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Cantonese Restaurant in central Sydney

East Ocean Restaurant is located in Sydney's Chinatown precinct and its large room with Chinese panels on the walls, red patterned carpet and cushioned seats gives way to a busy and friendly atmosphere mixed with authentic Cantonese cuisine. Enjoy the trolleys of steamed and deep fried dumplings, Dim Sum, rice and noodle plates and rolls, barbequed meats and more on the lunchtime Yum Cha trolleys. The restaurant specialises in live seafood which can be enjoyed with the extensive dinner menu. The restaurant is open for bookings and large functions with a banquet meal. The venue is licensed though BYO wine is also accepted and takeaway is available.

Reviews of East Ocean Restaurant

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  • werxj Local Star   882 reviews
    Relatively busy Cantonese restaurant. Good service, the jellyfish salad and soft ifumie noodles are very nice. There are complimentary fruits for dessert after dinner.
  • FurthestFromTheTree Local Star   43 reviews
    Oh man... everybody loves this joint and so do I.

    Being Asian myself, I don't really like Asian food much. Been eating it my whole life, get's boring but East Ocean is the bomb. My fam go every so often and it's never ever disappointed.

    Service is great, atmosphere is...well... Asian. BUT GOOD! decorated really nicely, it's clean, there are fish tanks to occupy the rugrats while you stuff your face with authentic Asian dishes you'd actually be really hard-pressed to find anywhere else, even in Chinatown.

    ALSO! East Ocean is the home of MANGO-FRIKKIN-PANCAKES! DUDE! Go to east ocean and order like... HUNDREDS of mango pancakes you will regret nothing. mango pancakes by the hunnids, son. You will quit whatever substance you are addicted to now and mango pancakes with be your new vice. (unless you don't like mango or you're just straight up against enjoying life).

    Anyway, East Ocean is probably one of the best Chinese restaurants around, even Chinese people think so. For real.

    They're also pretty accommodating for functions which is kinda cool methinks.

    5 months ago - 12/11/2014

  • vwhite   12 reviews
    Great food and good service. I loved the chicken in sweet and sour sauce - that's always my favourite and first choice when I visit Chinese restaurant, but this one stands out.
  • Scott Ernest   9 reviews
    Tasty dumplings, nice atmosphere, similar to other chinese restaurants. Everyone was raving about the Yum Cha at this place so we ordered that, I guess the demand is huge and it was a bit delayed, but overall worth the wait!
  • russellt85   4 reviews
    Loved the yum cha! Good prices, service was a little slow.
  • Marrie Newbie   2 reviews
    Loved yum cha
  • Abbey Smith   22 reviews
    Overall not bad, the food was okay, but we waited very long for the meal to arrive. When it finally did, it seemed a bit re-heated. Nevertheless the food is affordable, the staff are polite and kind of chatty and funny. The atmosphere is busy, but nice, when not too noisy, but most chinese restaurants I've been to are like this so..
  • TaylaMacandie Newbie   2 reviews
    I like the dumplings there. They're tasty and the ingredients seem to be fresh.
    The atmosphere is pleasant, sometimes it is a bit noisy at the East Ocean restaurant, but I almost never get wound about such small things.
    The King crabs are delicious and when I'm planning to order them the next weekend.
  • LiamLife   21 reviews
    a chinese style restaurant with healthy foods in the list inside. came here with my brother before he moved to another house. we enjoyed much our dinner because of the foods served by the staffs.
  • Gary humble   3 reviews
    absolute favorite of mine, great food, love how the staff are super friendly and funny, my wicked weekend treat!
  • Phil 555   14 reviews
    This was the best place to go for yum cha in Sydney but they stopped bringout out trolleys. They now say that they make food to order but the fried dishes are soggy on the bottom and the steamed dishes stick. They seem to cook most of it in the late morning and reheat as required. What a shame
  • Sarah Jones-Walsh   5 reviews
    Awesome yum cha:)
  • Just G   3 reviews
    Sounds like a bit of a hit or miss but i thought their service and food was GREAT. One of my favourite restaurants to eat now.
  • jackyfav Newbie   1 review
    What a disappointing experience. I took my friends (from Italy) here on the basis of a well know food critic for one of the best Yum Cha.

