you.
    • These people should just make walk in service. Why do we have to wait for an hours?

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