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  • orion31 Newbie   2 reviews
    I posted some months ago raving about my first facial. What happened after that shocked me. I bought a voucher as a gift for a friend who was declined service. I have been subjected to abusive emails, endured personal attacks completely irrelevant to the matter at hand, called names (too rude to post here) in a barrage of emails. I sought a refund from Living Social after the merchant refused to redeem the gift. After producing the proof of emails to them, they refunded my purchase with an apology.
    I agree with Shocked Customer below, do not bother with a voucher purchase. You couldn't pay me to go back. It is amazing that someone with zero interpersonal skills is still in business.
    Yesterday I posted a comment to my previous review as I can no longer in good conscience recommend this place. No surprises another flurry of ranting emails full of personal insults followed yesterday.

    2 months ago - 11/05/2014

    • fleurdelis  
      Hand on heart, orion31, your original 5 star review was the experience that happened to you.
      Your personal issues or your friend's have nothing to do with salon business or can be addressed on this website.
      Fleur de Lis Beaute Salon takes no responsibility for voucher customers who don't want to follow fine print (gifted or otherwise) & services will be refused.
      All vouchers are sold with terms&conditions.That is what makes them the vouchers - heavily discounted coupons with restrictions. To buy or not to buy those is your personal chioce.
      Before buying coupons as gifts, always consult with recipients & if the fine print's unsuitable, look into a full-priced certificate.
      Both of you aren't this salon customers & have no business here.
      Once again I recommend to visit Absolutely Fabulous in Summer Hill who do not sell coupons so no restrictions applicable.
      Salon Management

      2 months ago - 21/05/2014

  • Shocked Customer Newbie   1 review
    Do not bother buying a voucher for this store, voucher users are treated terribly ( I should have looked up True Local & Google reviews prior, to see how badly others were treated). Only do business with them if you want to be misunderstood, then abused with personal insults that have nothing to do with any services. I have endured 2 days of their ranting via emails.

    After purchasing a voucher to give to my mother as a birthday gift, I was told it could not be used as a gift. I tried to get a refund from living social and was denied. I contacted them to see if we could work something out ( adding that I am a single parent who could not afford to buy this twice). This was met by 'No one cares'

    Finally when I spoke to a representative at Living Social about the Fleur De Lis terms NEVER having stated the voucher couldn't be used as a gift & forwarding their emails to them, I was reimbursed and they were so kind as to appologise to me.

    2 months ago - 06/05/2014

    • fleurdelis  
      Thank you for bringing it up, Shocked voucher Customer.
      All voucher customers are advised to take complete responsibility for their purchase & stop blaming the merchant for adhering to terms stated in deals. Read all fine print. This particular deal did not mention a gift.
      The refund's covered under 'the 5 day change of mind policy' as explained on your coupon. Next time take the time to acknowledge it.
      If feeling uncertain do not make any purchases, e-mail & ask first.

      Once again Fleur De Lis Beaute Salon takes no responsibility for voucher client who refuses to respect terms found on coupon.
      With voucher deals Fleur De Lis Beaute Salon is the merchant that placed those terms in the fine print in the first place and does plan to give into absurd demands of overlooking it now or in the future.
      To buy or not to buy is everyone's personal choice & you are not a client of this salon.

      Salon Management

      2 months ago - 22/05/2014

  • 2TrueReViewEr Newbie   1 review
    I am copying the review of another reviewer below because it describes my experience exactly (thanks Orion31 for writing it for me!). I think the fact I had the same experience is evidence that Evelyn is consistently passionate about her work and frank and straightforward in her delivery. I'm looking forward to another facial soon (and am happy to go sans voucher this time). I also must admit it's been a while since the last one because the products I bought did such a great job of keeping my skin 'facial fresh' for ages. Much better value than other much more expensive products I'd been buying myself.
    Here's the review I'm plagiarising:
    I came across Fleur De Lis through a voucher purchase and was so pleased with the personalised attention. Many beauty salons have off-the-shelf treatments but Evelyn tailors each treatment not just to your skin needs but also what your skin needs 'at the time'. While I did purchase a suite of skin products from her, they have worked beautifully and suited my skin to a tee. She is frank and doesn't hold back on her views but I really appreciate the honesty. Would recommend Evelyn anytime!

