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Reviews of Fairfield Chase Medical Centre

  • Worst service from dental section. I have tried to call so many times today to book in my child for a dental checkup and I was even put on hold for a long time and still there was no response. Wont bother with this centre anymore. Needs big improvement with service.
  • The worst medical centre , reception is a nightmare, then my doctor that i have been seeing for so long and helped me so much decided that he doesnt want to see me anymore - last time i remember he told me come back in 6 weeks . i get there and he tells me that he doesnt want to see me i asked why and he said that i see other doctors. i told him yes because you wouldnt be on that day and i need my medication or his line is 15+ waiting line when his on . He said to me sorry but this is the list of medications that you have received in the past year and i will not be giving you any more prescriptions.He said if i dont leave in 3 2 1 he was telling the receptionist to call the police in front of all the other waiting cients , rude is a understatement - considering the fact i suffer migraines for the past 8yrs and just within the last yr my mother and brother in law passed away a couple of days apart and then a month later my mum finds out she has cancer for the 3rd time round . Sympathy would be great but i truly found him to be a amazing doctor but i will never step foot in there again and will be taking it further . And finding a decent doctor not like some of them that put you on sleepers ,worst medical centre i have dealt with in my life
  • Don't bother coming to this center, my wife had an appoinment at 16:40, after 2 hrs we are still waiting. The reception staff is rude only 2 specialists, and they double booked people, they booked 2 min per patient yet take 20 min, there was 17 people in front of us and only 6 have been seen 2:30 hrs later.
  • I was very upset and disappointed in the service and the waiting time for this medical centre.What a waste of my time,we left after two hours.When I noticed that people that came before us were getting priority .We would have been better off going to the hospital.At least you would get seen by a doctor and get treatment.That is why we go to a medical centre!!!
  • Don't bother wasting your time, the dr r good but the receptionist are a waste of the company paying their wages. The receptionist need to go back to some sort of college or education on how to be a receptionist no people skill or costomer service at all, suppose to be the face of this place yet more of a disgrace. I was in line with two people behind me when it's was my turn swap my card staff told me to go get my son who was in the car with his father I went to get him when I came back the two people who we're behid were already serve mind you in was only a quick sec as I park right in front of the place, I told staff how many people in front staff said 5 I ask if that was 5 with the 2 people who were behide me staff assure me no they are seeing another dr 1 and a bit hour later these lady has gone in I ask so which dr am I'm seeing staff told me that dr so why am I seeing the same dr as they are when I was suppose to be in front. Do your job, didn't the school you attend teach you how to count. ???

  • I have been a patient at the centre for years, ever since Dr. Pope moved there. I love it, I live 20 min away but am happy to make the journey every time. I have had some bad experiences, especially with a Dr. However, they have some great Dr.(Pope, Bosic and Fitch(?)). As a regular patient of Dr. Popes, I can say that he is literally amazing, he makes you confident even with the more private and embarrassing things, and has always managed to calm me down, the only bad thing is that he is always super busy- every time i come in I end up waiting a minimum of 3 hours. Other doctors however only have a couple of patients and you can always get in and out fast, though i normally wait. The receptionist are pretty good. Overall I think the place is great, they are very helpful and I have found that most would go out to please their customers.
  • I have been a patient through this medical centre for about 7 years... And have only had two bad experiences out of all the consults I've had there...

    There is one doctor I avoid at all costs. If I'm heading in to the medical cente late in the evening, then I now phone ahead to make sure this doctor is not the only available Dr in the centre. His answer to most flu or cold symptoms is to make a salt gargle and to gargle at least 10 times a day.. How ridiculous!!