    Absolutely worst service I have experienced.The service was horrendous, we ordered suckling pig with jelly fish, steamed kai-lan and a bowl of rice, 40 minutes for food to arrive with only one dish and no vegetables or rice, when we finished and asked for the bill I mentioned about the rice and the vegetables, they simply walked away to get them.

    When the bill came the problem began. The restaurant tried to charge me $22 for the bowl of kai-lan (chinese broccoli). As the wait staff had disappeared I requested the senior staff. I explained the situation and instead of discussing it they became rude.

    Staff were unhelpful and stood around either laughing or yawning.
    I was incredibly insulted considering the fact a scene was made and they were treating me like a senseless person.

    Never again will I go back to this restaurant.
  • Mathew Albert   2 reviews
    One of my favourite places, that's for sure.
    Been here few times and this restaurant got my nicely surprised. Atmosphere is just great, the staff being friendly, polite and welcoming improve it even more.
    The food is outstanding, big and delicious dishes, a wide selection in the menu. There's a little thing that bothers me a bit, and that's the place is pretty busy, so it may get hard to book a table, but that's understandable, after all this restaurant is the best!
    Last, but not least, prices are reasonable so that's not something to worry about. Highly recommended!
  • Rachel.1   2 reviews
    Often very busy but the service is great. Highly recommended to eat here, it's delicious.
  • Laura_1   4 reviews
    Great staff, really friendly and the food was great
  • NeilRhoton   3 reviews
    An amazing experience. Service was excellent, food was excellent and the atmosphere was classic. Would recommend this to everyone
  • SmithG   2 reviews
    Fiends invited us as part of some special event. Duck was hard to find, lobster 'old and tough' no taste, prawns were OK, rice was shocking. Overall disappointed. Ordered coffees at 9am to be told they ran out of milk... Great effort, too lazy to stroll 20 meters to a seven 11 to get some. Wouldn't return to this place.
  • 1nik1   33 reviews
    I went for yamcha with my family on weekend. The place is very busy. But the food is nice and I guess it worth for the wait.
  • Tinaeuston   2 reviews
    Great food and service. Love spending my lunch break there. And it's quite affordable I must say.
  • TruEnergy   2 reviews
    Fantastic food, we found it a great place to eat when we visit in our travels and my wife is in love with the desserts there..we will be back...
  • Nina Bow   48 reviews
    I have been here a few times and the Yum Cha never disappoints me! The chicken feet with black bean sauce and dim sim are my favourites dishes.
    I have also been here a few times for dinner. The Singapore chili crab is more of a curry base which is different to many other Chinese restaurants. Not to my liking unfortunately. The other dishes such as the Pekking duck pancake and the Duck fried rice were top quality though.
  • bill thai   8 reviews
    Every time we come to Sydney this is a must. Yum Cha number one. Can not get enough
  • Brian_1723   3 reviews
    Very good YumCha, I have eaten alot of Yum Cha in Hong Kong, and this is on par with those restaurants
  • Samuarte   2 reviews
    this place is best food in the city! the bes tit gets! I love the soup and cheese things and wine is great too. I would happy reccomend this to everyone! Well done to all the staffs, and all the beautiful waitress!
    Love Samuarte
  • Parge Local Star   235 reviews
    The boss loves this place as we come here for the work Christmas party/diner. I really have no complaints as I am not paying for the food. I will say it is well above average Chinese and the food and service is bloody good!

    Every year we all can't get enough of the Peking Duck & Pippies in Oyster sauce. An absolute must! Of the numerous times we have been here, they still haven't learnt to make a Cocktail, but I guess I am the stupid one for ordering one everytime. We'll be back here again at Christmas, and I can't wait.
  • Paulos101 Foodie   92 reviews
    went here for yum cha with the team, even though it was busy it was still pretty good service and also the food was quite good, will definetly be back for sure
  • Hanose Newbie   1 review
    You lost me , East Ocean, the tables were touching each other. The services were not as good as before. Yum cha is supposed to be picked up from the trolley and we had to order from a menu. Hello, Every time when the staff passed by, we had to stand up and move the chairs. They put 7 of us today on a 5 people table, we almost walked out of the restaurant. The quality of the food had been deteriorated. The beef inside the rice noodle rolls had no taste and the salt and pepper calamari are not pepper enough. What is going on? We should have gone to another restaurant but we thought we will try this time. We had been many times before and this time was the worst. Bye, East Ocean, that is our last time there.
  • Fish520 Newbie   1 review
    I have been to the restaurant for many times and the food there is good.Recently they got a new supper menu which has seafood congee as well, worth trying if you want to have Chinese food.
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   347 reviews
    I've had yum cha at East Ocean several times - for lunch a couple of times and late at night for supper several other times.

