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Australia leading provider of on-site PC repairs and IT support for home and business

Australia leading provider of on-site PC repairs and IT support for home and business, Geeks2U delivers prompt, no fuss, same day computer repair services to customers nationwide, seven days a week. Our computer support services include hardware and software repairs, system security solutions, wireless and wired networking services, virus and spyware prevention and removal, data backup and recovery solutions and just about any other type of computer, Mac or laptop support our customers require at their homes or offices.

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  • Nancy6006   5 reviews
    Expensive, but good quality service, same day service was really fast

    2 weeks ago - 11/04/2015

    • Geeks2U HQ Newbie 
      Thanks for the feedback Nancy! While we never claim to be the cheapest, we do claim to be the best! I'm glad to hear we were able to help you out!

      2 weeks ago - 13/04/2015

  • Jason Rosemeier Newbie   2 reviews
    OVERPRICED. You will notice the people with good reviews are the ones that have had simple virus checks and backups. In my experience, companies like this charge a lot but pay their employees/sub contractors very little. Any DECENT tech would not work for these prices. That leaves Geeks2u customers with the duds. PLEASE READ REVIEWS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PART WITH YOUR MONEY.

    And BTW Geeks2U HQ. Don't bother replying to this post with some BS "Oh jee wizz, we're so sorry. Please contact us to solve issues". You just post that so people reading reviews feel better about your organisation. You had your chance to resolve issues with me but all I got was the cold shoulder treatment. I notice that I never got a response to my email.

    6 months ago - 27/09/2014

    • Geeks2U HQ Newbie 
      Hi Jason, thanks for your comments. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and inline with our 30 day guarantee, we have not charged you for the service.

      Thank you for the additional information that you mailed through on Friday and also for your time on the phone this morning. My apologies again that we hadn't replied sooner. Kind regards, Justin T.

      6 months ago - 29/09/2014

  • SeffyC   7 reviews
    Desktop PC stopped working property. technician was able to isolate the problem and provide new power supply. more expensive that local repair shops, but,. it's handy if you can't leave the house and need someone round quickly. for me, well worth the money. .

    8 months ago - 25/08/2014

  • Katherin28 Newbie   1 review
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Absolutely horrific. Just problem after problem with them. I broke my laptop by dropping it and called them to fix it. Saw on their website that they may be able to fix it at home so went for it. A technician turned up and looked/listened to my laptop. This person then decided it was probably just a loose connection, no big deal so took it back to the service centre to fix. I had to already pay $170 just for them to look at it, not even do anything. 2 weeks later I get a quote for more than $650 explaining that there was a problem with the power jack and motherboard. I had someone previously look at it and there was nothing wrong with the power jack. However I get it back and it's now damaged. I could not afford to fix it so had it sent back. Overall I've spent $170 and it has just been more damaged. HORRIFIC.
    • Geeks2U HQ Newbie 
      I'm very sorry to hear that your experience with Geeks2U hasn't been a positive one. I'd really like the opportunity to turn this around however I have unfortunately been unable to locate your customer file. If it's not too inconvenient, could I please ask you to send through your contact details to so I can look further into the details of the service. Kind regards, Justin T.

      10 months ago - 23/06/2014

  • bonjovilover   11 reviews
    you geeks are geniuses, I had a virus in my PC and they rescued it along with my work files.
    They taught me how to back up files and now my PC runs at maximum efficiency.
    the photos on it were priceless so was prepared to pay whatever to recover.
    It was cost effective, I highly recommend them.
  • Eddward Newbie   1 review
    Although i didnt really get served with them they gave professional and friendly advice. The only low side was that it was slightly expensive
  • timrich   3 reviews
    I had them look at two of my problems. One related to a Ipod to computer problem. They did say they might not be able to fix it which they didn't. I STILL GOT CHARGED.

    The house computer was next.
    The first and second so called technican's didn't know any thing and the second made the computer totally useless. They sent the fix it man, failed too but at least the computer now turned on.
    To this day after all the promises we still cant print or get emails from the home computer. That's all we wanted to do. Lots of money spent for no result.
    • Geeks2U HQ Newbie 
      Thanks for your post Richard. I'm really sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations and that you are still having ongoing issues. I'd very much like to discuss the issues you've raised. If it's not too much of an inconvenience, could I please ask you to give me a call on 1300 433 572 or alternatively send me an email at Thanks, Justin T.


  • GabrielGarrett   3 reviews
    Had my laptop repaired here. There was something wrong with the brightness and when they inspected it, they quoted me a pretty big price because the whole screen had to be changed. I agreed anyway and the job was done fast enough so I guess the guys are OK. The computer is still working great, thank you.
  • K.Egan   6 reviews
    These guys are great!
    I had a problem with my computer and frankly I know jack squad about fixing such problems so I called my friend and asked him for advice. He recommended me Geeks2U and said they work really fast and efficient. That same day I called them and a really nice and friendly guy (don't remember his name) came over after half an hour. He didn't just fix my computer, but also explained what exactly he was doing and why. I was even surprised I understood everything he said and he didn't mind my endless questions.
    All in all I totally recommend this company, even though they are a bit pricey for my standards.
  • lucygee   2 reviews
    Overpriced and underskilled.
    • Geeks2U HQ Newbie 
      Hi lucygee. Thank you for your feedback. I'm very sorry for the delay in responding to you but your post has only just been brought to my attention. I'd really like the opportunity to discuss your issues so whenever you have a moment could you please give me a call. Many thanks, Justin T.



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