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  • CarteB Newbie   1 review
    A very approachable, thorough, professional doctor. I don't feel I'm being rushed out with a script when I want more attention. Appointment times are pretty approximate with waits up to an hour, but it's free, so bring a book.

    4 months ago - 25/11/2014

  • CathOz   3 reviews
    Dr Criticos is one of the best Doctors Ive ever seen. He is thorough, very smart, knows his stuff & Ill go as far to say, he saved my life! Basically I didn't know how ill I was until I saw him. I had all the tests done, told him my history, lots of tears, but he knew exactly how to treat me with the condition I have.
    Not only is he a handsome man, he is a gentleman, very professional, caring, great bedside manner and makes sure you know whats going on in your body!
    What do you expect from a busy surgery? Because so many go to him for healing, he is a very busy man running between his 2 rooms, with people with all sorts of sickness, illness etc, he is non stop. How he can remember each patients' details?, his filing cabinet is huge! The receptionist has a lot to do & is non stop as well.
    He walks in, shakes your hand, is very pleasant & doesn't muck around, even remembering everything about you from your last visit before he reads the notes!
    I recommend this wonderful Doctor to anyone who needs attention to detail with their ailments, illnesses, or diseases, FM, ADHD or are deficient in any specific Vit/ Minerals etc, he will sort you out & have you feeling better in no time! He is a excellent Doctor & specialist!
  • serendipity3080 Newbie   1 review
    Always feel rushed, and feel he doesn't really listen to you when explaining symptoms to him. I always feel when I leave, I have not been able to communicate with him effectively how I am feeling. This renders my time spent there useless. Not to mention that he regularly takes calls from other patients whilst your in the middle of explaining something to him, which is extremely frustrating.
    • CarteB Newbie 
      I recognise none of this behaviour; quite the opposite. I guess "rushed" is a subjective term but not one to describe my experience.

      4 months ago - 25/11/2014

  • Victoria17 Newbie   1 review
    This doctors surgery has a pile of magazines the height of a midget yet nothing published after Dec 2011 with the oldest mag I found published in 2000! When I arrived (on time) for my appointment at 4:30pm there were 2 people waiting. Now at 5pm I find the doctor wasn't even here.. He has just strolled in the door. I came here because it received a good rating from 2 other users (god knows we need a good doctor in Marrickville). Thanks for nothing!
    Sincerely, single sick and p.o'd
  • MomWkids   3 reviews
    Brilliant Dr ! Had been recommended to him and am ever so thankful. Quite thorough and highly diagnostic, which is what I was seeking after seeing many Dr's that say, "so, tell me what's wrong". Ummmm ... is that not your job?! and still not helpful. With Dr Criticos he observes and provides a diagnosis which (yes) am happy to support with experienced physical manifestations. Highly recommended ! Have recommended a handful of people since and they could not be more grateful.
  • mumof2kids Newbie   1 review
    He has been a blessing in disguise for us. We are still going through the steps but he gives you all his attention and doesn't mind going over things again and again until you 'get it'. We travel over an hour to see him each time, and sometimes we have to wait, but that is just like any other doctor, and proves that he takes the time to explain things for you.
  • flora   114 reviews
    A wonderful doctor to see if you have a child needing diagnosis or assistance with special needs children.This Doctor gives you his entire attention & is very acurate with any details.I would recommend him any time
    • mumof2boys Newbie 
      made an appointment and still had to wait an hour. wasn't overly fussed with them. wasn't very friendly (but that maybe because they were just shouted at and abused by an old man who was angry that he had to wait for so long). won't be going back.



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