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Maroubra, NSW
Open today - 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Mon 9:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Tue 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed 4:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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Ballroom and Latin dance classes for adult singles and couples, Solo Latin dancing for adults who do not want partners, absolute beginners welcome. Bridal dance lessons.

Ballroom & Latin Dance classes for Adult couples and singles.

Fandango dance school at Maroubra offers an ongoing program of adult dance classes in Ballroom, Latin, Tango and Salsa dances, private wedding dance lessons and occasional programs in other dance styles. We are the only dance school for Ballroom and Latin dance classes in Maroubra and servicing nearby eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Our dance school specialises in adultâ??s Ballroom and Latin dance classes for social and recreational purposes and our students are normal everyday people who just want to enjoy the music, the exercise and the social aspects of dancing. In every dance lesson, even our advanced dance classes, youâ??ll find a mix of singles and couples, young and mature aged of all shapes and sizes and youâ??ll find it a friendly and non-intimidating environment. 

We have an ongoing program of dance classes for continuing beginners, intermediate and advanced students for further improvement, skill development and pleasure. You donâ??t need to come with a partner; both singles and couples are welcome.

We provide a wonderful solution for those without partners or whose partners wonâ??t dance, with our Solo Latin classes that truly rock, whether you are a mature age first time dancer or someone with years of other dance experience.  

Our studio is warm and friendly, we welcome newcomers, our teachers have compassion as well as great skill and experience, our classes are structured to suit real people with real lives and regardless of your skill level, you will find our classes uplifting and rewarding

 Above all, every dance class is fun and every dance class is a positive gain and even if youâ??ll never be a great dancer, you can be a happy dancer! 
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Adults Partnered Ballroom & Latin Dance classes - Adults Solo Latin (non-partnered dancing) Wedding Dance / Bridal Waltz / First Dance Lessons
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Reviews of Fandango Dance

  • Thanks for the great classes Fandango, Ive enjoyed them so much!. Next week I go back home to London and on to the continent to realise a dream you have helped make a reality for me - Ill be dancing Tango in Paris and the Waltz in Vienna, how cool is that!
  • Fandangos teachers have made learning to dance easy as well as a very enjoyable journey for me. This is no small task, considering my lifetime stubborn two left feet, and I thank our teachers patience, skill and persistence and for believing in me. I would recommend Fandango Dance to anyone wanting to learn ballroom or Latin dancing.
  • We started beginners dance lessons at Fandango with two left feet, no rhythm and no confidence. We were put at ease by the team of amazing teachers right from the first lesson and the journey from clumsy oafs to acceptable dancers has been fun and very rewarding; we can now get up and have a dance virtually anywhere we go. We look forward to our classes every week, enjoying each of Fandangos teachers for the special qualities they offer and have made some great new friends at the classes. We highly recommend Fandango Dance.
  • My daughter and I took 3 private lessons for our themed party. Although at first, my daughter was not keen on the idea of taking private dance lessons with me ie. her mom, Julie made her feel comfortable straight away and very soon, she was having so much fun dancing. Of course, we also highly impressed our guests with our new dance moves :). I have to say, we were having so much fun during our lessons that we will for sure cherish those times for many many years to come. Thank you Julie for being such a wonderful and patient teacher.
  • We are having private dance lessons for our bridal dance and loving every moment. Very warm and personalised service and we look forward to our next dance lesson each week. We were 2 left footed complete beginners a few weeks ago and even though we still have another 2 lessons before our wedding we already feel confident and believe we are looking pretty good! We were surprised at how comfortable we felt with our teacher right from the first lesson and we are already planning on going back after a our wedding to do regular group classes because we are enjoying it so much as an activity we can do together as a couple. It's a very professional service and very friendly environment and we thank you for helping make the preparation for our bridal dance a special part of the lead up to our big day.
    • Thanks & please feedback for balance but you didn't have all the facts.

      We booked lessons with one instructor but were always reassigned to another instructor (who is very good). We tried to cancel the fourth lesson at short notice but got an irate call from them after a text exchange. We were always passed us to the other instructor and their lessons never had to be 'observed' before so why did the lesson after the disagreement need to be observed? What changed? Nothing.

      We'd been flexible by switching instructors but that was ignored. Your bookings and ours were both private tuition and ruin your lesson and ours by playing our songs alternately while holding both lessons in a single room. The only reason you had a good lesson was because we moved outside ... your tuition would have been impacted otherwise.

      I'm glad you enjoy the lessons (as have we mostly) but the reason for my negative review is the fact that on 2 out of 2 occasions they dealt badly with an issue.
  • Disappointed. Ordered a 5-lesson wedding package and spoke with the principal about lessons. Was led to believe they'd teach us but they dropped out after the first lesson (but we persevered anyway). One of us felt unwell a few hours before a lesson and sent a text to see if we could reschedule. We were told abruptly and shortly before the lesson was due to commence that this wasn't possible. Considering how tolerant we'd felt we'd been with changing teacher this seemed very rough. We then received a rude phone call ... all in all, poor service and horrible customer experience. We fully understand why there would be a cancellation clause but how this was communicated and enforced was very poor. Would not recommend.
    • We are the couple whose lesson you rudely interrupted last night yelling abuse at our teacher because you didn't like the doors open. The fact that they allowed you to stay and have your lesson is commendable and a true demonstration of compassion and patience. If we had a choice we would have asked you to leave. How you can complain like you have is unbelievable I watched some of you lesson last night while my partner was working on some of his steps with our teacher and your teacher was fabulous, we woul happily have lessons with either teacher!
    • That is very odd. We have personally taken private lessons with Fandango Dance and all the lessons went really well. In addition, we all had a really great time. I have been taking group classes with 3 Fandango teachers over time now and the fact that I keep going back, says it all. Individually, each of my Fandango Dance teachers is a highly skilled professional and together, they are a wonderful team of amazing dancers who teach dancing with kindness and patience.
  • Weve been married 30 years and decided to do some ballroom dance classed together as something to do as a couple, we loved the dancing, it was easier to learn than we thought but the bonus that we did not count on was that the dancing put some spark back in our marriage, doing something together for starts, but there was some romance in it and we love it for both reasons.
  • I talked my fianc into taking some classes in preparation for our wedding, he went along even though he was pretty reluctant. He was surprised to find himself enjoying it and we left each class smiling. After 5 lessons he asked me if Id like to continue lessons after the wedding because he was enjoying it so much, Im thrilled as I have always loved dancing. Thanks to our great teachers!
  • We were nervous about trying to learn to dance as a mature aged couple whod never had any lessons before so we were delighted to find the lessons really were suited for absolute beginners and that it was easy to follow. The atmosphere at the classes was very warm and friendly and apart from learning to dance we have also made some new friends. We now get up and have a dance when we go to a wedding or a club and our only regret is that we did not try this when we were younger, ir it so much fun.
  • Ive just started classes at Fandango Dance and am having so much more fun than expected. I was expecting to feel out of place because Id never been to a dance class before and was really surprised to feel so welcome by the teachers and the other students, everyone is so friendly and encouraging. The teachers make the learning process fun, mistakes are funny and not frustrating and I am dancing more than I expected in a short time. This is such a feel good activity that I reckon Im in it for the long haul now!

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