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Reviews of Gary Lenz Mechanical

  • I took my car here for a logbook service back around Feb / March. Had it booked in 2 weeks in advance - dropped it in early then get a phone call at around:
    7:30am from the admin "Hi, we've got your car here but I need to confirm what it was dropped in for?"
    then again:
    12:30pm from the admin again "Hi, I'm really sorry to call again but I just need to confirm what your car was booked in to have done today?"

    They had apparently had some I.T issues which is forgivable - but not writing it down after the first time is very poor.

    After picking the car up they charged me about $160 when I was quoted around $370 (more expensive than Brisbane btw), I realised something was a miss. They had done a standard service and not a logbook service.

    After calling me twice that day to confirm it you would think they'd finally get it right.