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Reviews of Evolve Scientific Recruitment Sydney

  • I registered with Evolve Scientific in Sydney and I found them to be very professional and on meeting with them for an interview they were really interested in what I wanted to do in my career. I met with Susan and she gave me good feedback on my resume and was very helpful. Even though I haven't found my "dream" job as of yet they have kept in contact with me with possible jobs that I may be interested in and I always find them very professional.
  • On this company's website you'll read words like 'service', 'professional' and 'ethical'. I have found them to be the complete opposite to the way they market themselves. I have applied for multiple positions with them and never get a response. Every time I call their phones are not answered or go to message bank. I've left at least 10 messages regarding job applications and have never had a returned call. Eventually I walked into their office and was sent away being told I need to call to make an appointment! They are just trying to build their database. Most of their real jobs are usually advertised by at least 2 other agencies at the same time, as well as the by the actual company the job is with! I eventually learnt to apply directly with the company they are 'servicing' and today got a job offer. I had applied through Evolve Scientific for the same job 2 weeks ago and never got a response. I mentioned this to the management who offered me the job and their opinion of this agency was no different to mine.