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Reviews of Fone King Repair Centre HQ

  • I paid Fone King $280 to repair the cracked screen on my Samsung S4, and the repair resulted in a fault with the audio connector. Fone King had my phone for a total of 4 months. During this period, Fone King advised me on two separate occasions that the fault with the audio connector was repaired however this was not the case.

    Fone King failed to remediate the fault and then instructed me that a new replacement phone would be provided. Then very late into the issue, Fone King stated that they couldn't replace the phone due to the fact that it was an overseas model. Fone King's final resolution to this issue is to return my faulty phone and refund the initial cost of the repair to the cracked screen. I found this an unacceptable resolution and seek to have Fone King replace my phone with a new fully functioning one. Fone King refused to replace my phone

    I started proceedings with the NSW fair trade who advised me that I should collect my property from Fone King. I collected the phone but when I tried to use it the sim card wouldn't register. I returned the phone instantly to Fone King and 2 days later I was contacted to collect again, the repair slip stated that the main board had been replaced. Upon testing, the sim worked and surprisingly so did the audio connector. After 4 months of not having my phone, multiple visits to their store, countless phone calls and emails I finally had my fully working phone back. Please consider the above before using the services of Fone King
  • My iphone was water damaged and I was told it was gone with no hope of it working, so I was happy to be able to access and download the data stored in it. Upon returning to work and requesting a new phone I turned it on It has worked ever since. Probably just came down to luck, the service is great but the store is well hidden from the street.

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