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  • truthonly   5 reviews
    Have seen Dr McCallum for both of my pregnancies. The first pregnancy was a bit complicated but Dr McCallum took the time to inform me of all situations and was very pro-active in my care. He also was very prompt in returning calls with any concerns I had. His staff there are also very caring and helpful. Happy to rearrange appointments if needed and also follow up any test results or questions I had. The midwives there are also fantastic! Dr McCallum is very direct, so don't see him if you want some over-caring, touchy feely doctor. We liked seeing Dr McCallum as he didn't beat around the bush, and told you how things were and I guess this shows he knows what he's talking about as he was confident in giving his advice.
  • R&Eforever Newbie   1 review
    I have seen Geoff for both my pregnancies and I have found him and the staff to be nothing less then fantastic. I had both my children at the Angliss and was very happy with the care we recived while there. I had an ectopic pregnancy and Geoff was the only person to pick that up after seeing many GP's who had no idea. Over all I had 7 pregnancies- 1 ectopic, 4 misscaragies and 2 Beauitful healthy babies and Geoff was wonderful and understanding for every single one of them.
  • Nineteeneightyone Newbie   1 review
    Ive had dr mccallum for all four of my pregnancies, and he has been the best dr i could have had. He is direct but professional, a fantastic doctor and so helpful. With a few complications with my 3rd pregnancy he followed up every test i had to see how i was going and made sure i was doing ok, offered me extra appointments to check n me and put me at ease and was nothing but caring and companionate and to the point. Which is what i needed not someone tip toeing around the situation. He was there for all four deliveries. I have also seen him for gynalogical problems aswell and again to the point but caring. Truly one of the best!
  • bec78312   6 reviews
    Dr. McCallum is fabulous. I saw him with my first pregnancy and while he sometimes seemed distracted, he always knew what was going on. He is obviously in and out delivering babies who don't have "appointments" so it is expected. When he needs to be, he is very quick to act and firm (on the phone to the hosiptal booking me in). The midwives are also fantastic!!

    After having a missed miscarriage for my second pregnancy, I witnessed a different person. Dr. McCallum was very caring and took the time to make sure I was okay. I even saw him at the hospital with my sick son at 3am and he sat down and asked how I was doing and gave my son a quick checkover.

    He is highly knowledgeable and does not "fluff around". You know you are in good hands!!
  • mum1972 Newbie   1 review
    I went to them for my first baby. I must say I didn't really have a choice of medical staff at the time. All other medical staff at the hospital I went to were already booked. I found them to be rude and uncaring. I was told in a rude tone "no noise" while giving birth. I delivered a 9lbs 11oz baby, and was told "well what do you expect...look at you". I used the public system for my second baby, and had a much better experience.
  • Krissy3116 Newbie   1 review
    I went to Dr, McCallum for my first pregnancy and have seen him since. He has a wealth of knowledge, bit of dry sense of humour but I found him easy to deal with. I guess he is to the point no messing around. I will continue to see him for future pregnancies and highly recommend him to anyone. I dont think I could trust anyone anymore. Truly a lovely caring person.

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