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Baulkham Hills, NSW
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We solve problems others can't!

At EASY FALL (TM) Guttering we specialise in Guttering that Works!* Our signature product, the EASY FALL (TM) Guttering System solves the biggest problem with standard guttering: incorrect fall.  This system solves the problem of water wastage by preventing overflow and facilitating rainwater flow to your water tank for storage.  The EASY FALL (TM) Leaf & Ember Guard is recommended for bush-fire hazard prevention; made from Bluescope Steel, it has been rigorously tested for the unique conditions of our harsh Australian Climate. Both products are available in the latest range of COLORBOND (R) Steel range, which offers a varied palette of colours to suit the Australian lifestyle.

Easy Fall Guttering Pty Ltd is a retail guttering supplier. We can (and only) recommend qualified, Licensed installers, who have been trained to install to Easy Fall Guttering's training & product specifications.

For more information & to learn more about how to WIN $7,000 of EASY FALL (TM) Guttering or $2,500 EASY FALL (TM) Leaf Guard visit:  www.easyfall.com.au

*Conditions Apply. The EASY FALL (TM) Guttering System is guaranteed to function correctly when installed to Easy Fall Guttering's training & product specifications, and as such works well during heavy rainfall.
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  • ABN 86 151 736 695
Bluescope Steel COLORBOND (R) Steel
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Reviews of Easy Fall Guttering Pty Ltd

  • I have had the guttering (paid for) in my garden since December waiting for installation which was promised between Christmas and New Year Will not reply to emails, phone calls or text messages
    • Hi Anmatt,
      I can assure you that we do in fact reply to our customer's messages.
      I also note that I have not received any messages or issues that I have not dealt with.
      If you contact us directly - you will find us ready and willing to solve any issues.
      Please contact us directly.
      The Easy Fall email address is enquiries@easyfall.com.au
      Kind regards, Cathy.
  • Be warned.....Although there seems to be a lot of positive feedback here, my experience is anything but positive. They sold us with their infomercial, however we waited months for installation, and since have had nothing but issues. Leaking gutters, that overflow back into the house a pergola that is worse than the one we had initially and bad installation (they will blame the tradesmen they hired!!). We have attempted on several occasions to get these issues resolved, however here we are 9 months later and still not resolved and have now had to go out of our way to get Fair Trading involved. We paid an exuberant amount and expect quality and a level of customer service associated with that cost.
    After spending 14k, I would expect that the management of the company go out of their way to rectify any issues, its common sense.... I would not recommend these people to anyone, and have advised family and friends to stay clear...to say I am disappointed is a massive understatement.... We have had to spend xmas day cleaning up the water that has ruined our blinds and home
    • Hi Manny_G,
      I am trying to understand where you are coming from. We value our customers and any legitimate feedback is welcomed.
      We have a fantastic team at Easy Fall - whom we regard as family - and I take issue with your comment "I would not recommend these people to anyone".
      Our guttering is designed to prevent flooding back into the home - the back is higher than the front. If water is still getting into your home - we can liaise with your installer & if necessary - act as a witness for you if it came to that.
      According to the Dept of Fair Trading - it is the responsibility of the Licensed tradesman to rectify any installation issues. That is not something we have invented.
      We are a retail supplier of guttering - and to date, I have not received an email from anyone with your type of complaint - so if you are serious about solving your problem contact us directly. We are still here and we are still prepared to assist you in any way we can.
    • Cax, the so called team you refer to is poor and I stick by my comments. I have tried on several occasions to reach out, and the installer which again YOU supplied to rectify the issue. I still have leaking guttering that falls into my dining room, a down pipe that was not even inserted correctly and you question my legitimacy!!! My name is very specific and I don't hide behind an alias. We are in Mar 2015, almost a year on, and still nothing has been done yet. Don't ever question the legitimate complaints of your customers as I have made several unsuccessful attempts to contact you!! This should highlight this organisations attitude towards prospective customers, deflect any responsibility to anyone but yourselves.
    • Manny,
      Firstly, I do stand by my comments, for the following reasons.
      The team I referred to is the Easy Fall team we are a retail supplier of guttering. We only recommend licenced installers - the major reason is protection for our customers.
      You are aware that you have contracted with Easy Fall for supply, and that the installation of the guttering is a separate issue and that your installer is responsible to fix any workmanship issues (you have a 7 year warranty).
      We are advising you that we are continuing to work on your behalf for a speedy rectification.
      I have only found out today (personally) that this review is legitimate (there was no last name).
      We have had a long history of persons targeting our review sites for the sole purpose of defaming us and what we do. Some of these people are known to police. Others have threatened to remove false reviews "if we pay them".
      Manny I know you are feeling frustrated, but please bear with us as we work (with you) to resolve it.
  • "Oh My Gosh! it was just wonderful to win the EasyFall Guttering prize, thank you!!

    The whole look of my home has been transformed with the addition of this very modern guttering, its sleek lines have updated the style of the house.

    Besides being thrilled at winning this prize, I am very very happy with the experience. The installers were just great, everything happened on the day they said it would, and they didn't leave till the job was done. They even cleaned and tidied up. I am very impressed with Easyfall Guttering and the team of installers.

