Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

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Seven Hills, NSW
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Reviews of Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

  • Bella.Blue Local Star 382 reviews
    The team of ladies at this Fitness Centre are fantastic. Enthusiastic (at all hours of the morning) and friendly customer service always. There is a huge range of programs to choose from - from PUMP (ouch on those unfit muscles) to BOXING. Or for those of us who prefer to chill out a bit and like the more orthodox way to fitness, it has a huge variety of programs. They seem to make a big investment in making sure their clients have the right programs, classes and equipment. Don't forget the free brekkie for those early morning work outs and a creche for busy mums who don't have time to find a babysitter. Fernwood can now be synonymous with fitness and FUN. Who would've thought fitness and fun could be used in the same sentence?!

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