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'The most beautiful gelato in Sydney'

Gelato Messina uses all natural ingredients in their gelato, the way it should be. Since opening in 2002 on Darlinghurst's Victoria Street, Gelato Messina has been drawing in the locals and visitors alike with their tasty take on gelato. They also supply gelato cakes.

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Over 40 flavours of ice cream with a cool street vibe. Join the crowd out on the pavement for your sweet fix.

Reviews of Gelato Messina

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  • Tom888   4 reviews
    Its the willy wonka of gelato, simply the best in town!

    3 weeks ago - 02/04/2015

  • mzthing Local Star   118 reviews
    I will get slaughtered for my review by fellow reviewers but to be honest i can't see what the fuss is about this place. I have tried it a couple of times and i am just not convinced by the hype the icecream is good but not amazing. Definitely not worth the waiting on a long queue. Don't get me wrong I love icecream but i just don't get the hype and craze among people when you mention the word Messina or seeing the crazy queue... i have tried this place twice as well as their pop up store in the middle of Hyde park and still fail to understand why people go nuts over it and will to pay so much for it.

    3 months ago - 16/01/2015

  • KingJames23Cavs   20 reviews
    Went to this place a couple of months ago and have to say this was one of the best I have had. The bounty flavor is amazing. Will definitely go again soon.

    3 months ago - 06/01/2015

  • Christina7801   23 reviews
    Hands down in the top 3 gelato shops in Sydney. My favourite is the salted caramel and white chocolate; their bounty flavour (which might have been only temporarily available) is also fantastic. Only problem is the long lines on Saturday nights and the lack of any seating place.

    4 months ago - 04/12/2014

  • Sarah Katherine   7 reviews
    Becoming a Sydney favourite for a reason! Love this joint. Try the Pear and Rhubarb, such an underrated signature flavour

    5 months ago - 26/11/2014

  • ChowTime   42 reviews
    Love Messina's weekly flavours - such great combinations to delight the senses, both in taste and textures.

    7 months ago - 05/09/2014

  • Kenny Chan Newbie   2 reviews
    Cool flavours. $12 for 5 scoops is pretty reasonable in this day and age. Ideal location, relaxed cafe-style. Love their balls (ice cream) and their wafers.

    9 months ago - 27/07/2014

  • BenOstrman   3 reviews
    After trying few gelato places, I'd say they are above average. I have been to better places before.

    11 months ago - 01/05/2014

  • saralin357   3 reviews
    Excellent gelato
  • Eisha   7 reviews
    It seems like the possibilities at Messina are endless! You can go wherever your tastebuds and your imagination desire, with so many amazing flavours to pick and mix from. My personal favourites amongst the staples are salted caramel and white chocolate, dulce de leche, tiramisu and pistachio, but then they roll out the daily specials and it's one of the toughest decisions you'll ever have to make! So avoid this dilemma and do what I nothing else before you get to Messina and nothing else after and allocate your complete daily calorie intake to Messina gelato! The Darlinghurst store also sells the most intricate and wonderful cakes, just perfect for a special occasion or just to have all to yourself! You may have to wait a few minutes to get your gelato fix because they get super busy (understandably) but you won't be disappointed. There are a few tables and chairs if you want to have your gelato there (this way you can go back for seconds or thirds) or you can have it to go and even take a tub home with you. I've had so much gelato in my life, from all over the world and I feel so lucky that the best I've had is right here at home in can't go wrong :)
  • Easternian Local Star   835 reviews
    If you want to find out where all of these gelato craze began, then there is no better place to visit than the original Gelato Messina store at Darlinghurst. Although the store is pretty small and often packed with crowds and accessorized with queues, it is definitely worth lining up. You can hardly go wrong with their gelatos, and if you are more of a cautious person, you can ask for a sample before you commit to your selections.

    The service is very quick, and with (limited) seats available both inside and outside, enjoying your awesome gelato in its intended Darlinghurst-esque atmosphere is certainly a breeze.

    Dont forget to also visit their gelato cakes next door, where you can witness a showcase of gelato cakes being made right in front of your eyes, which are also available for purchase for your family, loved ones, or even for yourself.

    Getting to this store might require a little walk from either sides of Oxford Street or William Street (or Kings Cross Station), whilst finding a parking spot in the area can also be challenging at times
  • jingobingo Newbie   1 review
    Delish! The best Jerry, the best!!!
  • Fi M   88 reviews
    Gelato Messina bombe Alaska cake was amazing! Can't wait to return to try more delicious gelato treats
  • DMWatkins   5 reviews
    Love all the new weekly flavors. awesome place to go!!!
  • Cait_   3 reviews
    They sell the best gelato I have ever tasted (so far), the dulce de leche and Elvis the Fat Years are my favourites so far. Definitely wanting to try more of their limited edition flavours!
  • JS&MS Newbie   1 review
    Salted Caramel - the most delectable of delcatable gelati flavours. Always worth the wait
  • LocalGuy83   41 reviews
    Delicious food that does not look all that ordinary. The concept of creating gelato into different shapes and other foods is a great idea. The fact that you don't have to go to a fancy restaurant to get is even better.
    It is a great novelty and should be experienced at least once...
  • beanboy Local Star   305 reviews
    For the past 4 months I've been here at least once a week, and never been disappointed. The flavors are either amazing or great. Don't be disturbed by the queues, you won't be waiting long.
    Make sure you check out the specials board!!!!

    And now they have a shop on Crown Street Surry Hills
  • snvs   54 reviews
    The salted caramel + white chocolate blew my mind. Tasted exactly as I'd hoped it would. The chocolate fondant is the best chocolate I've ever had. We were in Sydney for 2 nights and both nights we went there after dinner for a sweet treat. It was packed with people both nights but the lines move quickly so we didn't have to wait more than 2 mins.
    The music was pumping and everyone was enjoying their gelato, it sounds like a club pumping as you walk towards it, such a great atmosphere! They're very good at what they do.
  •   2 reviews
    Best gelato in Sydney!
    The hazelnut is just heaven

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