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Reviews of Driven Vehicle Inspections

  • I also went with Driven Vehicle Inspections after reading the great reviews on True Local. So glad I did. I literally have never used true local before today to make a review, but think this business is worthwhile so much that I created an account. I'm so happy with the inspection I got done today. I bought my Honda SV6 today and am so glad I know exactly what's wrong with the car. I know there's thing I need to fix but at least the report Jason provided me today tells me what those things are and I have a rough estimate on how much it will cost to fix. I bargained the car down based on my report and it gave me a great leveraging point to have a report to bargain the car down. The $235 I paid is well worth it. Thanks Jason and Driven Vehicle Inspections. Top notch service. I agree with your other reviewers that your business is super professional. Cheers so much!!!
  • Went with these guys after seeing all the positive reviews on this site. I was actually a little bit suspicious that every review gives a 5/5. But, after getting our propective 2nd hand corolla inspected last weekend, my wife and I can now join the chorus of happy customers. Matt was on time, friendly, thorough and fully explained what he was doing and what he found. He even showed us how to check the fluids between services. Rare to see this sort of professionalism - certainly was not expecting it! Thanks so much Matt. You made our decision to buy the corolla an easy one. Wishing you all the best!

    Sweep the leg!
    • Thankyou for your comments Matt; it was our pleasure to assist! Hope your Corolla serves you well :)
  • Thanku so much 4 the vehicle inspection report which helped me lots.
    • Appreciate your feedback Sandra. Glad to hear you're happy and thanks for recommending Rebecca as well. Much appreciated!
  • Grabbed a vehicle inspection on the weekend. Didn't buy the car but glad i didn't cause the Ford i was looking at was faulty in a few mechanical ways the report highlighted. Glad i used this service. Cheers
    • Cheers Shaun. Much appreciate that you took the time to post a review. Glad we were able to assist you in making your decision.
  • Can't fault you and your service. Very happy and will use you again when I'm looking to buy or sell a car. Thanks for the Roadside Assistance as well. Happy! Katrina.
  • Seriously awesome work. Bought the car and fixed the shafts. Cheers mate
    • Thanks for taking the time to review our business Shaun; glad to hear such positive feedback!
  • Had my pre purchase vehicle inspection done with Driven Vehicle Inspections on the weekend. The report was easy to understand and very detailed. Helped me make the right choice about the car I was interested in. High recommended and will use again.
  • Use Driven Vehicle Inspections for any Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection needs. I did on the weekend and I'm so glad I got a vehicle inspection report and that I got it done with such a great company. Great price and really quick to come back with feedback on the car I bought.
  • Only have good things to say about the vehicle inspection I had done yesterday with Driven Vehicle Inspections. I have my warranty on my car expiring soon and it's good to know that in its current condition, I have no need to spend a mint of extending my warranty. Very happy with the service provided.
  • I highly recommend Driven Vehicle Inspections for your Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections needs and Roadside Assistance! I had a report done of the weekend and I am real glad I had such a detailed report done. The person who completed my report took their time to answer my many questions and even provided photos of the parts of the car I should be wary about. Would use them again.
  • Glad I choose Driven Vehicle Inspections to complete my Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection. I got a vehicle inspection done on my car which I was trying to sell for a while and couldn't! I fixed what was picked up as bad on my car and offered the report and invoices for the fix to the buyer of my car. No hassles selling it! Thanks to Matt who did my report. Cheers!
    • Thanks Beck! Glad it all worked out well and thank you again for the great comments. It's our pleasure!
  • Had an inspection done by Driven Vehicle Inspections on the weekend. I was impressed! I appreciate that I even got photos alongside with my report to show me problem areas and to help me understand what the report was telling me.
    Excellent. Get a vehicle inspection done with Driven Vehicle Inspection. Saved me lots as I'm glad I didn't buy the CRV as there was a lot wrong with it that I had no idea about.
    • I'm glad we helped saved you money George. Glad you like our reporting style and the pictures we sent through. Happy yo help with any future needs!
  • Don't usually spend time recommending business but I really appreciate the top job! I will recommend you and use you in future for future inspections and roadside assistance. Thanks heaps
    • Thanks for takin the time to recommend us Debbie. Pleasure to help with your report and Roadside Assistance in future :)
  • I'm happy to review your business with flying colours! Thanks to Matt for a great inspection!
  • Really happy with the report you gave me. I already used my Roadside.. lucky I bought it when I did as I had to get the car moved to get the fixes it needed like we spoke about. Spot on! Thanks to Matt who completed the inspection.
    • Hi Rick

      thanks for the comments! Glad your car is moving so well!
      You're more than welcome,
  • Thanks a lot for your advice - made my decision easy and I am glad I got an inspection done by your company.
    Thank you for the inspector, Matt, who talked me through the report. Your services are highly recommended.
  • Thanks so much for helping me buy my car. I'm so happy with it and the price I got thanks to your report.
    Will recommend you to all my friends and family.
    • Thanks for recommending us Mark.
      We completed a report for your mate two weekends ago! It's our pleasure.
      Cheers Mark
  • Really appreciate your great assistance - your report was spot on & I managed to sell my car so quick. It was handy having a report to show my buyer. They appreciated that I already had a vehicle inspection done already to save them time and money.
    • That's great! Really glad to worked out well for you :)
      Happy to help with any future need for you, family or friends!
  • Really happy with the report you pulled together for me.

    Thanks so much for it and the Roadside Assistance. I'm happy it's only $45 for the year..so much cheaper than others!

    • Hi Rhonda
      Thanks for your comments!
      Glad to assist and will continually provide Roadside Assistance in line with your needs.
  • Cheers for a great pre purchase vehicle inspection check. You helped me make the right choice. I appreciate that you let me watch you inspect the car i planned on buying and explained things to me while you were inspecting. You provide top service & great advice. Thanks so much and i'll be in touch when i find another potential car for sure. Your Roadside Assistance is a great price too. I'll be contacting you soon.
    • Wow - thanks for all the great comments Frank. So glad you are this happy with our service.
      Really motivates us to keep up the great week.

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