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Reviews of Freshpoint Markets

  • Love the place love the people love the atmosphere .
    Best deli in the area without a doubt ....
  • Been going to freshpoint for years and love this place. The fruit is some of the best you'll buy. They have the cheeper fruit out the front which isn't as good quality as inside but the price reflects that and the outside stuff is still better than anything from the supermarket. Great cheeses and deli meats. Lovely staff, old fashioned service with a smile - they carry your shopping to the car!
  • Have been shopping here for several years now and can't recall ever getting a dud anything! They have a decent selection of cheese, and fresh produce which is almost always perfect (even some stores can't fight what's happening in the fields) and a larger than average selection too. I now travel from the inner west to do my grocery shopping here. Fortunately for me Ive not encountered any rudeness.
  • While Freshpoint may display a great range of produce, I have noticed over the years that often the fruit and veges are rotten, the milk and other fridge products are often past their use-by date and some staff are extremely rude. My family has been shopping there for years and only just last week did I have yet another rude encounter with a staff member because I wanted to swap one of the mangoes in my tray for one that wasn't rotten and they said I couldn't! (I would like to add that some staff are lovely). Then I got home and my new carton of milk I had purchased had 2 days left to expire. I'm thoroughly disappointed in this place and have found fresher produce, cheaper prices and nicer staff elsewhere.
    • Yvette , I have been shopping at Freshpoint for years , I know for a fact that if there is an issue - as is often the case with perishables no matter where you go - That the owners rather than transient workers will resolve the issue.
      I cant comment on the rudeness , I guess we all have good and bad days - But honestly I love walking into the place , My family and I are always greeted nicely , and they often offer me to try before I purchase - which no one does.
      I know that with Aldi & Coles & other stores in the area , that this Family business has been under pressure , but lets be realistic - Genuine Family Businesses are a Dinosaur in retail - which i think is a great shame - Give them another go & let the Owners know how you feel - & I'm sure they'll rectify it
  • We've just moved from Europe and the food at this place really rivals many of the french and italian markets in France and Italy. Great cheeses and a huge selection. Top notch sausages and sensational olives. I think they might like my wife a bit too much though :-).
  • This place offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the not-so-many fruit markets in the area and they open until 7pm on weekedays which makes it easy for me because I can do my shopping after work. They also sell a wide selections cheese.
  • WOW!
    Im not from the area , yet i heard about this place through friends.
    I walked in off the street & walking in , i immediately felt comfortable. Its like an oasis.
    Staff were friendly and helpful & the Quality was incredible.
    Im starting to sound like an Ad for Freshpoint - but its fantastic & im happy to drive half an hour every other week to spoil myself on the homemade Olive mixtures , & the Eggplant Snitzels which im told are made in house - & delicious.
    5 Stars - no doubt.
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