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Penrith's VW Specialist, FST specialising in Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi we provide a full range of mechanical services: servicing rego inspections diagnosis performance parts

Penrith's VW specialist we specialising in Volkswagen, Skoda & Audi we provide a full range of mechanical services.

* Servicing
* Mechanical Repairs
* Diagnosis
* Engine enhancements and power upgrades
* Diesel Chips - More Power Better Economy
* Body kits
* Suspension
* FST Performance Products
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Reviews of FST Automotive

  • Have been having INCREDIBLE PROBLEMS with my June 2010 Polo with DSG
    The THREE so-called dealers the Bloody Blue Polo has been to COLLECTIVELY

    FST was recommended by NRMA Service Centre at LIVERPOOL, and they FOUND
    things that the so-called EXPERTS at the Three so-called dealers MISSED!!

    FST know what they are doing, and, don't talk DOWN AT ME, like the so-called
    dealers do

    Wombat Robbins
    23 December, 2012
  • Great guy, true professional in the motor industry...
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