    3 months ago - 29/04/2014

  • chelsea99 Newbie   1 review
    Very friendly service and flexible appointment times. Nicely decorated and good advise in beauty products given. I'd highly recommend!
  • rita boutsalis Newbie   1 review
    I had a anti ageing facial today and I must say it was so relaxing and my face feels terrific soft and smooth the best facial I ever had I would certainly recommend it
  • fabbers mcgee Newbie   1 review
    If you after a true skin consultation and be put on a path to get your skin back on track then this is the place to go. I love the convenience of being able to go after hours and that you aren't restricted by the usual time constraints. I've also stayed longer than my allotted time but not because I was forced to but it was due to the additional time and effort Evelyn put in to helping me with my skiin issues. Her passion to ensure that you use the right product is not fake or forced and it is not done as part of a commission scheme that other places force their staff to undertake. I have heard her offer treatments for free to allow the client to then buy the right product. I have never seen or heard of any other person/company ever doing this. I initially went there as friends bought me a gift certificate for my birthday a year ago, then went back after buying a voucher and now go there on my own accord. Since going there 2 other friends have also been and have now become regular clients. Evelyn knows what she's talking about and the care and attention she gives you goes above and beyond what other salons do. Here you are not a number but a name!

    5 months ago - 12/02/2014

  • igor z Newbie   2 reviews
    Fleur de Lis Beaute salon was recommended to me by a friend.
    I have been getting my brows done here for years. Never disappointed!
    My brows always look great, the service is outstanding, the price is affordable.
    And do not worry what voucher customers say, I tell you, this is the best place in terms of professional service.

    5 months ago - 08/02/2014

  • dvr Newbie   1 review
    "I agree with the comments posted below about problems in relation to trying to redeem a Living Social voucher, they make it an extremely difficult and unpleasant experience.
    When I tried to redeem they only offered me a couple of after hours appointments at unsuitable times (for example, 6 pm on a Friday night!). I had about 2 months to redeem the voucher but they would only give me appointments in the next week or so. they refused to give me their address, trading hours or a contact phone number.
    In frustration and desperation I accepted an inconvenient appointment time just so that I could redeem the voucher. They then refused to redeem the voucher. They took the view that they could refuse to service me but they were prepared to redeem to the person who gave me the voucher as a Xmas present. Apparently I had annoyed them by sending too many emails (I sent 3 or 4 I think, but I was still never given trading hours, a mobile number or an address! Anyway, given they refused to give me their phone number what choice did I have but to email them?).
    I then sent them an email explaining that I was a 51 year old professional woman, with no dependents, and a large disposable income, I was exactly the demographic they should have been targeting as I spend thousands of dollars on beauty treatments every year. I told them I was going to ensure my friend got her money back for the refused service and i would be blocking them from sending me further emails at my work address. I made it clear that I would not be recommending them to any of my female friends, who like me, spend money on beauty treatments.
    Well, this enraged them. They sent me an incredibly rude email,. they had refused to redeem my voucher!) i blocked her from that email address also.
    Extremely offensive and unprofessional. Their refusal to redeem my voucher when I had bent over backwards to meet their convenience was in my view commercially bad. You really don't want them in your life. I had nightmares last night and believe me, I am generally made of much sturdier stuff than that. there are so many skilled beauticians who are really lovely people. Even the ones who aren't lovely, aren't rude. do yourself a favour, don't go anywhere near this salon.
    I have complained to living social and my friend will seek a refund. We will never return to the salon for further treatment. "

    6 months ago - 22/01/2014

    • fleurdelis  
      I am sorry to hear about nightmares & negative feelings however the terms on your coupon are meant to be followed during all coupon redemptions without exception. Look at your fine print for all that you need to know. It's all there. The actual treatment your voucher offered is fantastic as well. It is specified on your voucher also.
      I have an extensive experience in anti-aging skincare and offer holistic approach to skin - visible instant results are guaranteed!
      Since you aren't to experience it I would like to recommend you to visit your local therapists at Absolutely Fabulous in Summer Hill. They are professional yet very friendly, also not selling coupons so there are no restrictions of terms&conditions to struggled with.
      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Many thanks,
      Evelyn @ Fleur De Lis Beaute

      6 months ago - 23/01/2014

  • Smallpackage Newbie   1 review
    Staff is the rudest person, with no customer service what so ever.

