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  • Cliffanderson1a12a Newbie   2 reviews
    These guys saved my life. The standard of cleaning is excellent - I am so delighted with the way the cleaners finished everything so beautifully. They were courteous and friendly. Good experience of having your cleaning service.

    3 months ago - 18/12/2013

    • FCSydney Newbie 
      Dear Cliff,

      We thank you very much for the time you took to provide us with some feedback! We're happy to hear you were satisfied with the results after our cleaning session; As we would like to give something to our return clients, when you're looking to get some other cleaning service done at your place, please give us a call back and quote your previous booking reference so that you can claim our special offers for return clients we're running at the moment!

      We're looking forward to hear again from you soon!

      With kind Regards,

      Fantastic Cleaners Sydney

      2 months ago - 13/02/2014

  • PBIS   12 reviews

    I booked 'Fantastic Cleaners' for carpet cleaning - maintenance cleaning, but mostly explicitly for removal of some stubborn conspicuous stains on near-new and expensive carpet.

    First of all I am confused that I was sent a team of cleaners by 'Homecleaning Sydney'. When asked, they told me that for the month of December, 'Fantastic' were sub-contracting for them. But whichever team you call or contact by chat, you always end up with the same people. So they must be the same company?! I would actually like to know whom I'm contracting!

    Secondly, while communication is generally good, the pre- and post-cleaning procedure is nowhere near as rigorous as described on their (nearly identical) websites. As a matter of fact, it took five days and several reminders to get a receipt.

    Thirdly, the day after the cleaning, the stains reappeared in their full glory - once the carpets had dried. I contacted Fantastic? Homecleaners?) and they told me they had done what they could, and I would have to pay again if they were to come again and give it another go. As I had specifically explained the problem upon booking, I would have considered this a warranty issue. And for $50 for the 2nd attempt in the one room, I'd rather try another company, which might have the expertise and skills (or will I end up with the same lot again?). They actually offered to find a specialist carpet cleaner for me. Hmm. I actually thought that's what they are?

    Now, the cleaners - whoever they are, Fantastic, Homecleaners - were friendly and worked diligently and probably are good maintenance cleaners.
    The general day-to-day dust and grime and cat hair was removed all right and the carpets are fluffed and tufted again. So that was ok.
    But I cannot recommend them as specialist carpet cleaners, as they obviously are not.

    So, not a really bad experience, but I feel I didn't get get what I ordered, because they can't provide it.

    4 months ago - 16/12/2013

    • FCSydney Newbie 
      Dear Customer,

      We greatly appreciate the feedback you're providing us with; As we wanted to make sure that your case was dealt with fairly from our behalf, and we wouldn't like to leave any matter unresolved, we would greatly appreciate it if you can contact us on (02) 8103-2006, or as an alternative, you can check your email for a response from our Customer Care Department; We thank you very much in advance for taking the time to discuss the matter with us!

      With Best Regards,
      Fantastic Cleaners Sydney

      3 months ago - 30/12/2013

  • Charles Crossley   5 reviews
    We were hosting an event in our house and a lot of people were supposed to come. It was just unacceptable to welcome them in a dirty home. Well, dirty is a rather strong word and of course, we keep our place tidy but I hired the company to tend to it with a professional hand. We were also busy with the organization and preparation of the evening so the help was quite welcomed. I described the rooms and pointed out the priority areas to the guys. The team greeted me on arrival, I reminded them what we needed done and they got to cleaning almost immediately. They were good and worked fast but talked too much to each other and somehow interfered in some ways with our work on the preparations. Well, the house got cleaned and the living room and bathrooms got the special care as requested so I am happy with our choice.

    5 months ago - 30/10/2013

    • FCSydney Newbie 
      Dear Charles,

      We're satisfied to hear that in the end the job was done up to your satisfaction, and we promise you that in the future we'll make sure to improve even more!

      If there is anything else we can assist you with, please always feel free to give us a call back, and we'll make sure to give you again a service from which you will be satisfied and from which you can receive good value for your money! Also, please note that at the moment we'll be running some special offers for return clients, so you might want to consider taking advantage of them!

      We're hoping that you'll decide to give us a call again soon!

      With Kind Regards,

      Fantastic Cleaners Sydney

      2 months ago - 13/02/2014

  • Andrew M.   15 reviews
    Excellent cleaning service!

    6 months ago - 15/10/2013

  • Samuel Winston   7 reviews
    There was some kind of a special deal going on when I called and I was offered a full living room care which included carpets, furniture and curtains. It was a few weeks back and the guys have done a job, deserving above average rating. One of the cleaners was some kind of a team leader because he was regularly telling the other what to do. It's always good to see such organization and quality control.

    7 months ago - 05/09/2013

  • ChristianHedley11   4 reviews
    Our top windows needed cleaning and I turned to Fantastic Cleaners for the job. Josh, their operator was very helpful and walked me through the whole process by asking me series of questions about our property. Then he gave me the price of $110 which seemed moderate at first but after the guys finished the job, it seemed more than reasonable. The glass is now clear as there is no window there, bravo.

    7 months ago - 30/08/2013

  • SamanthaSkinner Newbie   2 reviews
    A nice cleaning team and I could give them another chance if they fix their communication issues. I got a lot of trouble connecting to them and then I was obviously the last to know when there was a change of the hour of the service. However, the thing that makes me to give them another go is the wonderful cleaning the team had done. They've started with the carpets and by the time they were done, everything was shining.

    7 months ago - 26/08/2013

  • charlessherwin   4 reviews
    I'm not sure where to start but I am definitely going to say something nice about the company. Jen, the operator, was very courteous and booked us for a carpet cleaning for 10 August. The team proved their good reputation and did a good clean but for the next time I am definitely expecting more in terms of quality and timekeeping. I'm not saying that the cleaners were slow, it's just that there's a lot of room for improvement.

    8 months ago - 16/08/2013

  • Poppy22 Newbie   2 reviews
    I was very unhappy with the service. Three people came to my house to clean the oven. The oven is only a few years old but needed a clean as we are trying to sell our house. They totally scratched the whole cook top surface and it is now ruined. They also scrubbed all the print markings off around the dial controls so they are now illegible. The oven was ok, nit great but ok. The cooktop is what people see and it looks terrible now. I totally regret using the services and would not have paid but they take your credit card details at booking time. I would definitely not recommend this company.

    8 months ago - 14/08/2013

    • FCSydney Newbie 
      Dear Poppy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are really sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with us.
      In regards to that and in order to discuss the details around this issue, our customer care department will contact you in a due course!

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Fantastic Cleaners Sydney

      8 months ago - 16/08/2013

  • JettGardner   3 reviews
    Well, I think that four stars is the best rating option for our situation. The guys were good, yet not perfect - the team definitely needs some organization and time-management skills. I watched them work for a while and I think that they can achieve far better results with the proper guidance. All in all, the carpets got cleaned and that's what I called them, so everything's fine.

    8 months ago - 05/08/2013

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