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AFFORDABLE CARPET CLEANING - DRY OR STEAM CARPET CLEANING - SERVICING SYDNEY. Call us today on 1300 662 188 for all your carpet cleaning needs

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning will Steam or Dry Clean your Carpets to leave them looking their BEST, feeling FRESH, and smelling BEAUTIFUL.   
With over 15 years experience in carpet cleaning in both Dry Carpet Cleaning and Steam Carpet Cleaning, Mark and his team offer an affordable, professional and friendly service.

Keeping our focus on what you want in all things big and small we remember to offer a reliable carpet cleaning service that is flexible and affordable on all budgets.  Drymaster staff arrive promptly and on time wearing a smile and sporting a fully equipped cleaning service van ready to tackle any problem big or small.

We put our money where our mouth is too. We are committed to keeping our costs as low as possible without compromising on service and quality.

It?s for these reasons that we at Drymaster believe we have stood out from the pack. By doing the things that other carpet cleaning companies aren?t doing, interacting with our customers to find out what it is you need and then delivering in a big way.  That?s the Drymaster difference.

Our owner operators take pride in their work ensuring quality of workmanship for you the customer.

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning offers the following services:
- Carpet dry cleaning
- Carpet steam cleaning
- Anti Allergen carpet cleaning
- Heavy duty industrial carpet cleaning
- Fabric sofa cleaning
- Leather sofa cleaning
- Tile and grout cleaning
- Water damage restoration
- Urine treatments
- Spot and stain treatments
- Rug cleaning
- Anti allergen cleaning
- Mattress cleaning

Anti Allergen Cleaning
We can clean your carpets, upholstery, curtains and your soft furnishings using the Responsible Care Anti Allergen System.  Feel free to ask Mark about this service

Call Mark today on 1300 662 188 for all your Carpet Cleaning needs

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Service Options

Dry Cleaning Party Cleaning Steam Cleaning Exterior Wall Cleaning Stain Removal Tile, Paver & Brick Cleaning Anti-Slip Protection Wet or Dry Vacuuming Odour Control Move In / Out Cleaning Strata Cleaning Driveway Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning Graffiti Removal Carpet Cleaning Floor Cleaning Air Duct Systems Upholstery Cleaning

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  • ABN 55 131 484 056
Dry carpet cleaning steam carpet cleaning
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Reviews of Drymaster Carpet Cleaning