    Dr Mehta and Dr Boksic are my main doctors that I prefer above all other doctors there. They are attentitive and thorough. They are our family doctor for my husband, four children and myself. When ringing ahead and making sure either of them are in.. once I'm in the medical centre the wait isn't usually too long, worst case 5 patients in front of me. I once had a severe sinus infection to the point where half of my face had swollen' and the other side had drooped, Dr Mehta was so thorough that he sent me to a neurologist to check if it was Bells Palsy.. Which can lead to paralysis on one side of the face. I was referred straight away to see the neurologist, even so the specialist was almost closed for that day, my GP made sure I would be seen for tests.
    It ended up that I did infact have Bells Palsy.. But thankfully I regained feeling and muscle movement after a few months with the right care and instructions on how to improve my condition.
    I have also had a reception tell me I had to prepay $80 to see my GP because I didn't have my Medicare card on me, I could easily have shown legal identification such as my license.. But this receptionist was quite rude and said it was protocol. I had to go to Mecicare and request an interim paper with my medicare card details on it before heading back to the Medical Centre and get in cue to see a doctor.
    Funnily I'd been to this same medical centre the day before and another receptionist that has known me as a patient there for years had no problem pulling up my details and asking a few questions to make sure I could verify my details before letting me see my preferred doctor.
    All in all most of my visits there have been pleasant.. And I would happily recommend anyone to go there.. Especially if they're wanting to establish a good relationship with one or two doctors for future consults..
  • Literally the worst medical centre I've ever been to.
    And I have worked in medical centers before so I know what you can and can't get away with.
    Trying to make me pre pay $80 to see a dr for a "standard consultation" when the receptionist could not even know what I was in for and whether it would take a standard appointments length or not. I know this because I've worked in the system before. She was trying to make me pay because I didn't have any ID or a Medicare card on me. They have several drs that work there but all on different days or times. There's no sign out the front that says who works on what days and what hours so all patients are forced to waste their time in the line only to find the dr of their choice is not even in today.
    Now if you were a new patient and had no ID fair enough... But for an existing patient whose details are already in the system including Medicare details to "pretend" you don't recognize the person you are talking to and insisting on ID and the saying the only way I will get seen is if I pre pay the $80 was just a joke. I know for a fact you aren't allowed to charge up front for a medical service whether its through Medicare or private.
    Now instead of seeing my local dr for a medical certificate for being off work... Im now on the train heading all the way into the city where I used to work and having rung ahead I know they will see me and not because I used to work their but because they know about beig professional and about putting a patients needs first. Shame on you Fairfield chase medical centre. Never go here if you can help it!
  • This is by far the worst medical centre that I have ever endured.
    Firstly, the staff were too busy to even notice that there were three people waiting at their desk, then there were screaming children jumping around all over the furniture & the staff did nothing to stop it or even ask the parents if they could settle the children down!
    Once finally inside the surgery, the medical staff had no interest at all in asking me any sort of questions, they just assumed that I had a flu due to my hay fever & dust allergy...You would think they would have noticed that I could not stand up straight at all due to a prolapsed uterus & severe back injury done at work earlier that day...They refused to examine me & that I should walk to the next medical centre about 10 minutes up the street, when I asked could they call them & make sure they are open & there were medical staff there that could see me they refused & told me to take a neurofen, not even offering a prescription for it!
    Also, filthy toilet, no soap, toilet paper & needs a good clean.
  • This is my local medical centre and I have been seen by many of the doctors here and had very few positive experiences.

    In general the doctors are disinterested, judgemental and don't listen to what you say. I have also had bad experiences with the x-ray staff.

    I would not recommend this medical centre to anyone.
    • I would have to agree. Ive been to some bad medical centres in my time, but nothing compares to this place.

      Today, I met a doctor for the first time, who before even asking me what I was there for, took about 10mins having a whinge about other doctors and patients that go there. She didnt know how to read my blood test results, and told me to see another doctor to do it instead, I had about 3 or 4 things I needed her to do, and all she did was write me a doctors certificate to cover me for having the day off work. She wouldnt even check my height and weight, as the hospital requested her to do. Very VERY unimpressed.

      Also, there was no soap in the toilets. What sort of medical centre doesnt have soap??? The toilets were dirty, and toilet paper was all over the floor.
      The receptionist has been rude every time Ive been there, in summary, this is the worst place I have ever been to. DONT GO THERE, EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.

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