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- Thin. Natural. Strong.

- Up to 4 weeks between infills

- Get the look you want - images show common "squoval" shape and  rounded shaped nails.  Sharp square also done for that modern look.

- I guarantee my work!

- Private setting

- Appointments taken evenings and weekends

Gel-icious Nails Pricelist:

French (10 tips) - $90
French gel overlay (no tips) - $55
Clear gel - (10 tips) $80
Clear gel overlay (no tips) - $50
Colour Gel (10 tips) - $100
Colour Gel (no tips) - $60
French infills - $55
Clear gel infills - $50
Colour Gel infills - $65

French - $55
Colour Gel - $55

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  • ReviewerACT   5 reviews
    Paulette is amazing. Her skills and customer service are so beautiful. If you are looking for a great nail tech go here. Great price and I always have compliments on my nails.
  • eclarke8 Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has been doing my nails for a couple of months now and there is nothing negative I could say about her or the service at all. She is professional, friendly and the quality is great. They are wonderfully natural looking nails and I have recieved dozens of compliments on them. The gel wears really well and it is seldom that they break or chip before 4 weeks is up. Overall I would definately reccommend (and have!) Paulette & Gel-Licious nails to anyone looking for outstanding quality, value for money, gel nails.
  • Emma Watson Newbie   1 review
    I have been visiting Paulette for nail treatments for 3 months now and I am over the moon. She is very honest and lovely, her prices are reasonable and her work is impeccable. I have compliments on my nails even in the week I have due to have them re-done! Paulette listens to what you want and advises you as required. She is very knowledgeable. I would not dream of going anywhere else and if I move away I will probably come back every four weeks for my nail appointments! Paulette gets 10/10 from me! She's super talented!
  • thatsme Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has the most beautifully natural looking nails in Canberra. She offers friendly professional service and is flexible with appointment times all at a very reasonable price! I am very happy with the results every time and receive many compliments on my nails.
    Without hesitation I happily recommend Paulette to anyone!
  • Stacky68 Newbie   1 review
    I'm extremely impressed with Paulette's work and strongly recommend her. My nails now look and feel wonderful and I've had many, many compliments. Even when I'm due a refill they still look great.

    To quote Molly Meldrum, "do yourself a favour"! I'm confident you'll be pleased with the result.
  • bee201 Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has been doing my nails for about 6 months now and i WOULD NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE, she is fantastic. I have never had to have a nail fixed or repaired and can last 4 weeks in between in-fills and they still look as good as the day i had them done. So many people have commented on how good and natural my nails look.
    If you want the BEST nail tech in Canberra then call Paulette its worth it!!!!!!

  • Magie* Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has been doing my nails for 18 months now and I have never had a problem with her work. She does a great job and i have received many comments from strangers about how natural looking and fantastic they look. Paulette has always been flexible with her appointments and is conveniently located in the city.
    So if you are looking for a professional friendly service and fantastic nails definitely give Paulette a call, I would recommend her to anyone!
  • DeniseMM Newbie   1 review
    I have just visited Paulette for the second time and am very happy with my nails. They look natural and beautiful; and my friends have commented, not only the general look, but on the quality of the work. I highly recommend Paulette and her expertise.
  • JR** Newbie   1 review
    I have been looking for a Nail Tech since I moved to Canberra over 2 years ago. I recently found Paulette on this website and after reading all the great reviews from her current clients, I decided to book an appointment. Paulette is so lovely and did the best job!! I am more than happy to recommend her to all my freinds, family and colleagues!!
  • kacieo Newbie   1 review
    I have been seeing Paulette for 4 months after my mother happily recommended her to me (she has been going to her for ages!) I have had nothing but good experiences with her. Whenever I broke of a nail she would fit me in and looked after me. My nails look stunning and people often comment on how good they look. She is a lovely lady and I would recommend her extremely highly.
  • Bri J Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has been doing my nails now for 5 months and they are always fabulous. They are long lasting and of a high standard. I have had my nails done by others but they never last. I have a very hands on career and busy household and if Gel-Licious Nails can last through that and still look great they can last through almost anything.
    The location is great and close to the city which is great, as you can just pop in after work. Paulette is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Wella Newbie   1 review
    I have only recently become a client of Paulette's and after having experienced other nail technicians am happy to report that she is wonderful. I have received many compliments for my nails from complete strangers - my nails always look good! Paulette does a fantastic job and I cannot recommend her enough!!
  • Kerri Lee Newbie   1 review
    Paulette has been doing my nails for over 12 months. I have never had to replace a nail over that period, and my nails always look good.
    While overseas recently I had to have a refill [I was away for 2 months], and the woman that I found to do my nails commented on how well they had been done, and how long they had lasted.
    I would recommend Paulette, and Gel-icious Nails to anyone who wants a professional friendly service.
  • Wickman Newbie   1 review
    As an actress and model my image is very important.I have only just discovered gel-icious nails, and I am very happy with my results.Beautiful job.It's great to know when your money is going to good value and lovely service.
  • B riony Newbie   1 review
    I've been going to Paulette at Gel-icious for over 12 months now. Paulette's nails are the best nails i've ever had. I've never had one break, split or even bubble. If you want the best looking nails in Canberra, I can highly recommend Gel-icious - the nails stay shiney and look gorgeous.

    Paulette is even able to do the latest fashion tips - where you have a colour on the end of your nails - I recently had red tips and they looked awesome, I got a load of compliments about them.

    If you want your nails to look fabulous, and you want nails that last - go to Gel-icious - you won't regret it.
    • Inkspott! Newbie 
      I would highly recommend Paulette at Gel-icious Nails. She does a beautiful job and my nails always look good - I'm often complimented on them. Working in the modelling industry means my nails need to look presentable at all times. I never have any problems with them and Paulette does a beautiful job.
      Victoria Schnabl
      Victoria's Models



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