  • The Drymaster team provided an excellent service! The job was completed quickly and the result was very high quality. I would definitely recommend them. #reviewtowin
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  • Total experience with Drymaster was positive from outset.
    Service was on time,efficient and carpets are looking like new.
    Pricing was very competitive and outcome was above expectations.
    Would recommend with confidence.
  • I have had a great experience with this company. The booking was easy, the technician arrived on time, was very courteous and did a wonderful job cleaning my fabric and leather lounges. They look like new.
  • i had my carpet cleaned at home by Drymaster Carpet Cleaning and was satisfied with the end results. carpet was like new again so would recommend to others on this website.
  • I think of carpet cleaning & i think of one name i.e. Mark Stachnik. A true lead whos team just cleaned up my mess swiftly just before my party. Initially I was worried whether in short notice somebody will be able to do the job or not. But now i can say & refer to others as well, if you need a proper scheduled cleaning or an emergency one, I recommend drymaster. Awesome job...Thumbs up from me & my family
  • I had found your company from this Truelocal directory. I called this company for fabric sofa cleaning, but they did a nice job with dry cleaning. I was also satisfied.
  • had con from drymaster at our home to clean our carpets and rugs. apart from being very courteous and right on time, he did a great job and am very pleased with the final result. stains in the carpet left by previous cleaners were removed. he advised on both steam or dry clean so I went for the steam clean. carpets were dry in a few hours which really pleased me. would certainly recommend to friends and family.
  • Called for a carpet clean and they were over within the hour! (they were nearby and we needed carpets done ASAP) Fantastic job! highly recommended.
  • The lady who took my booking was very friendly, and clear in communication. A good experience. Carpet cleaner arrived on time, and did a great job. Would recommend Drymaster!
  • Drymaster staff just cleaned my carpet at my Campsie home today.
    They are very nice and honest people. Also good work quality. I highly recommend to use this service. Thank you for the good service and I will use it next time.
  • Had the carpets cleaned yesterday, staff arrived late but did call to advise beforehand. I asked if the carpets would be vacuumed prior to cleaning but was advised that wasn't required. Was told the carpets would be dry within 6-8 hours, however after 20 hours they are still damp. I would use the dry clean method next time and not steam clean. The whole job only took 45 mins for 4 rooms and a rug so not sure how thorough it was as some stains are still present, however I was advised that not all stains could be removed prior to commencing.
    • Hi Steve, thank you for your review. Yes we were running late and thanks for pointing out that we did call you and advise you that we were running late. Our steam system does have a vacuum in the cleaning process so we do not always need to pre vac. Yes it does normally take only 6- 8 hours to dry and 20 hours seems excessive. I am making inquiries as to why this happened. A job with 4 rooms and a rug would normally take just over an hour but because your premises was cleaned with a 2 person team 45 minutes would also be normal. Yes you did have some permanent staining which was pointed out prior to commencing.
    • Hi Mark, they were definitely still damp after 20 hours hence my comment about using the dry clean method in the future. With regard to the stains I pointed them out to the operator who didn't say they were permanent only that he would 'try' and get them out. I feel if he'd spent longer doing the job that the end result would have been better. Thanks
  • I would like to give a special thank you to Vic an his team who recently assisted with a flooding emergency in my apartment.
    Vic was courteous, punctual, efficient, professional and very understanding.
    Based on Vic's service levels, I have recommended your company to many of my friends and colleagues.
  • I recently contracted Drymaster to steam-clean both a micro-suede lounger suite and a 2 BR apartment. The quote was mid-range. Certainly not the cheapest and also not the most expensive. The contractors spent about 90 mins on the lounge suite and did a fair job. They then spent around 70 mins steam-cleaning the entire apartment & rugs. The original carpet cleaning job was appalling.

    I was told dirty marks in traffic ways which had not been removed were 'ingrained' and that spots cleaning I had previously performed myself had 'bleached' the carpet when I pointed out that the spotted areas could still be seen because the operator had not cleaned the surrounding dirt. Both assertions were complete rubbish, indeed intentionally misleading, which I proved by prompting spotting out dirt in areas supposedly 'cleaned' by Drymaster.

    When I said I was not going to pay the invoice for the carpet cleaning, the operator after a heated exchange remained back for a further hour and did a marginally acceptable job redoing all the areas where I could still see dirt. Certainly the areas I disputed were much cleaner after repeat cleaning.

    My frustration is that many customers would simply accept the rubbish that the original job was as good as they could do. Fortunately I have had quite a lot of experience using supermarket steam machines such the Britex and I know exactly what dirt is ingrained and what is not. I'm also a professional scientist and can call out intentionally misleading claims such as the assertion that spot cleaners I used contained bleach which they do not. Indeed the difference is colour was simply the fact that the carpet had returned to its original colour in the areas which I had spot cleaned which was evident after re-cleaning.

