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Reviews of Ginninderra Medical & Dental Centre

  • The waiting times are outrageous and after waiting for hours on end they don't even have access to water when I advised I was about to faint. They should have more doctors or not allow the doctors to leave early when they reach a number. Maybe they should implement a number system or SMS service that notifies u when your in the next 5 to be seen by a dr. That way you don't have to get sicker by the minute sitting in a room full of sick people.
  • After waiting 5 1/2 HOURS with an ear ache to see a doctor that never came, I made a vow never to return to this place. To most people, time is money, and for me, the wait time of several hours just to save money on a doctor's visit is just not worth it.
  • If you intend on wasting your time for 2 and half hours at Ginninderra Medical & Dental Centre WITHOUT seeing an actual doctor then look no further.

    This place is packed with people from ALL walks of life often accompanied by screaming kids. The reception staffs are disgruntled with annoyed and vacant expressions on their faces, they almost seem angry to be working there.

    I had no other choice as other centres (that aren't bulk billing) we're fully booked. After waiting 2.5 hours I got up and left. This is the worst medical centre I've ever been to.

    Spare yourself the frustration I've had and look elsewhere.
    • Imagine the audacity of people from ALL walks of life needing medical care...or sick children being upset tired or crying?!
  • Rude and arrogant.They seemed very disinterested with my concern. Waited for 2.5 hours before finally seeing the GP. I was in there for literally 5 minutes before they told me to leave. Spent more time telling how inconsiderate I was about the other people waiting then actually helping me.
    And no my concern was not a waste of time.

    The general staff seemed nice enough.
  • The bad reviews below are not warranted. I am a manger in hospitality and I have nothing but praise for the staff and the clinic especially after the clientele they have to deal with. Then I found out it was bulk billed on departure. How can you complain when it is FREE. This clinic is superior than the ones I have to pay to see a doctor. Having the radiology right there as well is a bonus. I was well looked after.
  • I've been a couple of times for my young kids and both times have been good. Reception staff was pleasant and friendly. There was a large number of people waiting but the doctors made great progress and we were out of there within an hour. When my wife took one of my boys in with contagious conjunctivitis they even put her in a private waiting room which I thought was considerate to the other patients. I wouldn't use them as a replacement for a regular GP but they've saved our skin a few times with after hours illness and injuries.
  • Been here many times and i found the staff nice compared to other medical center but the wait times are crazy sometimes 4 hours. In defence for the receptionist here they do get alot of rude derelict people complaining and abusing them, this also makes the long waits worse.
  • I've always found Ginninderra Medical Centre a terrific place for so many reasons. I live nowhere near Belconnen, but catch 2 buses just to attend this place. I've been to this Medical Centre a number of times in the past few years, and I've always found the Staff and Doctors, to be friendly and helpful. Plus, my favourite Doctor works here. He used to be at a Medical Centre a 5 minute walk from my place, but now I travel over to Belconnen just to see Dr. Paek. He is a wonderful young caring Doctor. I love the lounges and that huge TV that I park myself in front of. I feel like I'm in my own lounge room. The only problem was I didn't get to finish watching the TV show LOL. I didn't have to go to a Chemist either, to get my script done, as there is a Chemist you have to walk past, in the same building. I've sat on the lounges, watching the Receptionists juggle the phones and the constant stream of people they serve. As humans, we all hate to wait. I admit, I look for the shortest checkout queque at the Supermarket, but I've never had to wait at the Medical Centre front counter for more than 2 minutes. I'm going out there early next week, and I look forward to it, and Thankyou to Elaine who took my phone call today.
  • Staff rude/disinterested each and every visit, last visit I was the only person standing at the desk , I waited for the staff to finish the lengthy personal phone call, staff didnt bother to look at me when they did get around to serving me. I only go here when I cant get into my regular doctor as appointments are not available, meaning Im in the waiting room a long time and they dont bulk bill.
  • I have been to this medical centre on a number of occasions - both for myself and for my 2 year old. This is the option I take when we become ill and cannot get into see our regular GP.

    If you expect these things then the experience may not be too much of a disappointment:

    -The staff will talk to you in a rude manner.
    - There will be up to a 3 hour wait to see the medical staff.

    The fees at Ginninderra Medical Centre are roughly the same as anywhere else in Canberra. At Ginninderra Medical it is $30 to see the medical staff ($60 if you do not have a medicare card) and free if you are a child under 16 with a medicare card.

    Any GP will bulk bill a child under 16 and you will not have to pay for your appointment (this is because they are considered a student until they finish high school). When I see my regular GP, the fee for the consultation is $70 (I have a medicare card but not a health care card). I then get roughly $35 back from medicare.

    So if you do the math - a GP I get to see probably within half an hour of arriving at the practice and who knows what they talking about will only cost me about $5 more then going to Ginninderra Medical Centre.
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