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Mens Grooming Lounge. We have been grooming men for greatness for over 30 years. Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for men's grooming, skincare and fragrance needs

Face of Man is Australia first ever male grooming salon, it was established in 1978. We have been the leader in male grooming for over 30 years.

Will offer you the ultimate in skin care treatments, products and advice so that you get the results you want every time.

Customer satisfaction is what matters most to us, which is why we dedicate the time to ensure every treatment you experience and every product we use is specifically formulated to meet the individual needs of your skin.

Our highly trained beauty professionals and consultants are at the forefront of male skin care and their combined knowledge and experience means you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. 

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  • Face face Newbie   1 review
    Terrible!!!!! The management was c**p.....

    Staffs were very rude.
    The management was even worst.
    They were looked down customers.

    Not worth of money!!!!

  • DD2000 Newbie   1 review
    I thought I was going to have a very good experience. It was a waste of my money.
    The management is very rude indeed. I am not going back there again.

    8 months ago - 25/07/2013

    • faceofman Newbie 
      HI There,
      Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the grooming lounge. If you call the salon we will provide you with a gift voucher for $100. so we can redeem ourselves. Look forward to speaking to you soon!

      8 months ago - 26/07/2013

  • Ian73 Newbie   1 review
    There is nothing like leaving work and being transported into a calm relaxing environment within a 10 min walk where I am made to feel like the valuable customer. 90 mins later and I leave all the issues of my day behind after being pampered and polished feeling stress free and ready for the rest of the week.

    9 months ago - 19/07/2013

  • tobri Newbie   1 review
    I have now been here a few times for a few different treatments and I have received top notch service from start to finish every time. I would recommend Face of Man without question and have even referred some of my close friends there.
  • timphysio Newbie   1 review
    I love going there - the premises is really stunning with extraordinary attention to detail. It is a bit like going on a holiday back to a bygone era. I've always had very professional and friendly service and would recommend it without hesitation.
  • Jurema Newbie   1 review
    We have paid for a series of treatment at Face of Man, We tried to finished the treatment as planned but this was denied by FoM. So we just received part of the treatment
    We tried to get at least part of our money back but they refused it.
    FoM was impolite with us for no reason. We are still puzzled with the whole situation and we were sad things were handled this way.
    Based on what happened to us, we do not recommend this business.
  • tmandmm Newbie   1 review
    I'm sure the experience would be wonderful if I could ever get there!

    Booking 1: They had booked me for the wrong services so I had to re-book
    Booking 2: They called me a week later to tell me they'd made a mistake and I'd have to re-book
    Booking 3: I called them to confirm the day before the boking but apparently I was an hour late and their 'strict cancellation policy' meant I again would have to re-book.

    I give up ... the booking pain ain't worth it!
    • faceofman Newbie 
      HI Michael,
      we sent out a SMS to confirm yesterday which you did not reply too and then it was followed by 2 phone calls I made personal asking if you could ring back to confirm. Which you never did obliviously you have no idea about running a business!
      Everybody loves coming here but you will never find out as you are NOT welcome here


    • tmandmm Newbie 
      In response to the business owner ... I called back within an hour of your message. Three times you have screwed up a simple booking. Good luck!


    • DC_69  
      Believe me, it was a waste of our time and money.


    • BellinaStar  
      tmandmm, friends lost their money there.. paid for service that never received and they were mistreated. It was a good thing you could not book there. :)


  • Andy14 Newbie   1 review
    I'm not usually someone who cares too much about my grooming but my girlfriend finally convinced me to go to The Face Of Man and I was totally amazed by the service I received from the girls there. I'm actually going again within the next couple of weeks and would recommend every other guy that are unsure about this to go ahead and book now too.
  • DRFC4   3 reviews
    This salon provides very good service to its clients. The staff can't do enough to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the services provided.

    Prices are outstanding and the service is top quality.

    The salon can be a little noisy with the rooms not sealed off from each other, but that is the only possible downside.

    I would recommend this store to anyone.

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