    It was a wonderful experience and for the first time ever, I just can't wait till it rains to see this innovative guttering in action. Thanks Paul

    James Warrand, Cobbitty NSW
  • It is very expensive and takes long to get contractor come install.
    That results? Leaves still reside in the gutter, never been blow away by wind as they said.
    • Good day to you.
      I would invite anyone who reads this review to go to our company website (also see our brochures and advertisements). On the home page click on "Leaves" - clearly highlighted with a photo - as this is a major problem with guttering today. This will take you to "Leaves and Debris in Gutters" where there is a description of the Easy Fall Leafguard (which is also part of the Easy Fall Guttering System). It clearly states: "Depending on your property's wind aspect, an occasional hose-off or use of a blower may be required to remove excess leaves and debris".
      As well as explaining to our customers how the leafguard works we also hand a hard copy of our brochure to every customer who decides to buy any of our products also. This brochure also contains similar information on how the leafguard is easy to clean and the recommendation on how to clean it. Our products are built to last and are guaranteed.
      C. Axford.
  • We had our gutters replaced over a year ago with easy fall gutters. Unfortunately we have had a leaking problem since day one. Despite repeated attempts to have this fixed we still have no joy. At no stage they have been to our house to see for themselves, but has relied on subcontractors to try and repair with no success. I would advise all potential customers to make sure the gutters are definitely working before handing over final payment because after that you have little chance of getting any satisfaction.
  • James and his team did a wonderful job with getting my gutters fixed. We had a terrible storm which passed by some months ago, and it caused parts of my gutter to fall off the side. I'm not quite handy when it comes to maintaining the roof and I figured that we can do without having the roof fixed, but boy, were we wrong! The open part of the gutter caused leakage to our home, so after a few months of watching our "indoor waterfalls", we decided to just let the professionals handle it.

    Best thing we ever spent our money on. Thank you, Paul, James and team!

    Mel and Lydia Byrnes
  • For 20 years I have always been a busy person. I don't have time to clean my lawn or my home and have always hired people to do those things for me. I noticed 2 weeks ago water is leaking on my walls (only on my walls). A friend referred me to Easy Fall. Their expert Shaun found out that I already have gutter gardens and those are causing water to get in my home. I have him installed leaf guard. Within the day he's finished with cleaning the gutters and installation. He's such a professional! I love this company. They make my life even better! Kudos Shaun!
    • Sounds like a great company. Can you give me the names of the contractor? Do you know the name of the directors?
  • I had a huge rusting problem after the heavy rains like a month ago and I needed to replace my gutters because water is already spilling inside my home. I called Easy Fall Guttering and they installed brand new gutters in less than a week. I will no longer worry about rusting, and my roof looks brand new. Thanks heaps!
  • I had to call Easy Fall a month ago to have part of my gutter fix and I end up talking to Paul. After inspection he recommended to have my gutters change, I was hesitant at first because I am not ready for that kind of project, but he helped me understand its importance and help me work it within my budget. I never thought that decision was the best one I made this year. I am so happy how my gutters turned out. Thanks to Easy Fall, most especially to Paul.
  • The last time I worked with Easy Fall was about a gutter guard installation in one of the homes I was selling. It got sold! Ever since, I have trusted Easy Fall on any gutter related problems. I just finished working with them again, the project was a complete gutter installation for one of the homes I'm selling in Crestwood. The new gutters look great. Thanks and keep it up!
  • Great idea and product - albeit very expensive - let down by incredibly poor service, lack of communication, and delayed delivery and installation.
  • Easy Fall for me is highly recommended. They have just finished installing my leaf guard perfectly that I no longer need to clean the gutters that often, unlike before. I've inquired in other guttering services and they are either so expensive and their gutter guard designs are doubtful. I ended up with Easy Fall which is one of the best decisions I made for our home.
  • I met Paul 3 weeks ago in the Better Homes and Gardens Expo, well it started with a simple inquiry and I end up learning so much and asking them to help me fix my mom's gutters. They just finished the gutter guard project yesterday and I am extremely pleased with their work. Plus they helped clean up the workspace and even gave me discounts! Easy Fall Guttering is the best guttering contractor there is, no doubt about it.
  • Last year I had our gutter system installed and I was pregnant at that time. I don't have time and energy to really see what's going on when I had them installed. One year after, my gutters are still in great condition and it look good on our home. Very few companies will make sure they deliver quality work even when no one is looking... easy fall is one of them. I trust this company. Thank you for the quality work done.
  • I am a real estate agent and I have always chosen Easy Fall's Leaf Gutter Guard. They are the best and they are highly recommended. Their products keep the houses I sell in tip top shape and my clients noticed it too. I just wish they will give me bigger discounts! Hahahaha. Thanks Paul! I'll talk to you soon.
  • I had my gutter leaf guard installed in February and I am very pleased with the results. I haven't cleaned my gutters ever since when I usually do it twice a week before the installation. Easy fall stayed true to their promise. I've recommended this to my parents and friends. One of the best I must say. Thanks.
  • Since it's currently raining, I can't help but share how good it feels to never worry about my gutters in this climate. It was March when I decided to have Paul and his team install gutter guard. It was the best decision I made so far concerning my home this year. Highly commendable and recommended.
  • My wife and I had a house in Erina, and when my daughter got married that was our gift to her and her husband. I chose EasyFall to fix the gutters and make it look better. I think they did a fantastic job doing all that I requested. Now my daughter and her partner live in their new home and seeing how happy they are made me remember those who helped me do this for her (and easyfall is one of them). Good luck.
  • I had their gutter guard since 2010 and it's still doing wonders. They stayed true to their words. Thanks.
  • I had my gutters installed 1 year ago, and up to now they still look brand new. Their gutter system and gutter guard are highly recommended. I'm happy I was able to plan for this investment and it payed off perfectly. Good luck!

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