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Granville, NSW
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Charcoal chicken and lebanese cuisine

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Middle Eastern Charcoal Grill Lebanese

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Reviews of El Jannah

  • Always a big fan of the chicken. Sometimes the skewers can be undercooked, but still tastes good. Good pricing too
  • Ever since El Jannah changed ownership the quality's gone downhill.

    Ordered takeaway one night, no pickles, the chicken was tasteless and the hommus was watered down and looked like cement paste.

    A bit sad since this used to be my favourite lebanese chicken joint.
  • Nnyy Foodie 78 reviews
    El Jannah is probably one of the best places in Sydney to get the most delicious bang out of your buck.

    Located on the main street right near the station, you can smell the charcoal chicken a mile away. I took a trip out of the way with my sister and Mr N on Saturday afternoon (so worth it) to grab a quick bite to eat before heading home. Since we've been here a handful of times, we know the consistency of the food is one to keep you returning.

    It may be slightly overwhelming to order when it's busy (and I'm pretty certain they are always busy) since it's loud, bustling and I'm never sure how many queues they have at any one time. It's a bit of an organised mess. Once ordered, it's not too hard to find a table, if you can't find out straight away, just linger around as people are in and out pretty quickly and within 2 minutes your food comes out.

    We ordered one whole chicken with is served with pickles, bread and garlic sauce. Also fattoush (best salad ever), a wrap and large chips. Between the 3 of us this was more than plenty and it only came to about $40.

    The chicken is probably the best thing about this place, always on point and served hot. The wrap is good I guess, but i think they add to much chicken in it for me. Chips are hot, crisp and seasoned well. Whilst the salad breaks up the heavy meal up well with a sharp sumac dressing balances out all the chicken you're consuming.

    Sometimes I find myself using my hands without even realising, so I'm pretty sure I'll keep coming back.

    Highlight: Chicken and fast service
    Lowlight: Not date night material, wait a few months into the relationship
  • ChowTime Foodie 47 reviews
    "You know you're in Granville when you smell charcoal chicken". Lively, buzzing and packed full of locals (and non locals), makes this place is a fun place to visit. People go here for the food. Period. Ordering is done at the counter and you're given a table number. Find your own seat and before you know it, your meal's brought out to you. Service is a little slow to clear tables, but that's not surprising with the quick turnover of patrons and how busy the place is... and that's ok because let's face it... I'm just here for the food! I've also been to the Punchbowl shop and I can definitely say that I prefer the Granville store - the chicken seemed a little dry at Punchbowl.
    • Totally agree with your last comment! Been to both stores - the chicken is definitely better in Granville :)
  • LOVE the Garlic paste, everyone that is thinking of going here has to try it. Really great place to grab a feed- the food is awesome. Although you might be waiting a while if you're in no rush it's worth the wait. The staff aren't all that helpful or nice, but I guess when you've got 20 people in line, no one has the time.
    Still I come here quite often because I love the food!
  • KingEatingChamp Local Star 22 reviews
    I don't know why people complain about the wait, but this place is worth waiting for! Family chicken meal deal for $20? Where else can you get that? This place is ALWAYS packed. From morning til late at night, I've never seen any business this busy. The chicken farmers must be laughing all the way to the bank. The garlic sauce is a must - thick, creamy and genuine. Will be back next week!
  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    Famous for the Charcoal chicken and garlic sauce amongst the Western population. This really is a must try. Although i personally don't like the chicken wrap only because i feel the sauce tends to get lost with the enormous amount of filling (chicken & salad). I highly recommend the chicken and sauce or the kebabs.

    It is a very casual setting to dine in. Just keep in mind this place is packed most of the time, so make sure you have no plans the day you plan to try out the food.
  • Although the food is great - I find the staff are RUDE. Also, waiting times on takeaway orders are LONG. Especially at lunch times.

  • I absolutely love this place. Great value for money. My kids would eat it every night if they could. A must try is the Garlic sauce. Can not recommend this place any higher.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    Having been here almost once a month, for the last couple of years, I'm wondering how it is that I haven't reviewed this family restaurant. My husband even bought 'me' a food processor after tasting toum (that's the garlic sauce heaven stuff, served with the charcoal chicken). In all fairness, there's not much wrong with this place except for the long queues and sometimes abrupt service. They could be friendlier, but heck, they've got my vote!
  • i finally stepped foot in this restaurant, after hearing long about this place decided to take the family and try it out. the food was well served and i loved the hummus, not much of a fan of chicken due to the fact it was really cooked but i'm fussy like that i like my meat medium rear but the wife and the boys loved it!! i would come again ONE problem they have no eftos had to walk all the way across the road for the atm HAHA. thanks will be back but so soon
  • El Jannah garlic sauce is the best! Prices are reasonable and they're always open if you're in the mood for a late night feed. Just wish they would get eftpos.
  • Excellent chicken! And pretty reasonably priced too
  • Prior to going here, i heard alot about this famous charcoal chicken place and how delicious it is. I have to say it lived up to the expectations and I can't explain how tasty the chicken with garlic sauce is! Located near Granville station, this takeaway and eat-in charcoal chicken shop is packed with locals lining up to order. Most would assume with this many people dining in and ordering take away, the wait would be long, but it wasn't! Within minutes of finding a table among the crowd, our order was brought to us and it didn't take long for us to dive into the bread, tabbouleh, garlic sauce and of course, the flavoursome chicken!
  • the best chicken ever! and the garlic sauce is even more amazing. i always buy a tub or two to take home.
  • One of the best chicken shops I have ever been to. I have travelled a lot international and within Australia. As we all know charcoal chicken shops are common here though I believe this to one of the best.

    remember when I was younger seeing and trying this restaurant (due to a friends recommendation) and now almost 8 years later is still quality.

    I was a little apprehensive about going back to Granville though when we ordered the staff were amazingly friendly with lots of smiles.

    The great thing I believe is that it is still reasonably cheap and hasn't lost it's character which many restaurants/fast food shops do once they grow bigger. With a new store opening in Punchbowl I hope this quality isn't lost...
  • jojostuff Local Star 404 reviews
    I've had the much raved about "Granville chicken" a couple of times but have never personally been to the restaurant myself - until now.

    Let me tell you, this place is worth the hype. Driving into Granville, you start to see the air thicken with smoke and smell the char-grilled goodness. My heart skips a little in anticipation.

    There are numerous charcoal chicken shops in Granville, but you can tell which one El Jannah is by the line of people spilling outside.

    There is a wait to get to order, and then there is a wait to collect your order. Oh but it is so worth the wait.

    As you wait, take the chance to peer into the kitchen and look at the 20 or so grills going.

    I haven't said much about the food but I assure you that not much needs to be said other than... BEST CHARCOAL CHICKEN... ever. Also the best garlic sauce ever.

    Not the ideal date night dinner, but this place lives up to the hype.

    One star off because we saw a staff member pick up a plate of unfinished pickles and add it back to the tray of pickles to serve to other customers.

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