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Fusion Appliance & Maintenance Service specialises in repairing all brands & models of appliances.  Fusion's clean, courteous and qualified technicians are fully aware of the need to have your appliance repaired with the least amount of inconvenience caused and the job done correctly the first time. Our affordable, proficient and punctual service is tailored to your needs with after hours and weekend appointments booked at no extra charge. 

Our quality control structure ensures Fusion is always providing:

- fixed, on-time appointments
- all work fully insured
- full labour and manufacturers parts warranty
- full job quotation before work commences - no hidden costs
- free over the phone estimates and advice
- technicians with advanced fault finding and diagnostics skills
- technicians regularly attending new product training days
-  large range of spare parts carried on hand to assist the job being completed on the first visit
- pensioner discount

Fusion Service not only repairs but also installs all brands of dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, gas & electric stoves and ovens, insinkerators, rangehoods & dishdraws.  We strive to look after you with our honest fair pricing structures and by advising you if it is non-economcial to repair your appliance as opposed to simply repairing it to make a quick buck!  If this is the case and you would like assistance with the new appliance we can arrange the best replacement for your needs at the most competitive rates - delivered and installed with a full manufactures warranty.

At Fusion we are also able to take care of most maintenance issues that arise around the household from broken power points, leaking taps, broken lights and most other general maintenance needs. Fusion has a number of real estate clients who trust us in their tenants homes and our ability to fix a number of problems with one phone call - saving you time & money. We also offer a special rate to property managers

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  • Stephen itinctrl Newbie   1 review
    Fusion Appliances is probably one of the best appliance repair service provider in Sydney. Hiring an appliance repairer has never been easy. We would like to thank Andrew for a very quick service and would like to recommend him for your next repairing or maintenance requirement.

    1 week ago - 10/04/2014

  • CROWS NEST 76 Newbie   2 reviews
    I used this service originally in March 2013, a simple repair of a dishwasher....the mechanical repair was fine.
    However the machine is one of those integrated kitchen bench system ones which fits into the bench top like it is a cupboard door. After a week or two I noticed, in my opinion the machine front facia (door) did not appear to be flush with bench top as it had been prior...not a big issue and only millimetres out.
    I called Fusion who suggested give it as strong push and see how it went. I did do this, but in my opinion it really never seemed to change I then got busy and forgot about it.
    Then in December of 2013, to my surprise, the machine stopped working just prior to Xmas Eve.
    I called Fusion again, thinking they can fix this new issue and realign the machine facia at the same time.
    It is now February 2, over 30days since the repair call-out and the machine is still NOT REPAIRED.
    There have been attempts to repair, multiple promised phone calls to update me on the repair by the tech & office persons that have not been made or only made after multiple follows by me to get a response; recommended fixes that don't work to resolve the issue - all I want is a working machine, right!
    So February 2 is here & the machine has not worked once since they did the original repair in Dec.
    Fusion have stated that the issues with my machine (3 items breaking at the same time) is essentially unheard of etc etc.
    Originally Fusion stated that they replaced 2 blown items the first time, but after fix the issue and the machine didnt work ; they recalled and stated the root cause of the issue was the actual circuit/master board. I asked what else it could be and to my knowledge they said nothing else could be the issue.
    Fusion recommended a place that can refurb. the board for a good price and we can get on with lifesure I said as you are the expert ; circuit board gets sent away, comes back some time later and it doesn't work!
    However prior to this board being returned, Fusion provide a temporary circuit board, however it does not work from the very beginning.
    Fusion then indicated that it must be the power point the machine is plugged into creating some type of surge. Now I am thinking .why didn't you check this out first time, you are the expert right???
    Now going back to the repaired circuit board, Fusion are now saying it was the place that did the refurb. of the board as to why this did not work; i.e. it is their fault as they didnt do the repair correctly etc. and that is the issue.
    So now I am not sure if the board is the issue or the power socket.
    I have followed up multiple times and cannot get a firm repair call back date..again this is the refurb places issue is the feedback I have been given.this is now approx. 2 weeks ago they installed the board, found it didnt work and I assume sent it back to them to repaired properly. I would expect this a priority by both parties (???), but 2 weeks is a long time in my opinion.
    I now have limited confidence Fusion know what the issue actually is and I believe it is best for me to go back to SMEG to get the repair done right by an authorised repairer.
    It is a shame this has all transpired, on face in my opinion Fusion are nice people but less effective than is required to diagnose the issues and make the required repairs.
    What has been most frustrating has been the multiple promises to contact me and keep me well informed of the issues which has not happened requiring me to make multiple follow-ups calls and smss.
    And still folks my dishwasher remains broken and now I am about to start the process with an authorised Smeg repairer this time round.

    2 months ago - 03/02/2014

    • CROWS NEST 76 Newbie 
      Post Script Update:
      My dishwasher is now working, repaired by SMEG. Turns out the issue was the powder dispenser. This was not a suggested potential cause by 'Fusion'. I have since sent them a copy of the repair document for their information.

      To their credit, they have refunded my outlay with them of $195. The new repair cost my approx. $780.

      So $780 - $195 = $585.

      The soap dispenser was $160 however SMEG gave it to me for free as the one they took out had a mark of some sort on it. So in reality it should have cost me an additional $160 to the $780.

      $600 of the $780 was a new circuit board (you may recall 'Fusion' had this; it was/is unclear if it was ever damaged, however, they had/have it).

      Overall cost summary is I think I am out of pocket an additional $200-300 than I would have been had SMEG done the original repair. Of course this is an opinion and not a fact.

      2 months ago - 12/02/2014

  • CROWS NEST 76 Newbie   2 reviews
    I used this service originally April or so i 2013, simple repair of a dishwasher....the repair SEEMED to be fine...I did not the machine which is an integrated system into the bench top did not appear to be flush as it had been...not a big issue...I called them who suggested give it a push and see how it went....I did, but really it never seemed to be 100% (I got busy and forgot about it)

    Surprisingly the machine stopped working just before Xmas....I recalled them, thinking they can fix this issue and realign the machine at the same time....BIG BIG MISTAKE.

    It is now February 2, over 30days since and the machine is NOT REPAIRED.....promised phone calls never made, recommended fixes that don't work; the machine has never worked once since they did the original repair;

    NOT surprisingly they are suggesting this is a FIRST EVER, new seen it before etc etc etc.....they replaced to supposedly blown items and not is is the actual circuit/master board that is the issue)....BUT they know a place that can refurb it for a great price...of course you won't have a problem...'sure you are the expert'........board gets sent away, comes back and doesn't work! They then say of it must be your power point creating a surge! WTF! Now thinking, ummm....why didn't you check this out first time, you are the expert right???

    I have no confidence they know what the issue actually is and I believe best to go back to SMEG to get the repair done right.

    It is a shame this has all transpired, on face value they are nice guy but not effective and makes multiple promises to contact you and doesn't requiring multiple follow-ups.

    And still folks my dishwasher remains broken and now I have to start the process with another reliable repairer.

    2 months ago - 02/02/2014

  • laraslattery   2 reviews
    After been ripped off by United Appliance Australia, they had still not fix my washing maching after 4 weeks! One call to Andrew and it was fix within 1 day! I will definitely be call Andrew again. I highly recommend Fusion Appliance!
  • JoanV Newbie   1 review
    My washing machine wasn't draining, I found Fusion on this website, they came out the same day, the guy knew what he was doing, got the job done and for a good price. Nice to have this kind of service. Thanks!

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