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  • Rebecca M9 Newbie   1 review
    Food was passable, BUT yelled at my children for laughing and was terribly rude. We had to walk out the way they spoke to us and it made my friend who had a cerebral palsy child with her worried when they started making noises so she walked out too. Never to return
  • gapps Newbie   1 review
    In March 2014, this shop prepared the worst fish and chips that I can remember in over 30 years. As I took the package out of the shop, I remarked to my wife that it was surprisingly heavy. When we opened the package, we soon discovered that the weight must have been from the oil that saturated the fish and flowed freely when it was picked up. So we peeled off the batter and ate the well-cooked, but absolutely tasteless whiting. The chips were unbelievably bad. They were not crisp but very tough and chewy. It seemed as though they had been cooked very slowly in oil that was not hot enough. The other option was that they had been pre-cooked several days earlier as the skin was very leathery. Having given up on eating more than 2 or 3 chips, I tried the potato cake. Again oil seeped out when held in the fingers. Removing the batter to discard it left a slab of potato "something" that was about one third the thickness of the original potato cake. I figure we threw out about 85% of the original weight of the parcel.
    If you want an extreme experience, try this shop.

    11 months ago - 17/03/2014

  • amandasoyn   5 reviews
    Same as below. I put it up with the rudeness a few times but refuse to go back there purely because they are extremely rude and arrogant. If your over the job move on. Or get someone to work there who doesnt hate customers.
  • aidstron Newbie   2 reviews
    Management is possibly the rudest person in Warburton. I am a local and go to Junction to get fish and chips because I refuse to go back to this place. The first couple of times I though they might just be having a bad day, but they are consistently rude to everybody in the shop (except their mates). The food is below average so it's just not worth it.
  • biffityboo Newbie   2 reviews
    Probably the worst fish and chips I've ever eaten- the fish was coated in a hard greasy shell and the fish itself was a measly piece, mainly grey in colour. Is flake that expensive? The serving of chips was huge- unnecessarily so, and they weren't that great either. Now I know why people in Warburton go to other place to buy fish and chips. I shan't be back
  • majickal Newbie   1 review
    Love the burgers Fred:)
  • Onover   3 reviews
    I used to enjoy this fish and chip shop, but a month or so ago, they changed management.
    Now, the food is poorly made - it is soggy and greasy, and the service is despicable.
    Today, for example, a friend and myself had walked into the store and no one was at the counter. After patiently waiting for about a minute, I knocked five times on the counter bench, and the management of the store told me that I was being incredibly rude and should've called out 'excuse me'. I told them that we were waiting for a minute and asked why they hadn't come out - to which they told us to leave immediately.
    I did, and came back soon afterwards to complain about their behaviour. They tried to justify their behaviour by saying that it was my fault and that they shouldn't be expected to provide a proper service.

    Avoid eating here at all costs.
  • popple Newbie   1 review
    Think the food is very greasy and the service leaves much to be desired - avoid at all costs - unfortunately the only place in Warby to get fish and chips - guess I will be going without!!
  • Andrea Fox Newbie   1 review
    Old school f and c, impressed and surprised, tonight will be the fourth order, if all is good I can honestly say phenomonal - big call but it's true. Enjoy!!
  • JasCas1228 Newbie   1 review
    Awesome food. Has to be the best Chips I've ever had. Friendly, helpful staff as well. Will visit again.

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