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Reviews of Gold Coast Public Hospital

  • We waited for 2hrs in emergency but doctors were busy with other patients. The nurse was rude to me when I asked if a doctor was coming to see my son. We transferred to other hospital where he was seen by a doctor within 2min.
  • This hospital needs to get their priorities straight. I had a 9:00 appointment for my toddler, by 11:00 I'd left without even getting to see a doctor.

    The nurses on that level were rude to me when I asked if there was any way I could see a doctor as my son was very tired and was having non stop tantrums by that point.

    The parking is horrendous. They need a carpark in the area that the public can have access too. And if they plan on making us wait hours for a five minute appointment they should extend the parking times from 2 hours to unlimited.
  • I was recently rushed to the Gold Coast Hospital by ambulance.
    I wish to give my sincere thanks to all who looked after me, including the ambulance personnel, doctors, nurses.
    I appreciate their patience, understanding and caring nature towards me and my treatment. You have helped me greatly when I was at my most vulnerable time. I am now getting further care for my issues, but without all your help, I would not be here today. So again, I thank you with all my heart xoxo
  • Hi i've just left the gold coast hospital after loosing my baby at 12 weeks, 2 days. I must say for such a horrible situation i was meet with so much care and support. i would love to thank every one of the beautiful people that helped me today.
  • The two experiences I have had with the hospital have been great. I have encountered just two unhelpful nurses out of many. My two year old had an operation there last week and the care she received was superb. When I had my daughter there I received better attention than my sister did at a private hopsital.
  • I agree with you on the waiting time and the accident and emergency part of the hospital, but in their defence I have a disabled daughter and when she's unwell and has to go into the hospital the nurses and staff on the childrens ward are extremely good and well skilled in their duties and do go out of their way to make sure Jade and me are proberly looked after, I suppose you have to take the good with the bad.
    • I have always found the Gold Coast Hospital fantasic I have had my children there, my mother inlaw broke her ankle on Christmas night and they were brilliant and just recently my son broke his arm on a Saturday afternoon.
      The staff were amazing and very reassuring anytime that we have needed the help of the wonderful staff at Gold Coast they are always there to assist.I think that we all need to remember that medical staff are human ass well. The process and paperwork must be huge hence the wait time. When we as people have an accident or are sick we think that we should be taken priority over everyone else we all need to be patient and let them do the wonderful job that these people do in our hospitals - Great work Gold Coast Staff
  • The Gold Coast SOUTHPORT hospital is the upmost worst hospital that exists. I went into that hospital when I was throwing up none stop, they gave me an ultra sound to see what was wrong with me they said nothing and sent me home drugged off morphene. The next day I threw up again so i decided to go down to tweed hospital instead. When I got there I only had to wait around 45mins to get into Emergency, they gave me a cat scan and put me into the operation room straight away as I had a cyst wrapped around my ovary, they were very dissapointed in the southport hospital.

    Next story, a mate of mine was coughing up blood yesterday because we went bridge jumping and fell on his back. We went into the southport hospital at around lunchtime and he wasn't admitted till around 6pm!! The really seem to care about someone with a punctured lung!! thats pouring in with blood. He waited 12 Hours till he got an x-ray that couldnt even tell what was wrong with him. In the end he had a bruised lung and it was also punctured!! They sent him home with nothhing!
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