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Reviews of Fawkner Veterinary Hospital

  • This VET practice is fantastic, great caring staff and more than fair pricing, actually unbelievable pricing.
    I recommend this Vet to everyone. Its good to know that the Vet cares more for animals rather than the money A1+
    I will never go back to my regular Vet again, they have been bleeding us dry for years.

  • This is the best, most caring and professional vet to take your pets. They will fit you in if its urgent and help you the best they can. The prices are very good, and all the staff do genuinely care.
  • I go out of my way to attend this vet practice. I believe the best vets you could get. Their concern is definately for the animal and not the high financial burden to the distressed owners.
    Cannot recommend highly enough and do your self a favour and give them a go
  • Knowledgeable and approachable staff who genuinely seem to care for your little ones health. I was recommended this place from the pet store where I got Billie, have been pleased ever since. Clean and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend.
  • woofman Pet Lover 20 reviews
    Great staff and service. Reasonable charges and good courtesy calls for pet checkups! Clean facilities and caring attitude for animals. A+++
  • My last experience (well Belle's really) was very good, we had a lady vet, and she was thorough and conscious that I being a student would need a more affordable health care for my baby. I actually spend $50 a month on vet insurance, that I guess I'm lucky I haven't had to use yet, but even they will only pay 75%, and the case needs to be something other than a tummy upset and a sore ear for them to pay anything... in other words, this vet clinic is good, friendly, and not money grubbing. I'd had other vets look at Belle for 5 mins and charge a heap on meds, and then through a ridiculous fee for the check up. Very happy here, as a matter of fact, we're booked in for a 3.45 appointment today, Belle has some baaaad wind... hopefully nothing the doc's can't help!! :)
  • Experienced Vet who has helped my dog and cat with many problems over the years. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and surgery is always clean and sterile looking. No hesitation about taking my animals there.
  • This vet is excellant with all types of animals. I have a 20 year old cat and she recently got very sick. Ewok has been going to this vet for 5 years now. The looked after her quickly and stopped any further complications that she might have gotten from her sicknes. Alway very professional and know what they are doing. Well done and Ewok thanks you as well.
    • I totaly agree with you. Just today i took my 2mth old kitty (princess) there for treatment, regarding a infected foot. She was given two shots and she feels great. The vetanerian is such a nice man he is kind and really good with the animals. I'll keep going there again and again.
    • I go out of my way to attend this vet practice. One of the nicest vets you could get. His concern is definately for the animal and not the financial.
      Cannot recommend highly enough.
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