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Best & latest Designer Furniture including Leather & Fabric Lounges, Outdoor Cane & Wicker Furniture, Kids Furniture & bedding.

Best Designer Furniture including Leather Lounges, Fabric Lounges, Outdoor Wicker Furniture, Cane Furniture, Mattresses, Bunk beds, Dinning Tables & Chairs, Sofa beds. all furniture available in custom colors and configuration. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Delivery Available Australia wide.
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Reviews of Furniture Home

  • Much like the other reviewers - this place sells poor quality furniture.

    Item damaged on delivery (chipped paint, broken backing boards). No attempt by store to rectify despite contacting them.
    Overall quality of TV unit was disappointing (poor quality black lacquer finish and hairline scratches everywhere).
    No pre-drilled holes for the drawer runners.
    Screws for the metal handles don't even screw into the handles.

    Wrote a review on their website to warn others but they screen the reviews and only publish the good ones (of which they had none!). If you're going to risk buying from this store, then expect the unexpected...
  • Good price , good quality , nice service and nice ppl there, thank you !
  • We purchased a leather lounge and were hoping to get the item that we have paid for.

    The item arrived with the following issues:

    1. The item was packaged inappropriately. The head cushions which has long metal bars on them were pushed directly on the seats during shipping. As a result, the lounge is now pushed inside and looks loose. Based on the staff's advice, I waited to see if the lounge will return to its original place, but this did not occur.
    2. The foam that is used in the lounge is totally different to the one we have seen in the shop. The one that was in the shop is firm. We sat on the lounge and the leather stayed as is when standing. However, the delivered lounge is very soft. When we sit on it, it stays down and the leather clearly becomes soft with lines on it.
    3. All the cushions have 2 lines of halls on the top. It seems that they decided to change the design. We agreed with the staff on having all the cushions to be leather with the brown colour that we have selected. This is obviously not the case.
    4. The wooden table of the lounge came in a black colour. The one that we have selected was the same as the one in the stock floor which is a mix of 2 brown colours.
    5. We have paid for the delivery and discussed in the shop that the lounge will be delivered and assembled by the staff's team upon arrival. However, the staff had no one with them. They clearly mentioned requiring our assistance to get the item taken into the unit and they kept on bumping the lounge left and right. They also stated that they are not there to assemble the item. As a result, I had to help them in carrying the item. Furthermore, I got a carpenter to make the assembly for the item and had to pay an additional $100.

    Cutting long story short, all the pictures were sent to them. Need to mention that is not the one who filled our papers. The saw the pictures in the email and agreed to return the lounge as they were not happy to fix the issues in the lounge. After a long process, they took the item on the 23rd of December 2011 under the promise that they will be paying me my money back. When they received the lounge, they did not agree to return the money. They said a contradiction. In their email, they clearly acknowledged the issue with the dents in the lounge, the front holes in the cushions that we have received and the incorrect colour of the wood supposed to be on the lounge. However, they also stated that the purchased item is in perfect condition.

    What a contradiction. Now we have to go to court and get this issue sorted. This company is never to do business with. They are very unprofessional and uncustomer friendly.
    • keep us posted - good luck to you!
    • I received an email from Sanjay in Furniture Home to refund the money I have paid minus $100. They tried to minimise what they will fix if I accepted which they can bring quickly. Eventually, I accepted a refund to finish this issue which started from my mistake to order from them in November 11. I lost close to $250 which includes $100 installation, $100 from what I paid and around $50 in fuel/pictures
  • I bought a leather lounge and was looking forward to receive it. The lounge arrived with the following issues:

    1. The materials used are not the same
    2. There are dips in the cushions
    3. The cushions came with holes over it from the front which can be seen when sitting.
    4. We agreed on getting the item delivered inside our house. There is only a staff who was hitting the lounge left and right and could not deliver the item to the property.
    5. The item was supposed to be assembled which did not happen.
    6. A wooden table coming with the lounge came in the incorrect colour.

    I don't recommend doing business with them. Very unprofessional and non customer responsive.
  • Very poor customer service, average quality but expected just that for the price.

    Long story short, received the wrong item, tried to reach them via phone but very hard. Every time I managed to get them on the phone, they promised to call back in 10 minutes, which never happened (never call back). Best communication is via email, but slow response as well.

    They promised to replace item in 4 weeks (whilst I can use the faulty item for now), took 8 weeks instead, and that is after they said the item is ready to dispatch at week 7 (and that's purely because I contacted them, not them letting me know). Again promised to call back in 10 minutes to arrange delivery, not a single phone call received.

    I contacted them again at week 8, they said they are still waiting for the item to come. Doesn't look like they communicate to each other internally. So I ask for a refund instead if the item was not delivered to me by end of week 8. Only then they get the ball rolling. What a joke. They have not shown any remorse whatsoever, not a single word of apology, not on email, not on phone call, nothing. As if this incident is normal. Or maybe it is normal in their case.

    Finally got the right item today, but again, broke their promise to have the courier company install the item at the right place (upstairs, because I don't have the manpower to bring the item upstairs) and bring the incorrect item downstairs ready for their collection.
  • From personal experience, furniture is having poor quality & faulty. I bought a coffee table but it was faulty. Asked for a replacement, never done after all promises. Once goods are sold, there is no honour of product guarantee.
    • Looking for discount on excuses. Just a retialiatry feedback after failed to get anything.
  • Best designer furniture you can get guys.. Best. Is you can get exactly what you want.


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