Forest Lake Licensed Post Office

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Forest Lake, QLD
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Reviews of Forest Lake Licensed Post Office

  • I have been dealing with the staff at Forest Lake Post Office for many years and they have always been very professional and friendly.
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    I was served by a very rude staff. It was only about 10am so there was no reason to be that grumpy so early in the morning.
    I had been instructed by my mobile phone company to print out a form and bring it in to the post office who would then scan it and send my phone away to be fixed. The staff member made a mistake and printed out a stamp saying $6.60 - I said that the mobile phone company had indicated that there would be no charge, the staff said rather rudely "So - you DON'T want to pay" - I said, I thought they were paying as the fault was with the phone?
    Staff then re-read the form and proceeded to nag me about how I should have told her what to do???? I am not a postal expert and was annoyed at how rudely I was treated.