    If you want an unpleasant experience, aggravation and threats of keeping your hard earnt money this is the place to come.

    • eee1333 Newbie 
      Exactly!!! They are just awful. Do not go here!

      3 months ago - 23/04/2014

  • orion31 Newbie   2 reviews
    I came across Fleur De Lis through a voucher purchase and was so pleased with the personalised attention. Many beauty salons have off-the-shelf treatments but Evelyn tailors each treatment not just to your skin needs but also what your skin needs 'at the time'. While I did purchase a suite of skin products from her, they have worked beautifully and suited my skin to a tee. She is frank and doesn't hold back on her views but I really appreciate the honesty. Would recommend Evelyn anytime!

    6 months ago - 01/01/2014

  • calma.furiosa Newbie   1 review
    Having been a sceptic of cheap beauty salons and the like, I am now more than happy to spend my money at Fleur De Lis. My skin and nails are much healthier and easier to maintain thanks to excellent treatments and practical advice. I would not go back to anyone else
  • maustralia Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn spent a lot of time with me and really helped me to get clear on what were the best products for my skin. She is a true skin care professional who is dedicated to what is best for your skin. I highly recommend a facial with Evelyn!

    7 months ago - 15/12/2013

  • Siobhan 23 Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn is a really great beauty therapist! Evelyn is very friendly , cheerful and fun to chat to. Her attention to detail is great, and she does a great Brazilian wax! Highly recommended.

    8 months ago - 25/11/2013

  • Leichhardt 77 Newbie   1 review
    I can't believe all the good reviews this place has got, the salon looks nice inside, however they're so pushy trying to sell "add on" products that it would put me off going back, they also told me that what i was studying was a "waste of time" how rude !!

    8 months ago - 24/11/2013

  • vikrhammsingh Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn is amazing and have been impressed by her passion, attention to detail and warmth! A very passionate, positive and perfect professional. Evelyn has shown commitment in helping to improve my skin with product recommendations and following up with my progress.

    I would highly recommend visiting Evelyn if you have any skin issues or even if you have great skin and just want to learn more about products, as her energy, passion, commitment, friendly attitude and knowledge is so impressive it is always a pleasure to see her!

    I will continue going to Fleur De Lis Beaute.

    8 months ago - 21/11/2013

  • khawk Newbie   1 review
    I really like the personalized treatments Evelyn provides. She takes her time making sure she gets my facial just right rather than rushing me out the door and going through a standard set of products like most salons. My skin usually has a glow for a little while after a facial at other salons, but with Evelyn's treatments, my skin is glowing for a week or more afterwards! I do feel like my skin is actually improving in the long term with the products she has recommended rather than the temporary fixes offered by products from chemists or other salons.

    8 months ago - 18/11/2013

  • craftyhan Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn provides the kind of individualised, detailed and attentive treatment that we all dream of but which big salons with their strict time limits and attention to money just don't seem to provide. After my first visit, using products prescribed by Evelyn, I saw a great improvement in my skin after even a few weeks, and after my second a new plan based on my skin's reaction to continue my progress. The other reviews say it all: passionate, hardworking and incredibly caring. I will never go to anyone else, and neither will you. It doesn't get any better.

    8 months ago - 16/11/2013

  • Elocin74 Newbie   1 review
    A very passionate and professional perfectionist. My skin has never been better, in fact her expert care has made me more conscious of looking after my skin so I can impress her!
    Her knowledge of product and skin is phenomenal, and she is a complete expert on eyebrows - I get comments on my skin and brows all the time now!
    I wish I had come here years ago. Thank you Evelyn.

    8 months ago - 14/11/2013

  • ASCC Newbie   2 reviews
    Horrid experience trying to book this staff using a coupon. After so many emails where they could not commit they even accused me of not following "the process". When finally the appointment suited them they proceeded to critiqued all the brands of skincare available however when asked what the ingredients were to the products they decided to use on my skin they had to stop to read the ingredient list and then didn't even know what they were or their functioning the skin. On one particular product refused to tell me what it was. I am in the skincare industry and enjoy checking out salons I pay full price as part of work but I do take up coupons to check out new spots. I look for their knowledge, service and techniques . In my 20years + this person to date takes the prize for most rudest and unprofessional . I can only hope that their full price paying customers are not treated in the same manner in service or treatments .

