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Reviews of Event Cinemas

  • The lineup to purchase tickets was very long, the popcorn was stale and the service from staff was subpar, the cinema is convenient though.
    Is in need of new carpets. The cinema screens are nice and large.
  • I really love the fitout, the place where it is situated is perfect, buy the Tix online, and show up and your good to go.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    Pay online, receipt sent to your email, scan through bar code on to an iPad, pure brilliant, no queuing for a ticket. Clean cinemas, plenty of space but the candy store is a little overpriced.
  • A bit of a maze to get to but worth the trek.

    I have always found the cinemas to be clean and the staff very helpful.

    The V-Max cinemas are lovely, fitted with big leather seats and armrests.

    In summer its best to wear a jacket even though it may be scorching outside the aircon inside the theatres works its magic well (some may say a little too well at times). I saw two movies there last weekend and the V-Max cinema was freezing whereas the standard one was just right.

    Parking is free after hours, but dont expect too many other bargains. Adult tickets are $21 and a bottle of water is almost $5!! Outrageous! But we all continue to pay it.

    It pays to book online, as otherwise you are likely to be sitting right up the front. The line up for online ticket collection was long both times but it moves quickly.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    It was a welcome surprise when I realised that parking in Bondi Junction Westfield is free after 6pm.
    The idea of watching a movie that usually only offers 2 hours free parking never at right with me. Nevertheless, it seemed as though everyone else in SYdney knew about the free parking as it was difficult to find a parking spot.
    After being tipped off by a friend to park close to the Hollywood Ave entrance I then walked to the cinema. As I made my way up the final flight of stairs I noticed the extraordinary line to the candybar... which I then realised was the place you also buy your tickets from. It's pretty much a parent's nightmare as you are forced to walk past choc-tops, popcorn, pretty much lolly-lane before you can purchase your tickets and enter the cinema.
    The Cinema itself was nicely furnished. I found myself sitting on the left portion near the back and realised there were couple seats...
    Overall, a good experience- but really nothing special about this cinema to the others I have been to.
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    Nice enough comfortable cinema BUT they have this ridiculous system of paying - you have to line up for ages even just to get a coke from the candy bar, adds so much time to things.

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