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Reviews of Enfield Licensed Post Office

  • As post offices go, this one has fantastic customer service and kind staff. They have always been very helpful and understanding. I haven't really had any negative experiences. It is definitely convenient to park and there is a bus stop out front. They aren't overly busy, so I've never waited too long to be served which is great when I can only drop by during my lunch break.
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    If I need to post something & I'm not sure how much it will cost / the best way to post it / some other question, here's where I'll definitely go. Easy parking right behind them rather than on the street, and I've never been there when there's more than 2-3 people waiting to be served (which is good as it is a small shop).
    Staff have regularly helped me with all manner of questions and don't get grumpy if I forgot to stick enough tape on a parcel or something like that - they just help.
    The only negative experience I've had is lodging a passport there, maybe because they don't do it often it was a lot harder than it has been at other post offices in the past.

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