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Enliven Fitness is a complete wellness studio offering a holistic approach to your health,fitness & weight loss goals. Personal Training, Group Training, Corporate Training.

We have a dedicated team of personal trainers who are committed to helping you attain the fit and healthy body that you desire! We adopt a fun, motivational and dynamic approach to exercise, utilising a variety of training methods and exercises to create the ultimate recipe for weight loss, toning and tightening the body. 

If you are looking to:
- Get in great shape
- Improve your overall health and fitness
- Shed unwanted body fat
- Tone up those troublesome areas
- Improve your strength & cardio fitness
- Achieve the body you've always desired
Enliven Fitness can help you!

Enliven Fitness teaches the importance of healing and strengthening the body through functional based training, optimal nutrition and positive lifestyle changes, and we support you entirely on the journey to a fitter and healthier you! You are not on your own in this journey, you have a team of professionals that are eager to assist you to look and feel like a rockstar!

Whether you are interested in our social and dynamic group classes, need that extra bit of motivation and specialization with a personal trainer, would like personalized nutritional guidance, or a rehabilitation plan to overcome an injury, the professionals at Enliven Fitness can help you!

We have helped many individuals over the years achieve their goals of weight loss, toning and shaping up, improving strength and stamina, enhancing athletic performance and improving overall health, energy and wellbeing. 

At Enliven Fitness, we lead by example of how to live an abundant, healthy and active life, and teach our clients how to create life-long healthy habits that are not only manageable and sustainable but stick! 

Together we can all achieve true health, fitness and happiness.

So are you ready to take the leap towards looking and feeling like you have always wanted??
Of course you are!

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  • Deal: 1 Free Group Training Class PLUS mini goal setting session

    Expires: 07/03/2016 Come down and try any of our group classes and receive an additional goal setting session with one of our expert trainers. Not valid with any other offer. New members only. Bookings essential.
    Value: $30.00
    Promo code: truelocal
  • Deal: Free 60 min Personal Training and Goal Setting Session

    Expires: 07/03/2016 Includes an in-depth discussion about your goals, how best to achieve them, a workout and a post- workout, fresh coconut! *New members only. Not valid with any other offer.
    Value: $99.00
    Promo code: truelocal
  • Deal: 8 Week Challenge receive $80 off

    Expires: 07/03/2016 Join in the famous Enliven 8 week Fitness challenge and get in the best shape of your life for life. Present this voucher to receive $80 off the 8 week course
    Value: $80.00
    Promo code: truelocal
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Reviews of Enliven Fitness

  • I enrolled as a member with Enliven with a one month Groupon voucher and am I glad that I did! I have been to various gyms and fitness clubs over the past one year but none has come close to Enliven. Jennifer and Michael are on top of the game. Since I am a long distance runner, I've always had quad/IT Band/Knee issues. Enliven is one place where they give a good 10-15 mins for stretching which is fantastic. Even within Group training, my individual form was continuously corrected till I got it right. I thought I knew all my exercises (even the dreaded burpee) until Enliven. Jennifer has a running club on Thursdays through a lovely route (Glebe and Rozelle Bay). I would definitely recommend Michael and Team! Thanks! Cheers guys.
  • I have been a member of Enliven for over two months now. And in this small time, the results have been fantastic. I joined Enliven with 2 major goals - to shed lower body fat, and to increase my stamina. And I have seen great results for both my goals in a short time of 2 months. The personal trainer assigned to me is very patient and keeps me motivated to push my limits all the time. The training regime is unique and there is a separate bunch of workouts for each day. Also the environment of the place is awesome and somehow contributes to your motivation to workout harder. All in all a fantastic experience, and very soon I am going to review my membership. I highly recommend this place.
  • I enjoyed training at Enliven for about 6 months had had such a positive and rewarding experience. Trainers are amazing and really make sure you have the correct techniques so you know you are always in good hands as they really know their stuff! Classes are always varied and interesting, but still tough and challenging. I would definitely recommend Enliven to everyone .
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed working out with Enliven for the past 3 years. I love the variety the classes offer, the patience of trainers and their personalised attention and motivation during class depending on your individual goals. I also appreciated their holistic approach to fitness, health and happiness and their generosity with their knowledge about nutrition and beyond. Kristy and Michael lead by example and are welcoming, understanding, flexible, encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Enliven to anyone looking for a fitness solution with balance, perspective and sincere support.
  • Used this place and their wonderful staff for some sessions while staying near central Sydney for a long period. Great great great!
  • I have been going to Enliven fitness for over 3 months now and while I was running around the park on Saturday I thought to myself... if I was to give feedback to these guys there is NOTHING I would say they need to improve on! They do such a great job and have an awesome set up! I LOVE going to bootcamp and just wanted to say THANK YOU :)
  • I've always been nervous about attending group training sessions because I'm self conscious and worried that my fitness level might bring the group down :( but I was sick going to a normal gym and not knowing what to do to keep the weight off so I purchased a group training coupon for Enliven Fitness online and after my first few sessions, I was hooked! On my first day I felt really comfortable, the trainer showed us different exercises and variations of the exercises depending on your fitness level and they answered all my questions.

    The environment was very supportive and it felt like we were a group of friends exercising together and its so motivational when you see your group members improve and change in appearance over a short period of time.

    Every day was a different routine which was focused on different fitness areas (e.g Cardio Day, Endurance Day, Strength Day) so you never get bored of the exercises. In the center they also have shower facilities and a kitchen area where your trainer can make you a smoothie or slice open a fresh coconut for you to enjoy after the work out. They also sell fresh produce and health foods such as kale chips and organic tea.

    Since I've been at Enliven I've been trained by Michael, Kristy and Daniel during my time there and they are so incredibly helpful. Not only did they teach us great routines and exercises, they also gave me advice on take home exercises/stretches, nutrition and what to do about the muscle cramp problems that keep getting in the way of exercising. I've been able to reach my goal weight, I've never had another muscle cramp after following Michael's advice and I've been able to participate in things I never thought I would (Warrior Dash, 3km runs, 5km runs and 10 km runs)

    It was much to my regret that I had to leave Enliven. I moved in with my partner and we lived 1.5 hours away from the center but if we ever move closer to the CBD, without a question I would sign up to Enliven again and I would recommend it to all my friends!
  • just reached my 1 yr stage, with these guys, will be renewing asap, modern friendly and great attitude by the trainers
  • Really impressed with Enliven's variety of training sessions, sometimes you just need that to keep you interested. Feel healthier and needing less sugar fixes to keep my energy levels up. Michael is fantastic, and gives you the right amount of encouragement and pressure to keep going.
  • Can't recommend the Enliven fitness guys enough - even after just a few sessions the improvement in my strength and overall fitness is huge. They really know their stuff, you never feel uncomfortable and you can really see results. Sad to be moving away from Glebe because would love to carry on training with these guys!
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