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Fun French Tutoring, learn easily French by a French native speaker !

I am a French native speaker with experience in giving French tutoring to students (HSC and IB) and adults (beginners, advanced and intermediate) who want to learn or to improve their French.

I have a French teaching Diploma (DAEFLE) from the Alliance Francaise. I teach for the Alliance Francaise of Sydney, the Northern Community college, several private high schools and language training providers.

I am very passionate about my job and I enjoy teaching people from different backgrounds. I present French in a functional and creative way that makes it easier to grasp.

It can be a one to one lesson or a group of 4 maximum.

You can come to my place or I can come to your place too !  
Give me a call on 0434 557 060
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Reviews of French Tutoring By Vanessa Giral

  • I'm a beginner and I do not know where to start until I have a one on one French lessons with Vanessa. She is a friendly, helpful and professional French tutor with great teaching methods. She is very flexible in time/schedule too. I had a very good experience learning French with her and I can speak and make a simple sentence after undertook a 15 lessons with her. She made me doing some exercises after every class resulting improved my French in writing, speaking and listening.She copied a lot of French movie to me as well. Hence, I can practiced French while watching to a movie. This is really great! I highly recommend Vanessa to everyone who want to learn French.
  • As a rusty intermediate level French speaker, I undertook a series of one on one lessons with Vanessa with the aim of reconnecting with the French language and improving my communication skills. Vanessa conducted each lesson in a professional manner; she was committed, patient and always offered lots of encouragement. Vanessa offered flexibility in the scheduling and rescheduling of lessons. The lessons were interesting, engaging, well planned and tailored to my level and context i.e. business French. Furthermore, lessons incorporated speaking, listening, reading and writing elements and were reinforced by corresponding les devoirs. Vanessa helped me gain confidence in and improve my language skills whilst reigniting my passion for French language, society and culture. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anybody wishing to learn French or improve a current level of French language skills. She is an excellent teacher and a very kind and friendly person.
  • Vanessa is a really great French Tutor who has helped me a lot! She teaches in many different ways that help you understand the concept of what you are learning. She is a lovely person with an extremely positive attitude towards French and learning. She speaks using conversational language that will help you if you travel to a French speaking country. She is very professional and I really appreciate what she has done for me. Now I can speak French a lot better and I have more confidence in my French. I have learnt loads from Vanessa and would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their French or would like to learn it.
  • Vanessa is a kind, generous and thoroughly professional tutor. I very much enjoyed learning French through her various effective methods of teaching which evidently improved my listening and comprehensive abilities exponentially. Her lessons were always prepared with numerous interactive and worthwhile exercises in a relaxed environment. I found her open-minded approach to learning very appealing, giving me the freedom of choosing what to work on during the lessons. Vanessa has certainly encouraged me to pursue French and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that has an interest in learning French or needs improvement!!
  • I had a very good experience learning french with Vanessa. As a student with some basic french, but not idea where to start or what to work on, Vanessa was extremely helpful. A very friendly, conversational flow to the lesson. She was also very well prepared for any particular grammar I wanted to work on, and was also very flexible with her lesson times. Highly recommended
  • Vanessa is an extremely generous tutor. I have found her teaching methods to be the best I have experienced and my grasp of the language is progressing strongly. When I began with her I was only interested in written language but she has sparked my interest in the spoken word too. She is friendly, flexible, reliable and well-prepared. She is a great find!
  • Vanessa is an amazing person with great teaching methods, which are not only very effective but also a lot of fun. She presents the language in a functional and creative way that makes it easier to grasp, she has so much energy and enthusiasm and is always very well prepared. The classes are interactive, dynamic, always very enjoyable and every lesson blends well into the next one. She taught me not only the basics of French but also about the culture and relevant information if I was to be travelling to France. I learned a great deal in a short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering French lessons.
  • Vanessa is an friendly, flexible and helpful tutor who had really helped me pull my grades up. Because of Vanessa's help my listening, reading, writing and speaking skills had risen exponentially and I was scoring A's in every assessment. She not only helped with the language, but also helped me significantly with understanding French customs and culture. Vanessa is an incredibly good French tutor, who's lessons were really helpful and fun! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their French skills!
  • Vanessa really helped me develop my confidence in speaking, understanding and writing French, whilst also providing me with a unique and authentic insight into the French culture. My International Baccalaureate grades in French improved significantly from our weekly lessons. She is a lovely and friendly person, I really enjoyed learning from her!
  • Vanessa was of invaluable help to me during my final two years at school. She provided me with valuable feedback and gave me the opportunity to practise my oral skills and hone my written French. She is very flexible, reliable and friendly - highly recommended!
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