    And overall it was still not the job that I know I could have obtained myself with a supermarket steam cleaner. Which is what I will probably use next time if my experience with Drymaster as 'state of the art' professional carpet cleaners is anything to go by.
    • From Drymaster management. Hi Gary, the technician Johnny spent 4 hours cleaning your carpet and upholstery at your premises. You have used a supermarket type spot cleaner yourself to clean spots on your carpet. Because these supermarket spot cleaners contain bleach they will always leave a brighter or "clean" spot which is much brighter than the chemicals we use to clean your carpet. We use very effective bio cleaning chemicals which in no way carry any brighteners or bleaching chemicals. Without naming brand names the carpet cleaning industry frowns on those supermarket type stain removers because they contain brighteners and bleach chemicals. The scenario of the spot remover that you have used happens often and is more prominent after carpet cleaning. Johnny also stayed at your premises and re cleaned any areas of concern until you were satisfied. He also applied $65.00 worth of carpet protection free of charge. If you have any areas that need re cleaning call us and we will return
    • True, the technician remained back for a further hour, but only when I disputed the quality of the work and indicated I would not pay the invoice for the carpet cleaning. Even after this time the carpet cleaning was minimally satisfactory as I indicated, certainly not the quality of cleaning I know (& have) achieved myself with a supermarket machine in spite of what the professional carpet cleaning industry may think of these. I also dispute absolutely that the spot cleaner I used contained bleach. The product I used is certified NOT to contain bleach, ammonia, chlorine or acid and frankly if the spotter had bleached the carpet, this could not explain why the spots faded (yes, in some cases completely) in areas which were re-cleaned by the contractor. My point in lodging this review is that it should not have taken my persistent remonstrations in order to obtain a reasonable outcome. This is why I will not use Drymaster again and why I cannot recommend your business.
  • NOT impressed with Drymaster Carpet Cleaning. The technician was rude, didn't do a good job and said I moved furniture to "uncover" a spot that they missed cleaning when I called them back about it (which I did not, it would have been physically impossible to move the furniture with the way the furniture is arranged). When I called up the franchise to lodge a complaint, the staff said that will discuss it with management and someone will call me back with a resolution. No one did. 1 week later I called them back and staff said that need to talk to technician to hear his side of the story but didn't give me a reason for why no one called me back. called back to say that staff done best, I moved the furniture and that there's nothing they will do about it. I told them that I was not happy with the outcome, will not be using their franchise again and that I will let my friends know about my bad experience. SERIOUSLY NOT IMPRESSED!
    • From Drymaster management. Their are 2 sides to every story and unfortunately you have left out a few facts from your side. The franchisee Vince has been with us for 5 years and we have never had a complaint about him being rude. You do have a couple of minor stains (soy sauce) that are permanent and did not respond 100% to treatments. Vince did come back to your premises a second time at our expense and re cleaned the area of concern and asked you if you were happy before he left. After you called yesterday and said you were still not happy you declined for us to call to your property for a 3rd time to address any concerns. If you would like to call us our offer still stands to return to your premises to address any concerns.
    • It wasn't the soy sauce area that was the problem. He missed an area next to the bedside table and when he came back, said I moved the bedside table to uncover the spot which we did not and would have been physically impossible to move without moving the queen size bed as well as the 2nd bedside table along. He then sprayed some chemicals on it and gave it a brush around (which kinda really just spread the dirt around and it really didn't look much cleaner) and asked me rather rudely whether I was happy with that. I was not at all comfortable having him in the house at the moment so just wanted him out of there. When the operator asked me whether I want him to come back to fix it, I told her that I was not comfortable having him back at all and she said she'll speak to her boss and someone will get back to me but no one did. The other thing I took offense to was that the operator called me a nutjob and hung up on me.
    • From Drymaster Management. I have checked our phone recordings and found no evidence of our staff calling you a nut job. I have no interest in commenting on this matter any further as your allegations are not correct.
  • I had my carpet cleaned along with my lounge suite and the results were great! Mike (the technician) was polite, friendly and communicated very clearly regarding expected results with the steam clean and arrived on time (within the 1 hour time frame given). Will definitely use this service again!
    • From Drymaster management. Thank you for your kind comments regarding our technician Mike. I have passed on your comments to him.
    • From Drymaster management. Thank you for your kind comments regarding our technician Mike. I have passed on your comments to him.
  • Drymaster were the first and only company I called. I phoned them because of the positive reviews on this site. I chose them because the lady who handled my call was friendly and happy to answer all of my questions; the quote seemed reasonable; and I was able to get an appointment within days.

    I was very pleased with the service. I was given a 2 hour window and the technician arrived on time. He was polite and efficient. I chose steam cleaning and the carpet has come up really well - the stains are gone. And I paid the price I was quoted.

