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Giovanni's is centrally located in the Sydney CBD offering a range of Italian cuisine. The restaurant has been running for over twenty years and offers casual dining with great city views through the floor to ceiling glass windows. The menu includes all the classics, from pasta and pizza to salads, mains and desserts. 

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  • rainbowwools   5 reviews
    Best service and the best pizzas. Waitresses were polite, friendly and helpful. Pizzas were absolutely delicious. We'll be going again.
  • Parge Local Star   235 reviews
    I can appreciate that sometimes people have a bad night. But let's say I give some elements the benefit of the doubt - it was still woeful. Let's start with the wait, only 3 person deep, but was for 30minutes. Worse still when I finally got a waitress attention - to ask her how long it might be, she said "I don't know" no ballpark estimate or even, no apology but wasn't expecting one.

    Finally got a table for two. Waiting.

    We were already committed by this stage, so 20mins later they took our order. Whilst ordering our mains, I asked a suggestion for matching wines? She said "I could get the bloke of there, he might know?" I thought this might take another 20mins, so suggested not to bother the sommelier.

    40mins later our food came and we both ordered pizza as this was suppose to be the meal which would come out the fastest. And it was terrible "Leo's Pizza" made up of layers of cheese was no taste, no flavour and definitely not $27 worth of pizza! My partners was similar, even though it was meant to be a completely different style of pizza. Least hers was only $19 for the same rubbish.

    The Australian white I had was disappointing, but the highlight of the evening. If we weren't starving, we would have walked out like we say at least 4 tables do during the evening.

    Lastly may I add, when I walked out - I have to point out that I did not see an Italian in the kitchen? I am not suggesting that Italian's can't make chinese, or kiwi's can't make Indian food. Just that make where's the Gio in Giovanni's? Sadly, this lack of authenticity this was reflected in the meals we had.

    Would never go back, and from a person who tips regularly. I feel they should have given us a major discount - rather than dream of a tip - which of course didn't come! Terrible


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