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The Most Successful and Premier Theatre Restaurant in Liverpool and Western Sydney

If you are looking for a premier theatre restaurant that offers a feast for the eyes and appetite, Frightnight Comedy Theatre Restaurant has it all! We are chosen by many for our restaurant's hilarious comedy shows and appetizing food. Let us welcome you to a one-of-a-kind dining experience - visit us today.

Come and see Liverpool's fastest growing theatre restaurant today. 

Frightnight Comedy Theatre Restaurant has entertained over half a million people over the past 13 years. We are proud to be Western Sydney's favourite party venue for celebrating Christmas or birthday parties at an affordable rate. Our team of talented singers, dancers, actors and comedians aim to make your night as memorable and as entertaining as possible. 

Customers of all ages are welcome to our famous shows. Whether you are planning a friend's birthday party or your company's Christmas party, we are the right place for you. Why not hold your hens party here? Bring all your girlfriends to celebrate with you as we do our best to make your event a night to remember. 

Our party venues are available for the following events:

- Hens Parties
- Christmas Parties
- Birthday Parties
- Dance Parties

Tired of the usual and dull atmosphere at your local diner? Then Frightnight Comedy Theatre Restaurant will not disappoint you. Let us be part of your next celebration and we promise to entertain you with some of Sydney's most talented performers. 

Visit our website to book online or call us to learn more about our services.
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Reviews of Frightnight Comedy Theatre Restaurant

  • Pathetic humour, food, venue, sales etc. do not waste your money
    I attended Frightnight recently as a surprise for my mum's birthday. It was the most embarassing thing that I have ever done.

    Crockery and cutlery were filthy! The food was AWEFUL! But nothing compared to the "show"! I would have got better quality if I had taken my mum to Circular Quay to watch the street performers and had fastfood for dinner!

    They made a child cry, and told lame old jokes all night. We left before the first half of the show had ended. I paid nearly $300 for four of us to go!

    I emailed their management requesting a refund, and was met with absolute filthy attitude and sarcasm. They do not care about customer satisfaction and experience. I will be taking this further!
  • Where do I start?
    Terrible building and atmosphere. Nothing scary going on and its supposed to be "Fright Night".
    I found out later on why it is called fright night.
    First thing that happens when you walk in the door you get harrased by some poor staff trying to sell cheap cups while being yelled at by someone on a microphone.
    The food was terrible. All the reviews on here talking about how terrible the food is is actually true.
    The show is full of over acting and karaoke. I'd prefer to watch karaoke at a pub and not pay $49 for it.
    The toilets are terrible.
    I for one will NEVER be going back.
    I hope management read these reviews and fix Their problems up.
  • Travelled from the mid north coast for a wedding reception. We were unsure how well it would be handled but we had absolutely nothing to worry about. The food was great and the drinks just kept coming. There were no low points as the entertainment just continued through it all. The comedy was a riot and the singing was outstanding, an incredibly talented cast. I cannot express what a wonderful night we had in a few short sentences it is something that must be experienced. I have to add that the Joker did Freddy Mercury justice and truly made my night!
  • What can we say about Frightnight except they go out of their way to make sure you have an outstanding time. We held our wedding reception at Frightnight and what a blast the night was. Staff and management could not have been more welcoming and friendly to make sure our evening was special. Management could not have been any more devoted to ensuring our night was a success, arranging the restaurant to feel like a wedding reception prior to the night as well on the night. Whilst we were well catered for so too were the other guests also in attendance. The night was an outstanding night and one we will never forget. Our friends have told us it was the best wedding they have been to. Thank you to all the staff for making our night so special
  • Very good show definitely going back a second time. It was only $49 and just the show alone was worth more! The food was not gourmet but it was a basic buffet for that price cant expect lobster , The drinks where reasonable (regular pub prices) and the cast where great joined the crowd for drinks after and were just normal joes.
    • Professional theatre restaurant in st marys only charge $50 pp and they are an actual restaurant not a hired church hall with trestle tables. Food amazing with disco after show till midnight. Drinks are real, not watered down and show is actually riske and funny not downright sleazy. Perhaps $49 seems cheap if you have not experienced real value at another proper venue.
  • Went on Saturday 25/5/13
    Loved it!
    It's an adult comedy kids shouldn't go! And you'd have to be a kill joy to have found none of it good!!!
  • Went to Frightnight, so disappointed. It was like something you would watch at hight school!! Food was buffet style- bad food. Jokes were very lame.

    It was the worse night I had, lucky I had good company. I went home early, I stayed almost to the end, wish I left earlier!!!

    Will never return!
  • I don't really even want to give this place a star at all. Worst place I've been to. The staffs are dry and crude .. The atmosphere is shocking.. I get it if you want to swear but dropping the C-bomb everything 2mins when there are kids around is pathetic.. The entertainment was lifeless and no talent what so ever.. Yea I laughed a bit but mostly at their expense

    The food fml really I pay that money to get awful cheap food I may have well gone to fastfood to eat.
    • I totally agree with you. Veggies were cheap frozen packet veggies, pasta was burnt and the burnt flavour went right through. They served you the buffet with a stingy two slices of beef, they had plenty - what were they saving it for - oh yeah for running out when the cheap trestle tables collapsed under the weight spilling the food all over the floor. The major oak charges $50 pp, $15 drink package, and deliver a professional show in an actual restaurant and have dancing after the show till midnight. This is where my guests wanted to go, I chose fright night, total embarrassment.
    • It was disgusting
  • Fright night? No fright night here. We went for a work christmas dinner and were very dissapointed. Whilst there were good singers it was mostly summty crude jokes with far too much swearing and a lot of the jokes i have seen on face book and email. Website said was based on rocky horror picture show but apart from doing one song from it that was all. The air con did not work so it was hot so that along with the bad taste entertainment spent a lot of time in the car park. Bar service and table service for us was non existant. Food was not resturant quality frys were nice but vegies looked like the aldi winter mix and dessert was frozen sara lee cakes no seconds offered. Not worth the $59 we each paid.

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