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Reviews of George Day Caravans

  • We recently purchased a Jurgen Lunagazer caravan from George Day Caravans and would have loved to recommend them but unfortunately their salesman let them down.

    After signing their legally binding Contract to Buy a Caravan and paying an agreed $1000.00 deposit, their salesman, Pat Kelly, contrary to the terms of the Contract, later asked for a further $4000.00 deposit. We had to remind him that we had already signed a legally binding contract which did not include paying a further $4000.00 deposit

    Again, when we rang to reschedule the handover (which they previously told us we could do) he promptly asked us to pay the balance of the monies straightaway even though the contract stated we pay it on pickup date.

    Then we had to wait a further two weeks to fit into their schedule for handover. We arrived about 5 to 10 minutes before the 1:00pm scheduled time only to be told that the person who would be conducting the handover was still having his lunch. He arrived at about 1:10pm and went through his routine of explaining the ins and outs of the caravan. Be prepared to fit the ALKO Tow Ball yourself.

    The salesman did not hide his contempt when we decided not take his advice to have the owners son fit the brake controller to our vehicle for about $800.00 and opted instead to fit it ourselves for just under $200.00.

    Purchasing a caravan should have been a pleasant experience for us but unfortunately it turned out to be an unpleasant one. On a more positive note, we would like to mention that the ladies in the office were polite and helpful but we find it difficult pay the same compliment to the males who served us.

    We have not used the caravan yet and hope we do not have problems with it as well.

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