    8 months ago - 10/11/2013

    • fleurdelis  
      Dear ASCC, your voucher has been successfully redeemed, skin professionally diagnosed, full treatment given & aftercare prescribed.
      For any queries on "the process" contact your coupon provider.
      If you require a further skincare advice, please, do not hesitate to contact us & make a booking (fees may apply).
      Please visit salon website for more information on pricing & services.
      We are always here to help & advise.

      Many Thanks,
      Fleur De Lis Beaute Salon Management

      8 months ago - 27/11/2013

  • GillB03 Newbie   1 review
    I went on a Groupon offer and the consultation was meant to be for 1 hour. It was an extremely thorough consult by Evelyn that lasted over 2hours. I received excellent advice and really am starting already to reap the benefits of the treatments (cleansing, mask treatment, electric treatment) in conjunction with products I purchased.

    9 months ago - 21/10/2013

  • 8blin8 Newbie   2 reviews
    Evelyn is THE most passionate skin care therapist I have ever encountered. She is honest, extremely product savvy and gives recommendations that produce results. I have become a loyal customer and look forward to her continuing care.

    9 months ago - 10/10/2013

  • chu33.zyy Newbie   1 review
    Bought a deal on Livingsocial and according to the instructions, email name,contact phone number, preferred time, voucher number and attach PDF voucher to make a reservation. I did TWICE and both were refused by the company and they also accused of the tone of my email make them unpleasant. Talk is cheap as I can\'t figure out the wrong doing from my side.
  • Albee Whale Newbie   1 review
    I've been meaning to try this salon as it's so close to home, however am always skeptical when trying somewhere new for brows and lashes. However, I finally visited Evelyn for the first time last night and was thrilled with the results. My brows look better then they have in a long time and the lash tint was relaxing and sting free. Evelyn and her lovely salon are both charming and warm. I will definitely be visiting Fleur De Lis for my brows and lashes from now on!

    10 months ago - 21/09/2013

  • She212 Newbie   1 review
    I bought Voucher online, it look great on their website, the Process sooo difficult and it seems hard to get booking. This Salon might be busy because Online Promotion Price, it doesn't mean they become Rude because Too Busy??? No cooperation and Poor of service from Fleur De Lis Beaute causing dissapointment & dissatisfaction to Customer. I like to buy Voucher Online but i never get this rude service ever, so i would never recommend this company to anyone.

    11 months ago - 27/08/2013

  • MeganJP Newbie   2 reviews
    What a fantastic place!
    Like most, I was skeptical after buying a facial voucher online. It's always a bit of a gamble, but this time I won in a big way!
    Evelyn is the most genuine, knowledgeable, warm and professional beauty therapist I have ever met. She spent time getting to know my skin and my lifestyle, to really determine the best treatment for me.
    The actual facial was Devine, but I got the added bonus of some great information, advice and a prescription for products that will suit my skin.
    Since then my skin is so much softer and healthier, I only wish I found Evelyn years ago!
    I will be making Fleur De Lis Beaute my regular salon

    11 months ago - 16/08/2013

  • julzr Newbie   1 review
    I visited Evelyn in her gorgeous salon with a Groupon voucher and have been continually impressed by her passion and warmth! I have had many years of skin issues, tried many different treatments and ointments with no noticeable improvement. Evelyn has shown commitment in helping to improve my skin with product recommendations and following up with my progress.

    I would highly recommend visiting Evelyn if you have any skin issues or even if you have great skin and just want to learn more about products, as her energy and knowledge is so impressive it is always a pleasure to see her!

