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Dr Steven Thou

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Kogarah, NSW
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Reviews of Dr Steven Thou

  • Dr Thou has just looked after us for the second time with bay number two and once again, we can't thank him enough. He is a fantastic obstetrician and lovely person who made my pregnancies as worry-free as possible. I highly recommend Dr Thou to everyone.
  • My husband and I have had the pleasure of having Dr Thou in our lives since February 2012 when he saved my fallopian tubes after making a quick decision when i presented at St George Public, we then were lucky enough to have him deliver our first daughter in September 2013 with some minor complications as I was diagnosed with pre-echlampsia at 37 weeks and with the quick thinking of Dr Thou he delivered our daughter at 38 weeks and she was a healthy happy little girl. It was only 2 weeks ago on Thursday 16th April that things became serious, I was only 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter and unfortunately was diagnosed with pre-echlampsia again this time was more severe and was very early in pregnancy however Dr Thou remained calm during next 2 days keeping me at ease and I was 100% confident in all his decisions to be made and thank god he yet again was quick off the mark as Saturday came around my symptoms had gotten so bad it became life or death literally for me and my baby, if Dr Thou hadn't of requested more tests and acted as quick as he did i would NOT be here writing this review and my daughters would be without their mum. Dr Thou is truly not only an amazing Obstetrician but such a wonderful person who really takes the time to get to know you and your family, I cannot recommend Dr Thou more and cant thank him enough for saving my life
  • We just had our baby boy on 17th Dec 2014, its a perfect gift before Xmas. Its hard to find any word to show our appreciation to Dr Steven Thou and his team. It has been a long journey for my pregnancy, his kindness, generosity and professionalism have left us with an overwhelming memory of my experience. He is a truly caring doctor with rich experiences and knowledge, my whole deliver process is quite smoothly with his great helps. I highly recommend Dr Steven Thou as an obstetrician. Thanks a million for taking care of us and helping bring our beautiful baby boy into our world. I will be definitely going back to Steven for my second one. I wish Steven and his family all the best. Lots of loves from Vivien and Stanley
  • My husband and I welcomed our baby boy in January and throughout the pregnancy, Dr Thou's care was second to none. We can't recommend him highly enough. He is caring and always showed a genuine interest in us. We had a long and challenging journey to have our little miracle and Dr Thou was there every step of the way and I always felt well looked after and informed. He is a wonderful person and Dr and I won't hesitate to go back should we be blessed with another baby down the track. Thank you for everything Dr Thou. Eva & Anthony
  • What can I say; being a healthcare professional myself, I have seen and been involved in how both medical and nursing staff present themselves and can I say I cannot speak more highly of Steven and his professional manner and how he treats you as both a patient but you feel like you have known him for ever and as a friend. Having had 2 previous pregnancies where I felt I was not included in the decision making process; it was there is no other option was the line given to me; it was so refreshing and healing for me to be included in this process & allowed to have a choice with how my delivery would play out. Steven was there every step of the way to ensure the safe delivery of our baby girl as well as allowing me to experience the birth I had always hoped for. Steven your professionalism and caring manner is a credit to you; nothing was too much trouble and you were always there to listen; thank you I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to have such a positive birth experience with our last baby. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone who wants an Obstertrician who is caring and who will listen to your wishes as well as ensuring the safe arrival of your newborn. I honestly can say I have never met a more committed and competent obstetrician who truly has your best interest at heart. Also to Lorraine, thank you for your calming nature, nothing was ever too much trouble, juggling appointments and always ensuring a good conversation was had in the waiting room. Truly a brilliant obstetrician who cares so much for his patients.
  • My husband and I cant thank Dr Thou enough for his care prior to and throughout my pregnancy. He is a genuinely kind, caring and warm person who puts you at ease from the minute you first meet with him. My pregnancy wasn't exactly straight forward and I had a few complications along the way however Dr Thou made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. He ensured that I remained stress free and kept reminding me that it was his job to worry about the complications and safe delivery of my baby and I didn't need to worry about a thing. He always made time for me, whether it was in person, over the phone or by email to ensure that all of my questions (and there were many!) were answered and that I was well informed. I started having complications at 28 weeks where we thought that our baby would have to be delivered soon after however with Dr Thous care we made it all the way to 37 weeks something we didnt think would be possible and we are so grateful that because of this care, our precious girl was big enough that she didnt have to go into a humidicrib or need any special care when she was born.

    Whenever I phoned the office to make an appointment or to ask a question, Lorraine made me feel like a valued patient every time. I never had to explain who I was or my medical history; she remembers everyone and ensures that she gets back to you when promised.

    Everyone that we have spoken to about Dr Thou has spoken so highly of him, including all of the staff at the hospital which reminded me how lucky I was to be his patient. I would recommend Dr Thou to anyone in need of a gynaecologist or obstetrician and I am looking forward to his care when we have our next baby.
  • I highly recommend Dr Steven Thou as an obstetrician. Steven made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout by first pregnancy and birth! I had such a positive experience and I can not thank him enough for his help with the birth of our baby boy - I will be definitely be going back to Steven for number two!!!!
  • My experience with Dr Steven Thou was an amazing experience. Being my first pregnancy and not knowing what to expect, he guided me through the various stages and took extra care to make sure i understood what was happening through my pregnancy stage and birth stage. I have never met anyone who is so gentle and calm like Steven and his wife Lorraine. They both are so patient, understanding and they make you feel like you are their only patient. While I was in hospital, Dr Thou came in to visit everyday (even on weekends) to see how I was progressing after birth. I had a natural birth with no complications but he still made the time to see me for a chat. I would highly recommend him to everyone as he is a fantastic Obstetrician. Thank you Steven and Lorraine for everything you have done for us. Alice and Paul
  • We were very happy with Steven.
    Every ran smoothly & we couldn't be more happy with the way he went about the birth of our little baby girl Tayla...
    Thank you! Ben & Amanda
  • All of the reviews below are spot on... Dr Thou is an EXCEPTIONAL obstetrician and an EXCEPTIONAL person. I would highly recommend him after being in his very capable hands through 2 pregnancies and births.

    He is very professional and talented in his field yet also one of the most warm and caring doctors you will find. His wife and staff in the office are also the LOVELIEST and most helpful people, you'll look forward to visiting for appointments.

    I am a very anxious patient and the thought of giving birth had always terrified me. I knew I needed to go through the private system and choose my own Dr and become familiar and develop trust with that Dr. However, I was also aware of the high intervention rates in private hospitals and I really wanted to avoid any unnecessary intervention. I have many friends who have told me how they felt somewhat powerless in the hands of their obstetrician and regret that they may have undergone unnecessary interventions (including caesarean sections). Dr Thou did not make me feel like that at any time - I always felt I had a choice and like he was on my side in wanting a birth as free of intervention as possible. I can look back on my birth experiences now and know that I had the best possible outcomes because of Dr Thou.

    I am very grateful to him always for this and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Thou.

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