Gelato Messina

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
Pyrmont, NSW
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Reviews of Gelato Messina

  • Fabulous assortment of new and traditional flavours . Staff are always happy and friendly.
  • Easternian Local Star 883 reviews
    Their awesome flavours aside, Gelato Messina at Star City is probably my least favourite Gelato Messina shop I would prefer not to visit. Firstly, the price for their gelato is more expensive than of their sister shops on the other side of town. For comparison, the 500ml tub that is usually priced at $10 is sold for $14 at this shop. Then, finding street parking is highly challenging and you are almost guaranteed having to pay for it since it is practically 24-hour paid parking. That or you can park inside The Star and pay even more. So, if you are thinking of coming here solely for the gelato then it is pretty much undesirable.

    It is not all bad news though. There is a bit of a trade between what you pay and what you get. If you happen to arrive at times before the show at Lyric theatre finishes, then you are in for a no-long-queue treat. Also, since it is located next to a food court, you can find seats with ease -- and it is indoor too, so you are pretty much good to go all year round, rain, hail, or shine. Unless you happen to park on the street, which then takes us back to square one.
  • KGirl Local Star 336 reviews
    Yum Gelato! A huge selection, go for the Bounty if your a coconut fan :)
  • atan7 Local Star 1,048 reviews
    One of the best gelato joints in Sydney! The Messina stores really know how to make creamy, sweet goodness...
    This store gets pretty busy but if you get a chance, try as many flavours you can! My favorites? Rose water... And it is hard to go past the coconut pandan!
  • best ice cream in town

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