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Reviews of Elixr Health Club

  • Re; Elixr Health club Bondi Junction - my membership with elixr has just finished
    to be honest I would not recommend them to anyone given my experience with them
    (children in change rooms, dirty showers,broken steam room and over crowded pool used for swim lessons) Manager
    makes excuses, defensive and unhelpful when approached regarding this, they are only after memberships and appear to be great once you join and look deeper these issues are ongoing especially the over crowded pool used for private swim lessons and swim school ( noisy children in womans change room using facilities also). Think twice before you sign up as there is no opt out option even with evidence of the dirty showers and crowded pool you have to keep paying either put up with this or pay for No reason.
  • Great gym. Member for 2 years, excellent teachers and variety of options.
  • Good classes but atrocious customer service at accounts and management level.
    Think twice about committing to them long term AND NEVER EVER PUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP ON FREEZE...
    • What experience did you have when you froze your account? I have just come off freeze and they have been debiting unauthorised funds from my account, more than what we agreed on. I have sent many emails over 2 weeks but no response.
    • Jynx... they failed to register new banking details submitted to them and rather than follow it up with a phonecall they sent the debt collectors after me...how embarrassing. When I tried to get thru their customer service people I got nothing but negative responses, numerous arguments and they refused to budge. Awful experience.
  • I prefer the atmosphere of Elixr to any other health club, because it doesn't feel like a gym - no grunting, sweating and loud music! The lighting is muted, the dcor stylish, and any music played is not intrusive. The other thing I like is that there is ongoing investment in new equipment, so you don't have to do Pilates mat classes on grungy mats. The only criticism I have is that Elixr is becoming a victim of its own success with many more people joining over the years resulting in classes being very full, and sometimes difficult to get into (especially at Bondi Junction) But, it's still the best health club I know of in Sydney with an owner who really cares about people's experiences at his gym.
  • I really like Elixr I prefer the smaller clubs and the more personal service you seem to get at Elixr. If you're after high-energy then Elixr might not be for you as the vibe is a little more relaxed - but that works well for me as I go for the pilates and the yoga - although they do offer kick-boxing and also spin etc at the Bondi Junction club.

    The quality of the pilates instructors is generally really good - especially Rachel's classes - I'm usually stiff for a couple of days after one of her classes.
  • As I mentioned in my review regarding their Park St studio, I do like Elixr Health Clubs as a whole.
    I visited the Wentworth gym today and had found it to be slightly more spacious in terms of studios however noticed much less equipment.

    I had noticed the number of people attending classes and therefore not as personal. Though the standard is still high.

    The facilities are slightly newer however I much prefer my home gym at Park St :)
  • My favourite gym, they really focus on mind and body rather than just lifting weights. The gym is pretty small but you never (or hardly ever) need to wait to use any cardio equipment as most people go there for classes.

    The pilates classes are great, the mornings aren't that busy although lunchtime and after work is jammed.

    It's pretty expensive for a gym but I think it's worth it as it's a good experience.

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