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  • Natalie Alex   8 reviews
    not my scene but went for a girlfriends hens night - expensive but very nice place - loved the pool and the hut theme.

    8 months ago - 27/12/2013

  • Vanity_Girl   15 reviews
    love the pool , drinks are very expensive, we all had fun.

    8 months ago - 26/12/2013

  • mass.d Local Star   441 reviews
    The only reason I went to this bar was because it was the only bar that allowed patrons to enter the venue after 2am on a Friday night. The crowd was a mixed crowd from young friends to older couples. The venue itself was rather large and it felt extra small as it wasn't filled out. The drinks are mediocre in terms of price and specialty. They've got a nice outdoor area at the back with an open ceiling and plenty of seating area as well as another bar to save you from going back inside to get a drink.

    10 months ago - 21/10/2013

  • Amanda Cassar Local Star   774 reviews
    A favorite bar for the finance industry and lots of work drinks had here.
    Great atmosphere, good food, pricey drinks, but I always stop by when in the CBD.
    Bar staff can be a little slow but lots of fun to be had with friends.
  • Claudia_ J   8 reviews
    Oh my word I love this place... Best place to head for a few drinks after work on Thursdays and Fridays. Also make great cocktails in back bar. Good spot to head out with a few mates after work. Also love their old school tunes they bang out on Fridays hehe
  • atan7 Local Star   792 reviews
    This place is a grand location with beautiful interiors, but I have to say, it is not my scene. It's crowded and a little pretentious... Very popular for drinks on a friday and saturday night by well dressed bankers and people trying to get the attention of the well dressed bankers... The music was good but was playing too loud to have any kind of conversation... Lots of Sydneysiders like this place, it is just not for me.
  • Parge Local Star   216 reviews
    What I really liked about this place was the fact that the cocktail waiters were willing to try and make my favourite drink (Bobby Burns) even though they weren't familiar with the drink. Using top shelf Scotch at a reasonable price - was more than I could ask for. I felt they got it right the first time, but seemed to lose flavour and get worse by the third order.

    Otherwise atmosphere in the Establishment is just alright. Way too many suits, but it does mean that it's a little highbrow crowd. Any evening after work the place is packed with corporate high flying types.

    Besides Friday evenings, most nights I can seem to get a seat for my self and few freidsn and enjoy our evening. Drinks are a little pricey, but I think they are more than fair for an inner city up market bar. I can say they are not as nearly as expensive as another bar for example.

    The staff are very nice to look at and generally courteous and quick. They can get caught chatting amongst themselves a fair bit, but it's not painful or anything.
  • mumsrite Local Star   193 reviews
    Nice ambience and interiors. Staff aren't too friendly, perhaps too busy serving customers in power suits.

    It was crowded even on a weeknight and it got pretty noisy. Crowd was rather tame and civil which was nice.

    Not a bad place to have a relatively mild night with some friends but not if you're looking to unwind and relax - the background music was too loud.
  • pvogtmann Barfly   40 reviews
    Good venue, nice drinks unfortunatly they play really crap old school music.
  • simonc22 Local Star   140 reviews
    The restaurant behind the bar has a great vibe for a casual lunch. It's a really nice room, with a huge glass ceiling and plants hanging everywhere. The prices are not expensive eihter. Good fun!

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