    I like the variety and quality of food, and the service is usually pretty good.

    My one gripe is that they don't push around carts for yum cha at lunch. Instead, you fill out an order sheet and the food gets delivered to your table. While this is understandable at night, it's really not necessary during the day.

    At some stage they used to have carts going around, but they have stopped doing it. Boo - yum cha isn't yum cha when you don't get to peek into the carts of food and pick what you want.

    The plus side is that it's a big restaurant so you're likely to get a table.

    East Ocean - that is, if you can be bothered waiting around.
  • slozenger   49 reviews
    Yum cha here is fantastic - unfortunately, everyone else in Sydney already knows this, beacuse the wait if you arrive later that 11am (esp. on the weekend) is at least 20mins to half an hour.
    The pros and cons of arriving later:
    Con - You have to wait for AGES to get in.
    Pro - The trolleys are well and truly up-and running by the time you enter (if you arrive before 11am the trolleys aren't ready yet and you have to order your food on a slip of paper, handled ingeniously by the waiters who don't write a thing down but miraculously still get the right food to the right table every time, and quickly).
    If you hate to wait, show up before 10:30am.
  • LeanneS Foodie   145 reviews
    I recently visited this restaurant for dinner, so unfortunately the yum cha option wasn't available. :( But the service was lovely, with a waiter even coming around our table to put pretty covers over coats on the back of our chairs! Haven't been to a restaurant that has done that before. The food was lovely and not too greasy. The only complaint would be the loud karoke singing that made it a bit difficult to hear each other.
  • Jack_Ryde Foodie   65 reviews
    Been there couple of times and nice place to have "Seafood" and "Yum Cha". Since this is located in the center of Chinatown, it is more expensive than the general Chinese restaurants. But it is worth a try. My favorite would be the fresh scallop and oysters.
  • Chux D Foodie   136 reviews
    Although I've not been to many Yum Cha restaurants in Sydney I'd find it hard to believe they get much better than East Ocean. The rate at which different dishes come out is perfect (although it appears as though some seating positions were missing out a little) and the food is delicious. We really stuffed ourselves too quickly, probably should have taken notice of some of the reviews here, eaten more slowly and really enjoyed the experience. At the end I was expecting a big bill but it was more than reasonable. Definitely worth the long wait we had to get in.
  • MatF Newbie   1 review
    In my opinion, East Ocean is the best Chinese restaurant in Chinatown; in terms of quality, service and atmosphere, it is hard to beat.
    The ingredients are always fresh, which is evident in the taste and presentation of the food - which is always nice to see.
    East Ocean offers the best Yum Cha in Sydney. The variety of dishes is great. I would recommend trying the Peking Duck, as it is amongst the best you will find.
    All in all, a great restaurant and well worth a vist whenever you are in the area.
  • MONBAB   19 reviews
    I go here with my friends for yum cha, or late night suppers for its porridge and deep fried bread. I also love its seafood arrays. A good place for a get together with 5+ people.
  • Lucrece Foodie   727 reviews
    This is a great place to go for Yum Cha, but if you are ordering a set meal, the prices are a little high for the serving sizes. The food is delicious, but not worth the cost unfortunately. There are plenty of wait staff, so you will not be sitting around waiting for a chance to order, and your food will be delivered fairly promptly. As this is a large, busy and therefore noisy restaurant, it is not a great place to go for a romantic meal.
  • Reno   10 reviews
    This is my favourite Yum Cha restaurant in China Town. The quality of food is superb and it is not expensive either. Thye also have a 25% off entertainment book voucher.
  • review17   33 reviews
    Superb Chinese cuisine, covenient location and it is award winning. The food is fresh there, delicious since cooked by great chefs and the location is really gold, easy to get to and from with transport and ease to walk around CBD and Chinatown. The only negative is the price, the price could be more competitive. The food thought is excellent quality. Have been there many times for many years.

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