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Reviews of Gleebooks

  • I have signed up to True local just to make this complaint. Whilst I agree that Gleebooks has a great selection, and reasonable prices I was shocked at how bad the service was when I visited the other day. I stood at the front counter waiting to be acknowledged by the staff member standing directly in front of me. Eventually, after being ignored, I asked for help in selecting a childrens book. Staff sent me to the back of the shop to "the children's book buyer". Staff was just plain rude, telling me first I'll see if I can help you, but I'm not the person to talk to...then when I began to explain staff interrupted me saying "see, I have no idea..." . I spent the next 10minutes ( with my 6month old daughter wriggling on my hip) waiting for someone to help me. When I finally found my books, the same staff wrapped them incorrectly; despite me giving clear instructions on which ones I wanted wrapped together. It was a surprise to me,and the little boy that I gave the gift to, when he opened the wrapping to find a book about cricket alongside a book about princesses. A disappointing experience all round.
  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star 1,090 reviews
    I would have to agree with the introduction of the technological age sadly good bookstores are becoming rare. Gleebooks is that type of old school cosy bookstore with a twist of quirkiness that just grabs you from the minute you walk past. It definitely does have the "Glebe feel" about it but most of the stores on Glebe Point Road do. They have every type of book genre that you can think of and whilst their prices may be a tad higher than other bookstores in the vicinity, keep in mind they are an independent store and the friendly service and the relaxed atmosphere will keep you coming back. Drop on in and have a browse, you won't be disappointed.
  • Gleebooks is a great book shop that never fails to deliver something just a little bit different. I don't want to imagine a world without places like this. The internet and chains have a place, but for me the real book rules. Let's support independents! Highly recommended, great stock, helpful staff, and wonderful coffee with which to browse through my new purchases just along Glebe Point Rd.
  • I just love this book shop. I rarely fail to find exact what I need, but I also love the adventure of browsing and always come away with some territic books I didn't know existed. I love the slightly ramshackle shelves, the Glebe atmosphere, the helpful staff and even the papery smell. I so hope shops like this survive online reading and the big chains.
  • With online ordering of books and online reading of books on the increase it seems bookstores are going out of fashion. I sincerely hope that little gems like this one survive the online onslaught. There are many great bookstores around Glebe and Newtown but this is one of my favourites. You can easily lose yourself in here, perusing interesting titles and soaking up the quiet, thoughtful atmosphere. The staff are also lovely in this store. I have had some on occasions politely ask me if I need help but mostly they just leave me to it. It has a slightly warren-like layout but somehow doesnt feel crowded. I love the street sign style of the stores genre signage and the fact that I can often get harder-to-find titles here, including resources for uni classes. They also often have authors in store to speak about their new books which is great for the literature lovers! There is a second hand bookstore next door but if you just fancy soaking up the atmosphere, definitely spend some time perusing the titles in here.
  • This is one of my favourite books stores. They have the greatest range of genuine literature outside of the middle of the city. I also love the overall atmosphere of the store. It has a real quaint kind of cosy intellectualism.
  • Book stores just don't get much better than this. One of the best things is that they aren't trying to do everything at once - just sell a bloody good range of books, almost every one of which you'll want to purchase minutes after walking into the place. The vibe, the smell, the look and feel - it just screams 'bookstore' - in a good way.
  • Amazing bookshop that has every single book you're looking for. Tends to be pricey in comparison to the several second hand books store available just next door though.
  • ar 96 reviews
    Cute little bookshop, you can always find a gem if you take the time to look!
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