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Gelato Messina

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
Surry Hills, NSW
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Reviews of Gelato Messina

  • Great Ice Cream, great service... cash only though, so get to the ATM before you join the queue! you can try before you buy also- big fan of the taste testing! Weekly specials are also featured on their Instagram page, and are humorous, unique and drool-worthy.
  • Very good ice cream, long queues at times but the pricing is decent and there are always new "specials". You can also try several ice creams before deciding which one you want.....or just try several ice creams until you're full and then leave without spending a cent??
  • Sisca Lawrence Local Star 33 reviews
    The best gelato place ever! This place serves a huge variety of gelato, and on top of it they also have around 7 weekly specials, each changes every day or two, so there is always a new reason to come and visit. The place is very inviting but is very small. The line-up can be quite long but they move fast, so it's worth the wait.
  • rina.v Local Star 407 reviews
    Yum! Who doesn't love this place! Love the wide selection of flavours.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    Gelato Messina at Crown St is my favourite Gelato Messina store out of the current three in Sydney, mainly because most of the time I find it easy to find parking spots in the area (albeit day or night) in which some are free parking after 6pm. In addition to that, the big park across the street is the best place to enjoy the gelato!

    The queue might look longer than the other two stores, but it is probably just around 10-15 minute wait before you get yourself your delicious gelato.

    I always pick my selections from the weekly blackboard specials. My word of advice when picking from the specials is to ask for a taste sample first, especially when the name sounds very out of ordinary, simply because they are simply stretching your gelato taste-palate to a whole new level you would not want to go (we are talking about gelato with spicy pork crackles, or ginger with sake gelato here!)

    When I am not in the mood for their specials (which is very rarely). I usually get their coconut pandan gelato as well as their chocolate fondant. I also like their pistachio but the last time we ordered it was way saltier than usual.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    So, I'd been to Messina before, but didn't realise it was THE gelato place, everyone was always raving about. Last night, we approached the little store, and the line spilling out resembled that of a good club on George St! Perks of the queue was that we had plenty of time to decide what flavour we'd get...MMS, Italian Nougat, Choc Mint...good Lord I was in heaven...or Florence? I don't know. After tasting 4 different flavours (thanks to the staff who put up with my indecisiveness and for being generous with the testers) I decided on Italian Nougat. What an outstanding choice that was! The gelato was fab and each mouthful was full of...nuts (can I say that on here?!). They defs don't skimp on the detail at this place! Love love love.
  • When my friend asks me if I want to go for ice-cream my response is always- only if it's a gelato. I simply love gelato and this place offers lots of flavours and not only the original ones. Service is also good, the staff are always polite and friendly, but recently their prices have started to go up, so that's a bit of a downside.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    This is the newest Messina to hit the streets, its a nicer shop than Victoria St and the crowds seem better too, maybe that's because Surry Hills is a cleaner area than Darlinghurst. They have all the favorites, the only issue I have with this place is they have put their prices up!!!

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