    I will continue going to Fleur De Lis Beaute, I'm so glad Groupon introduced us!
  • Opunake Newbie   1 review
    I bought a deal online and discovered Evelyn and her beautiful piece of paradise in Petersham that way! And I'm glad I did!
    Evelyn gives you her full attention and is there to help you & your skin, and she does it in a way that makes you feel special! I must have been there for a good half hour longer than scheduled, but that didn't seem to matter.
    My facial was tailor made for my skin type. I bought some fantastic products and my skin is feeling fantastic.
    I would recommend Evelyn and her beautiful salon to everyone!
  • Bree1412 Newbie   1 review
    From the moment I walked through the door Evelyn was so committed to helping me improve my skin. Evelyn spent the time to custom design a facial through analyzing my skin type and diagnosing the type of products that I should be using. I had purchased a voucher from Living Social and although I had a paid for a service Evelyn chose to try something different. For anyone who has concerns with their skin, rest assured you will be in good hands Evelyn is so passionate about her job and you will be guided through the whole process. I came out feeling invigorated, and my skin felt fantastic.... I even booked into see her again in one month!!!
  • em_walsh Newbie   1 review
    I first went to Fleur De Lis with a voucher and absolutely loved it! Evelyn is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does - unlike any other therapist I've been to, she customises each facial to your skin type and skin issues so just turn up and let her do her magic! My skin has been dry for years but the products she uses (and sells) made my skin so hydrated and soft within weeks of use. Can see myself going back again and again :)
  • Mia Sydney Newbie   1 review
    I have been coming to Fleur De Lis Beaute Salon regularly for the past 2 years and am always pleased with my treatments.

    The facials are simply divine and Evelyn really knows how to look after my skin recommending great budget solutions for my skin type. My face feels really nice every time I use them at home.

    If you are in need of a good facial, Fleur De Lis Beaute is the place to get it - reasonably priced with a variety of different facials. I highly recommend it!
  • Nicola Rule 1   2 reviews
    I went to see Evelyn at Fleur De Lis Beaute, using a Scoopon Voucher. I wasn't at all sure what to expect, given i was using a voucher.

    The Salon is just gorgeous, Evelyn has decorated it herself i think and it's wonderful!, really makes you feel like you're somewhere special, as did Evelyn herself, who is passionate about what she does. She wasn't concerned with wether i was a full paying customer, she truly just wanted it to be the best experience possible for my skin (and me of course)....

    A fabulous experience which i loved, i found Evelyn herself to be very personable and chatty, she has an enthusiasm about her which i found infectious, so much so that i actually purchased products because i wanted to, no hard selling at all.

    I left feeling like i'd just been hanging out with one of my most fun friends and gotten a facial into the bargain!

    I'm pretty slack when it oomes to skin care but since my visit, i have been pretty religious using the products Evelyn recommended. The days that i use the facial scrub as well, my skin feels SUPER amazing and Anise facial Creme is awesome..

    Thank you, Evelyn, so much for a great experience. It was lovely coming to your Salon and meeting you, and getting a fabulous facial (and scalf massage)!
  • Wendyesky Newbie   1 review
    I LOVE going to see Evelyn. I started going for eyelash and eyebrow tinting (which is brilliant) and now go for more. I've got incredibly dry and sensitive skin and she has gone out of her way to fix it. Her patience and professionalism ensure outstanding results. And she never ever gives up. I cant count how many things she has tried on me to get to perfect results. She is skilled, knowledgeable and generous with her time. Evelyn is so passionate it's always a pleasure. And as an added bonus she always makes me laugh. :-)
  • candy18 Newbie   1 review
    I've been to Evelyn twice for facials and it has improved my oily skin and breakouts. She recommended the correct products for home care, and are reasonably priced. She has vast knowledge about skin care and products.
  • Welligton Newbie   1 review
    I have been to Evelyn for a few manicures and I can honestly say that she does a better job on my cuticles than anyone else I have found. She takes her time and just wants you to have a great experience. She was flexible with the hours and provides great service. I would highly recommend her services to everyone.
  • nimby123 Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Fleur De Lis Beaute.
    Great service. Very flexible hours. Pleasant environment.
    Always does the best job on my eyebrows!
  • Kristie M Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn's services are always professional and of the highest standard. She has an eye for detail and perfection. I am very particular and trust no one else to do my waxing and tinting.
    Evelyn has a wealth of knowledge of skin care products that she is always willing to share.
    If you are looking for consistent, professional beauty treatments you definitely should visit Fleur De Lis Beaute.
  • CandiceO Sydney Newbie   1 review
    I have been to many salons over the years for my waxing and beauty needs, and can honestly say that I have never been more impressed than this salon. I have all of my waxing, tinting and facials with Evelyn and have always walked out feeling great about myself! It's Evelyn's passion about what she does that allows her to provide such knowledgable recommendations for my skin, and her attention to detail and absolute aim of perfection in her work ensures that I never leave disappointed. And the look and feel of the salon is just lovely!

