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Reviews of Edgecliff Medical Centre Pty Ltd

  • This medical centre is an absolute disgrace.

    Convenience is key in these busy times so I have used this centre numerous times without wanting to & have had the following poor experiences.

    Booked a late appointment as I was very ill and battling through a busy day at work. Due to being long waits on previous visits, I called them to ensure they were running on time and that I should leave work, in an expensive cab in rush hour. Get there & the doors are locked. Strange considering I had spoken to someone 15mins earlier. Knocked on door as I could hear the receptionists packing up. I heard a man say... 'Listen to that, how funny' and then the team laugh.

    Never got a call saying, you
    Missed your appointment would you
    Like to reschedule? Are you
    Still alive.

    So I complained via email... Never heard anything. Called to follow up, practice manager told me she would investigate. Never called back. Called again and she told me I was wrong and it never happened.

    Next time I was seriously ill I called to try to get an immediate appointment & I was forced to take the only one which was not bulk billing, they quoted me $75.

    After dealing with the unhelpful, rude staff at the front desk upon arrival I was called in exactly on time. Which I noticed because it surprised me.

    After the appointment was over I waited at reception for a couple of minutes only to be told it was $120!!! Why??? Because I went over the usual appointment time. I Was not Aware of this so asked and was told I went over 10mins appointment time which is a standard. Fair enough... It was about 18mins past at that point. Later found out a standard appointment is 15mins and the doctor had literally not warned me & charged anoth $75 for the sake of about 2mins.

    After having blood tests was forced to go back to the same doctor, figured he owed me 13mins. Nope - charged again. Never got my results.

    Front desk told me it was not their problem, speak to the doctor.

    If you are ill avoid this 'medical centre' like the plague. You will feel worse walking out.
  • You ring for an apt,you get one. You appear to make an apt you may get lucky as a walk in. It all about your demeanor. If you look like an urgent need to see doctor, the staff assess your needs relative to the available Doctors. Once you are an established client it goes smoothly. Apt times are given..its up to you to come on time. If you have to pay then you have to pay. Life's like that.accept that with manners. Staff have to be neutral. Its not fair. It the way it is. Live with it or go elsewhere.
    I travel past 20 or more Doctors to go there. Its my choice.
  • Without fail the receptionists here are rude, When booking an appointment you are made to feel that your call is an inconvenience to them. If the day/time you initially inquire about is not available, no alternative is offered to you, just a blunt "No." - awful customer service, especially if you are ill and going to the Doctors is unavoidable!
  • After rushing from work to arrive early for my appointment, I was greeted by a hand written letter informing me that the medical staff was ill and had gone home!

    Highly unprofessional- the only thing more frustrating was the rude manners of the other staff who had decided to close down early and hence I was not able to reschedule. Complete lack of customer service.
  • I am writing about 235/251-285 New South Head Road which the address of the Edgecliff Medical Centre.
    Yesterday I felt so feverish, and ill that I needed any help ASAP.
    I made an effort and arrived to the center about half an hour before closing on 8th October 2011. After asking for an appointment they advised that the doctor is busy and they are are already closing. I told them that my health is deteriorating and I need just a prescription and what can I do? The receptionist did not even bother to listen, and kept responding in a very cold and monotonous manner that they do not take anyone. Unfortunately, this is the case sometimes at this center that the staff is not compassionate, not willing to help you at all.
    I visited this center only 3-4 times and nearly always the staff demonstrates indifference, they are tense and careless.
    The most upsetting thing that next day (which is today) my health was even worth. I called them today and ask them about appointment saying that my health is getting worse. The first thing I was told (by the same staff): " We have only private doctors today only and its $70." Again no compassion, no advice where else I can go, what are my options.
    I had to get up and search for a Doctor in the neighboring suburbs. It took me sometime. As result I am tired that distressed, and will definitively remember the attitude of the Edgecliff medical center staff.
    • Almost the same experience for me. Awful place. Avoid it now at all costs. Even if I'm dying... At least I'm dying, with my money in my pocket and not hating human kind!
  • always receive good treatment and professional advice. nice and hand to work - but would be worth the trek if you 're not a local. doctors are very good, and still bulk bill if you are looking for that.
  • Gezza 174 reviews
    Very good Medical Center. Friendly staff. My daughter even likes going to the doctors now. Well, most of the time.

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