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Reviews of Farmer Jack's Supermarket

  • Best selection of grower-direct, fresh produce - particularly specialty items not found at Woolworths/Coles/IGA. Great value on bulk meats!! Halal selection. Vast array of International foods - Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian.. This is where you will find those "special" ingredients. A definite must-see for all home cooks.
  • Cheap fruit and veg, convenient location, good pick and mix section, and longer trading hours.
    great for the basics and your fruit and veg, regular grocery shop too expensive here, staff are friendly
  • Thanks to accomodating managers, the variety of items in the store is rapidly growing.... If they haven't got it ~ they''ll get in.
    With staff in all age groups, the store is filled with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.
    An enjoyable shopping experience :-)
    • I had the MISFORTUNE of walking into the most DISGUSTING fruit & veg section I have ever seen and this is not the first time!!!!! I will be reporting Farmer Jacks in Greenwood to the Health Dept after seeing trays of veges shrivelled up and brown. After complaining I was spoken to rudely & was pretty much "fobbed" off. I left my phone number for the Management to call me back and NO RESPONSE. I have never seen a fruit & veg section like it in my life its was sickening. Lebanese cucumbers that had been sitting there for days all shrivelled up and soft BUT fresh ones out the back. Broccolli BROWN and was told thats how they look this time of year!!!!! Red onions sitting in loads of onion skin and soft not only are these fruit and veg toxic but a MESS!!!!!!!! I've never seen this section neat and tidy and presentable BUT this was unbelievable!!! I've worked in Coles and never saw anything like this AND the rudeness of the staff!!!!

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