    Highly recommended!!
  • NasreenJahan Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn really caters her beauty treatment to the specific needs of each customer. She warned me of imminent skin problems and told me exactly what the causes are, and used beautifully fragranced products that made me feel completely relaxed. To top it off, the decor is incredibly charming!
  • Cherielc Newbie   1 review
    Evelyn knows her profession and is passionate about it. I went for a facial - something out of the ordinary for me. Evelyn not only provided a wonderful glowing face at the end of the session as well as provided advise on what I should do, what products to use etc but she proved it me by showing me the difference. This impressed me greatly.
  • LRIMarrickville Newbie   1 review
    I purchased a voucher for this company, which I tried to redeem. The process was difficult, which I tried to constructively express to a staff member. I was then told to "get lost" because I wasn't a "full paying customer" (all exact words sent by email). The most aggressive and rude service I have ever experienced. So, naturally, I would never recommend this company to anyone.
    • fleurdelis  
      Dear LRIMarrickville
      Let me simplify this 'difficult process' in redeeming your voucher by copy pasting these very redemption instructions found on your own coupon. Please see text below
      How to use this:

      Not valid with any other offer. No cash value. Non-refundable.
      Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
      Voucher is non-refundable.
      To redeem your voucher, please book online and ensure to mention your Ouffer voucher code and attach a copy of the voucher.
      Please present your Ouffer voucher upon arrival at the venue
      (for full terms & conditions refer to your voucher)
      Since you did not actually come in to redeem your voucher, no service was naturally provided
      Many Thanks,


  • LucyH Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Evelyn and this salon. You'll get thoroughly professional and individualised treatment (not a one size fits all as in other places) and great advice on ongoing skin care. The eyelash/ brow treatment is superb!
  • Rad R Newbie   1 review
    I had my first visit last week at Fleur De Lis Beaute and what an experience it was. I had the best facial I have ever had my skin was left radiant and glowing for days! I would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone she is looking for a professional, passionate and experienced beauty therapist who really knows her stuff. I am so grateful I found this place I can't wait to go back.
  • Bel83 Newbie   1 review
    I have been a customer of Fleur de Lis for 2 years now. I always come out of the salon with naturally-shaped and neat looking eyebrows, and love the tint on my brows and lashes which have been matched to my face. I highly recommend going to this salon as the eyebrow and lash treatments are good and I know I am getting them from someone experienced. I have also been advised me on a great skin care routine, and my skin texture has massively improved. I highly recommend the facials too. I always enjoy my visit to this welcoming salon, the careful attention I receive, and I leave feeling very relaxed and radiant!
    • fleurdelis  
      Dear Bel83,
      I would like to offer you a special Xmas promotion in the next week or two.
      Please contact salon asap to claim your special discount!
      Looking forward to seeing you soon.

      Best Wishes,
      Evelyn @Fleur De Lis Beaute Salon

      8 months ago - 27/11/2013

  • Shaz Za Newbie   1 review
    I've been having treatments at Fleur De Lis Beaute for about 10 years. They are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Her work is always of a high quality. If you're looking for an exceptional beauty treatment, this is the place! Sharon, Dulwich Hill
  • JeanieA Newbie   1 review
    Really nice atmosphere.. They are very friendly; knows what they are doing. Gives great recommendations on how to look after your skin, not just recommending generic things which hopefully may work. Knows what they are talking about and an expert in their field. I enjoyed my Fleur De Lis Beaute experience. Jeanie, Petersham.
  • JetMarie Newbie   1 review
    Great place! Would highly recommend. Evelyn is professional and passionate about beauty therapy. She is astute, consistent and reliable. I travel interstate to see her!
  • yenoorlum Newbie   1 review
    When I'm traveling to, or stopping over in Sydney, Fluer de Lis Beaute is always first on my list of "to-do's". I walk out of the salon feeling relaxed and beautiful, knowing that everything has been done to absolute perfection. I have never been disappointed with the Fluer de Lis experience and will continue to enjoy this exceptional beauty service whenever I get the opportunity! Emma, Wagga Wagga
    • aliyah123 Newbie 
      What a wonderful experience i had today at Fleur De Lis Beaute. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. Its refreshing to know that there are still people in the world that are passionate about their jobs its so hard to find a great therapist that is a perfectionist...What a Blast! Affordable and Authentic...
      Thank you xx aliyah



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