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  • McBelle Newbie   1 review
    STAY AWAY! I recently went there for the first AND last time!. There was skin and clipped nails everywhere!!! There was a huge pile of used towels in a corner and the garbage bin was over flowing! The sink where you washed your hands was clogged full of skin - which after watching a worker clean the nail clippers etc. in it makes perfect sense as to why it's clogged. The chair I was placed in for a pedicure was broken, leaving me to twist into uncomfortable angles to allow the 'nail technician' (I use the term loosely) to work on my feet. I watch as another lady had to sit in an very uncomfortable position with both feet in a tiny little bowl full of acetone - which was then poured back into the bottle which was to used on an unsuspecting client to remove nail polish.

    3 weeks ago - 02/03/2015

  • fee2285 Newbie   1 review
    The pedi I had at fresh nail was so bad. They rushed me from the minute I got in the shop. I should have walked out. I asked if they could buff my nails 3 times. You would think it comes with the service. Rushed no foot massage or care given. And so rude.
  • Amy90 Newbie   2 reviews
    I have to say this store is by FAR the BEST nail store I have been to. I've been coming here for a few years now, and I have stopped by other stores to have a try but nothing makes me happier than Fresh Nails!

    9 months ago - 16/06/2014

  • SushiiAeLin Newbie   1 review
    This is probably one of my favorite place to get my nails done! The staff here are very patient and are very helpful. They clean my cuticle well and made my hands feel like wonder. I did Shellac and my nails still looks perfect even after 2 weeks. I am very satisfied and happy with this place.
  • Zali12345 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible!! I got french shellac done for $40 and it chipped within two days (5 nails) , shellac is suppose to last you 2 weeks at least. Every other place I have had shellac done has been fabulous but this place was terrible. Waste of money. First time going there and will never go back! do not go!! got it done a week ago now and I only have 3 french nails left.
  • TraceyF777 Newbie   1 review
    Worst nails in the shire! Had to ask the staff doing my nails to actually buff and shape them properly. They were then extremely rude and told me not to come back if I wasn't happy. I won't be going back!
  • : ) Newbie   1 review
    This was the absolute worst nail experience I have been to. First of all I paid $25 for a shellac nail treatment, in this I assumed I was getting a manicure using shellac. How wrong was I!!! First of all the staff serving me was very rude and I couldn't even understand when staff talked to me. Secondly, I expected my cuticles to be cleaned and a hand massage and I didn't get any of this. I was extremely disappointed as this is part of the manicure experience. And worst of all the actual nail polish on my nails is absolutely awful! I would never recommend this place to anyone! Never go here!!! It's horrible!!
  • jenniehbeans Newbie   1 review
    The staff here were absolutely lovely and friendly. My manicure and pedicure were most beautifully done, and they even picked up my bags for me when they were still wet! The experience here was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • lozaleibou Newbie   1 review
    If you want rude, arrogant staff to work on your hands and feet, go here. Just be sure not to buy a gift coupon, as they are more than happy to take your payment and then not provide the service. Do yourself a favour, find another salon - one where they realise that YOU are the customer, and they are working for us. STAY AWAY.
    • : ) Newbie 
      I had a very similar experience! Wish I looked on here first!!



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