Epping Gourmet Charcoal Chicken & Salads

Epping, NSW
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Reviews of Epping Gourmet Charcoal Chicken & Salads

  • seanaussie Local Star 923 reviews
    Some of the crunchiest but saltiest chips I've had for a while. Great sized serving for $3.
    Drinks incredibly overpriced - their meal deals for $8.50 would have been a better choice.
    Wouldn't rush back.
  • We've got food from there many times, including catering for a large party. Friendly and helpful, standard fare at fair prices.
    • Very frienndly staff. I have eaten there many times without a problem. The husband, (I think his name is George) makes a mean hamburger and their charcoal chooks are delectable.
  • This USED to be good but I would never ever buy from there again.
    A good friend got food poisoning there and there have been a few reports of questionable hygiene.
    I hope they are working on improving but I know I can't trust them as of now.