    I won't hesitate to call Drymaster the next time I need my carpets cleaned.
    • From Drymaster management.
      Thank you for your positive review, I have passed on your comments to the technician who visited your premises and the call centre staff who took your call.
  • bradlyloco Local Star 184 reviews
    A quick follow up to my earlier review a few months ago. I've had occasion to use Drymaster services again, and once again they did a fantastic job. Perfect service over the phone and follow up via email. Technicians who arrived on time, were friendly, and did a great job.

    Happy with the price, happy with the service. Keep up the great work everyone at Drymaster.
    • From Drymaster Management.
      Thanks Brad for you comments on our service. I have passed them on to the technician who called to your premises. Thanks, Mark.
  • D3 1 review
    I rang up to organise an anti-allergen cleaning of my apartment. The staff on the phone was helpful, and booked an appointment for 2 till 3 the following saturday. Seemed simple enough, what could possibly go wrong?

    I put the day aside to give my apartment a really good clean. At 10.45 I was given a call from one of the staff, saying there was an admin mistake and that they HAD to clean my apartment asap so that they could go to another job in some other suburb which fit their schedule better. I explained that I was out of the house (getting cleaning products), at which point they said they would wait at my apartment until I got home.

    Once I got home, I began to prepare my apartment for the cleaning. De-contaminating an apartment of allergens is no easy business and has to be done in the right order, ie. wipe down surfaces and walls etc, THEN clean the carpet. Unfortunately I didn't have time to do all this, and while I was preparing my apartment one of them stood in the doorway and stared me down until I was done.

    After explaining my frustration to one of the workers, I received a comment that really shocked me: "You should have done all this yesterday". Yea, right, because it's my fault!

    Stay well away, unless you like your schedule being messed up (see comment below).
    • From Drymaster management;
      Hi Dave, thank you for your comments. We have been trying to contact you without success to verify your comments. There are 2 sides to every story so I will give ours. Yes we did call you to say we were running early and your reply was "I am at the shops and I will meet you in 20 minutes" If you did not want us in 20 minutes we would have been happy to call in the afternoon, you just needed to confirm this when we called you. On arrival you asked us to clean a mattress free of charge which we declined. You also asked us to clean the walls which we do not clean as we are carpet and upholstery cleaners. I apologize if the technician's comments offended you and he has been reprimanded for his actions. The technician has been with us for 14 months and his comments were out of character. I understand you were happy with the quality of the job and if we did not meet your expectations please contact us and we will be happy to return to rectify any problems.
  • Gotta say I was impressed from the minute my call was answered to when the technician left. My booking enquiry was taken in a friendly, professional way. All relevant details confirmed back to me, and everything happened exactly as promised.

    The technicians arrived early in fact (called first of course), they were friendly, prompt, and worked well together to get everything clean. They were very respectful to not throw heavy equipment around, and took care to avoid marking walls etc as they worked in my tight terrace space. Also, it's a little awkward to say... but here goes... carpet cleaning can be hot, hard work - but the guys turned up fresh & well presented.

    So, big thumbs up from me. Carpet, sofa & big 'ol smelly rug now look great. Thanks Drymaster.
    • From Drymaster management; Thank you Brad for you reveiw on our 2 technicians Peter and Benjamin who visited your premises and also to Carolyn the call centre member who took your call. I have passed on your feedback to them. Carpet cleaning is a very physical job and the encouragement you have given them keeps them positive and proud of their work.
      Regards, Mark.
  • I had my carpet cleaned last week and I can't believe it's my carpet! Three men arrived on time, were very polite and completed the job very quickly. I live on a 4th floor apartment and I did specify this in the booking and was clear about how heavy the staining was and I was quoted a fair price. I did get two more quotes and Drymaster was about $20 more expensive but I went with them anyway and I am so happy I did. I can't get over how clean and fresh my carpet is, it has not been cleaned in over 2 years and had extremely heavy stains. I would certainly use and recommend Drymaster again.
    • From Drymaster management. Thank you for your kind words regarding our technicians. The 2 technicians that visited your premises were Craig and John.
      I will pass on your comments to them. Regards, Mark.
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